Beauty: The Best Brushes At the Cheaper Price!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back and this time with a beauty post! I think this would be appropriate to do this post before all the press coverage I will be doing in the next week or so and then will do the Accessibility in Gaming post too but now it is time for the Best Brushes for the Lowqest Price!

The Top Best Brushes for the Cheapest Price: The reason for this post is that in case if you all haven’t heard the newest news and drama lately in the beauty world is that Kiley Jenner is releasing new brushes in her makeup line and that will include a set for $360! Oh yeah, I am hearing everyone’s wallets exploding, even Gondras’ new wallet I got him for his early birthday gift, sorry! Anyways, people have been tweeting like crazy, including Jeffree Starr, about how this price is outrageous! Even people on What’s Up In Makeup’s Facebook Group talked about it the other day and I did get into the conversation since I do love brushes and have bought sets in the past and you can get way cheaper sets and even cheaper single brushes since Kiley is planning to charge between $25 to $50 for each single. I know that seems like MAC’s prices but you can get good deals on brushes. So, that iswhen my kitty on the hamster wheel started running and decided to do this post!

Disclaimer: This post is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer! She also uses ideas from other people’s posts and experiences to create this list! So please respect her thoughts! Thank you!

1. Amazon: First I am mentioning my most fave place to buy brushes of all time and that is Amazon! I started shopping for my brushes from Amazon a year and a half ago and you can get a lot of brushes for cheap! I have gotten 30 brushes for under $30 even and the cheapest I have spent on a set was around $7 and that is not bad for what you get. You do get your basic face brushes, your brow brushes, and even all the eye brushes too. I notice they do carry some of the usual brands such as Crown, Coastal Scents, and many others. I also notice there are even have oval brush sets! I would say is search around and pick out from a lot of sets and you can get them in two days on Prime.
2. EBay: I never bought on EBay, well yet, but you can get brush sets for cheap too. I have heard people get brush sets on EBay for around $15 or so and I even saw unicorn brush sets for $10 and up. I may have to look into Sailor Moon ones since Rich Lux has gotten some and you know me with Sailor Moon!
3. Morphe: I know I was not big on Morphe but a lot of people have bought brush sets from them for cheap, heck I even got the vegan set for $39, I know that doesn’t sound cheap but it is lower than what Kiley asks for. A lot of people do love this brand and the good thing is that it is carried in Ulta now which you don’t have to spend the amount of shipping that Morphe does for standard shipping prices. Instead of $10 on Morphe to ship, it is $5 plus the taxes on Ulta. If you don’t want to spring for a set, there are the single brushes too which are around $4 to $5 and at least $15 depending on what you want to get.
4. Real Techniques: Everyone even their mom probably have one or two brushes from this brand. I admit I have a brow brush and one set from Real Techniques. This brand is runned by two sisters and I have seen them do a live chat on Sirine Wau on YouTube and they make awesome brushes for affordable prices. The more expensive are the Bold Metals but you spend around the teen range prices depending on what you get. If you want to experience Real Techniques, I recommend the the Starter Set that comes with four brushes and they are the dome brush for foundation, the highlight brush, the concealer brush which I suggest for your under eye concealer, and the multi-[urpose brush and I tend to use this one for powder. I do hear good things about the eye brushes and the sponges but I do love the bace brushes that I have used so far. You can find them all over but Ulta does do good deals time to time even discounts on sets so I would keep an eye out for that.
5. Wet N Wild: This brand has been knocking it out of the park and growing still! I remembered starting with Wet N Wild when I was starting with lip gloss and over the years they have grown and expanding their products, then they started doing brushes! I do have a few brushes from them and I love them! The brushes are very well priced and very well made, also they do wash very well too! I suggest the foundation brush because it does keep its shape over washes and does spread the product very well. I do have the limited edition unicorn highlighting brush from the Unicorn Glow Collection and the Kabuki brush from the Spring Collection and they are soft as well. You may be able to find these two on EBay.
6. NYX: I hear some good things about these brushes and will have to try them out at some point. I know Ulta sells them and you can find a big range of them at their physical store too! I may have to get one or two to try and see how they are. I did see some of the prices and they are reasonably spiced from $5 to around $15 or so.
7. Coastal Scents: Another brand that I do love with brushes is Coastal Scents! I started getting into their brushes through Ipsy along with the next brand and I got one or two sets from Ipsy and man are they soft! I even used the one set in the leather case, the pearl set, and man I loved using it! I really want the Brush Vanity Affair set. Anyways, if you go to the Coastal Scents site, I also have an affiliate link you can use on the Affiliates Tab here, you have a lot of sets to choose from in many ranges. If you are an Ipsy member, they do have deals with sets to sell around $20. Coastal Scents also does a lot of sales even around this time of year. In for a new brush or set, head over there!
8. Crown: Another brand from my days of Ipsy and that is Crown Brush. I remembered getting their brushes in my Ipsy bag time to time and they are the softest brushes you will ever feel! I even have one set from them and it feels so amazing! You not only can get the sets but also single brushes for affordable prices! Great thing is they do offer the price listing for you on the website and to print it out if you need a point of reference and to see what you want to buy and its price.
9. E. L. F.: Next is another very affordable brand with a lot of brushes and that is E. L. F.! I didn’t really get into E. L. F. until I started using their brushes. I did get a few here and there and a few sets. This brand’s brushes was what I used to point out an example in Rich Lux’s video on the first announcement that Kiley was going to release brushes and talked about how you can get more affordable brushes. I did point out how the 19 brush set from this brand for holiday is $50 and that is way less than what Kiley is asking for and I did see Kathleen talk about this set. I did talk about the other full on Pro Brush set which is $30. Again, you get more affordable brushes with these guys!
10. Zoeva: I have seen this brand on the net and YouTube and people said they can get brushes at very affordable prices and same with the makeup. I tried to access the website but it is not as accessible but I will take a look again in the future.
11. MAC: I know it is weird to talk about mention MAC since their prices can be a bit up there but I do hear good things about their brushes and yes they might be from $20 to around in the mid $40s but you can get good deals when they do sales or even when Ulta has some of the products during their 21 Days of Beauty sale. I did hear there are times where TJ Max and even Marshalls do carry some of the sets for a good deal and the holiday sets are pretty good in the brush department since they are travel size. I may have to look at the brushes in the future.
12. Royal & Langnickle Moda: Finally is one brand that has been showing up in WalMart and that is Royal and Langnickle! These guys started as a paint brush brand and still are today and now they have makeup brushes which they are some of the softest brushes you will ever use. I got an eye brush in Ipsy as a start from them and then got a small brush set of six if I remembered and then Boxy had three brushes in one box for subscribers. If you are someone on a budget, they are very affordable for what they bring. I suggest checking them out and their sets are pretty affordable, the set I got on Ipsy was $15 and can’t beat that!
Well, that is it for this post! I know that it was a long one but it felt good to do this as Kiley’s brushes are about to come out. I did hear some of the big influencers did get the set in PR and not sure if they want to review them which I wonder why not in case people want to get the single brushes over the set. What got some of these influencers is that she compares herself to Kevin Aquan and Artieste but to me she is not up there when her audience are more of the higherend lovers as in the luxury loving makeup collectors. And she did say that she prefers starting this way because it is better than synthetic brushes when a lot of people do like synthetic brushes since there are times they can hold the product better than most luxury brushes. She will go to synthetic at some point but it will be a while if you want to spend that $360 on the sixteen brush set when I can get a similar set of the same amount on Amazon for $14!

Okay, enough of the brush drama because right around the corner is Holiday Matsuri 2017! Can’t believe it’s here and stay tuned for all of our coverage from this year’s convention! Until next time! Catch you on the universe side!

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