Books: Chasing A Legend by. Sarah Robinson

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I just finished a book and now it is time for a review! I know it has been a while since I have done another Net Galley review but I will explain in the review.

Title: Chasing a Legend: A Cavannah Men Novel #4
Author: Sarah Robinson

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer. Please respect her thoughts and opinions! Thank you!

Synopsis: Sarah Robinson is back with a new addition in the Cavannah Legends series with one of the younger brothers, Quinton, getting injured really badly in a motorcycle accident and had a vision of a long-time lover telling him to hold on. After months of surgeries and recovery, he reunites with his old love, Kira Finley, who becomes his physical therapist and as not gotten over the pain of her leaving him when they were younger and she returns from school to be in his life again. While re-kindling the love and finding out their truth, Kira finds out that her tattooed and pierced bad boy with new scars is artistic and can create things out of metal but when she gets a letter that would help her finish her training to be a doctor, they wonder if it will cause them to lose each other again.

Thoughts: I took a bit to read this book because I had to go back and read the books before this one and was glad that Book share had them in their collection along with this one since I did have a lot of books to read before this one. I got to know what the other brothers were like since I was wondering who they were as I read. As in, how did Rowdy and Claire meet, who are Fiona and Sheaf and then Cain with Nora? I was glad to go back and read these books because it got me to know the characters especially with the twins Kieron and Cain and how they got their girls. With this one, like the others, it does how someone can change for the better even if it means they have to go through a life-threatening accident to do it. Quinton was known for a bad boy and was pierced and tattooed but when he went through his accident he had to change for the better. I think what helped that change was being with Kira. Yeah, they were in love for a long time from when they were kids but she did help that change since he did not know what he would become if he had not changed and he did help Kira to keep going with her training to be a doctor. I liked how the characters interacted and able to get along through book and even throughout the series as a whole. This series has been a great one and I have enjoyed it so far and hoping to see if Sarah Robinson will do another since the book ended with the youngest, Jimmy, starting to date a woman finally since I have wondered that throughout each book and of course Casey, the one member they have treated as a sister probably falling someone who was left at the altar.

Rating: 5 Star Paw prints Out of 5! This was a really good read and it was very cute. It does say you can read each book as a standalone since I did not get to read the first three first but in my reading philosophy I have to read the entire series in order to get the whole thing and glad I did. If you love books like these then you will enjoy what Sarah Robinson has in store for you. I know she has other books but need to hunt them down. I am hoping she continues this series with Jimmy or Casey.

Well, that is it! I was glad to get another book review out before the New Year and before the Holiday Matsuri coverage. Do not worry that will come right round the corner. Stay tuned!

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