Books: Exploited: A Zero Day Novel by. A. Meredith Walters

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Happy New Year! 2018 has started and it is a good way of starting the New Year with a new book review!

Title: Exploited: A Zero Day Novel
Author: A. Meredith Walters

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer! Please respect her thoughts and opinions! Thank you!

Description: We meet Hannah Wieland, we may see her as a normal woman on the outside where she is a daughter and a sister and not only that a day-to-day worker but behind closed doors she is Freedom Overdrive a cyber terrorist but uses her hacking skills to take out people who corrupt and destroy people’s lives even took revenge on people who messed with her sister and father. She ends up meeting Mason, an FBI agent, who is trying to find out who Freedom Overdrive is until she gets closer to him and finds out that her lover is the one hunting her.

Thoughts: Man, I felt like I was reading a romance version of the movie Anti-Trust. If no one knows what that movie is it is a movie from the early 2000s with Ryan Philippe and Rachael Leigh Cook that deals with hacking and not trusting the ones around you since they are faking friendships with you until you lose.

This book is almost like that but we do see the story played from both perspectives of the characters Mason and Hannah. Hannah’s story deals with how she is not only having a job at an I. T. company but being her hacker persona, Freedom Overdrive, to hack into accounts of people who have done corrupted things including a firm that represented the re-pavement of some tarmac that ended up costing her father’s life and making her sister paralyze and having serious brain injuries and living at a residence home and trying to cover her tracks while she is at it. While Mason, an FBI agent, is trying to track Freedom Overdrive but doesn’t suspect Hannah as they go out on dates and being happy since he had lost a brother that meant so much to him and feeling the guilt his parents give him and don’t want to face them as much due to work and Hannah.

Does Mason find out? Well, you have to read this book to find out which I highly recommend since it not only has the usual romance but it does show that trust can lead to mistrust which that is how I felt like I was reading the romantic version of Anti-Trust and I can see how Philippe would fit Mason and Leigh Cook fit Hannah. If they animated this book or do a live-action movie, I would see why not casting the both of them for this movie. There was one part I did like was how Hannah was trying to figure out her partner in crime, Toxic Wrath, is by thinking it is her college roomie, Rose, which was an interesting part to the plot. I think it was a good connection since Rose did teach her how to hack but left after a semester since she would probably be found and then shows up in Hannah’s life over the phone which now I can imagine how she might tie into the next book, Aftermath which is the sequel to this coming out this July. I am hoping Net Galley does have this available to read because I want to see how it goes since I wasn’t expecting it to end on a cliff-hanger and that was smartly played by Walters with this one. Now I want to read her other books since she did write this one pretty well and got me curious.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Star Paw prints! This was a very smart novel and I loved the characters and how they interacted especially with Hannah. You would never suspect things until time goes on with the book. I am hoping Aftermath shows what goes on from here and plays more with some of the other characters like Hannah’s friend, Kyle, and the old roomie, Rose, to see how they might play in. I am also hoping to see what Mason may do to Hannah after what the ending had him go through. I would say read the book!

Well, that is it for this review! I hope everyone’s New Year started off right and don’t worry, I will have more book reviews to come and the next one is a sequel story I need to read the rest of the first one before I start this one! Until next time! Don’t worry, more Holiday Matsuri stuff if anyone

is asking!

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