Response & Opinion: YouTube Changing Their Partners Program

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. It’s time for another Response & Opinion Post on here.

YouTube Changing Their Partner Program!

Disclaimer: This post is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions and thank you!

Last night I got an email from YouTube about how they were changing their Partners Program to safe guard their program and their creators which now you have to reach a certain threshold in order to monetize your stuff as a starting YouTuber. Well, I only have 50+ subscribers and well now my monetization is terminated until I can hit the threshold in a month or I have to meet that threshold in order to monetize again. In case if you’re wondering what that threshold is, here it is:

I have to reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within a year. I know, it is harsh and I think I know why YouTube had made these changes and my gal pals were talking about it earlier when I told them what is going on since they have channels and our collab channel together.

Reason? One reason I think is John Kuckian’s stupidity and we all agree what Logan Paul had done in Japan. For those of you who don’t know what had happened, I will re-cap:

Logan Paul went to Japan and has done a lot of things that were disrespectful such as throwing coins into the prayer box instead of placing it in at a temple, being loud in those places, and even hitched a ride on the back of truck, also throwing Pokeballs at people and things. Not only that the worst one to date is how he went into the Sea of Trees and found a dead body hanging and should’ve called the police but no he filmed it and used as a thumbnail before he took it down. I did do my response post about this and you can read it on here.

John Kuckian, on the other hand, I admit I used to be subscribed to him but I unsubscribed from him recently due to some things that Peter Monn had revealed and John falsely accused Peter for things that were worse and that was accusing him for being a pedophile and that he sexually harassed him through text messages. Peter was upset and I saw the videos of him being upset and well what John did was in response to the videos about his makeup brand, Kuckian Cosmetics, not getting any good reviews, people were asking about ingredients but deleting those comments, and did hear that he was supposed to have a release party and people paid but it got cancelled and didn’t pay them back nor sent any free cosmetics from his line. As retaliation, making a summary of this, he went onto a Tumblr that was supposedly belonged to Peter and said there were horrible pics of kids that he had worked with, even “shown the “Texts” etc. The Kucki Fam were believing what John had to say but here is the thing Peter had only worked with teens that were abused for thirteen years and had to leave when his mom was sick and she did pass away later. I understand emotional distress can cause you not to go back to where you worked originally and I would have not gone back if it had happened to my mom too. Even though one part of the “evidence’ that John got was how a kid with A. D. D. went to a center where Peter was working and went through therapy with him when it is not true. I bet you’re wondering why the quotes around evidence? Well, Tawny Michelle had made a really good video proving the lies when people said she didn’t have proof, she had shown clips of Peter talking about how he hasn’t gone back to the center he worked at and also demonstrated an app that John had used that faked the text messages from Peter where you can create a fake account, which does happen in our age of tech, and then use a different email but same number to make his own account and then do it that way. I would say check out her video because I loved her demonstration and she does make a point even with the time differences between England and the United States which is six hours apart and the time stamps for both us and England are in different formats too. So, I would say see her video.

So back on track! All thanks to the material that have been posted recently by these two, I know there are other offenders with equally as bad content on YouTube may have been a huge reason for the “safe guards” to be placed. It is YouTube’s responsibility to protect the viewers from seeing this material but punishing creators by taking away monetization even the newer creators or the ones still growing little at a time aren’t going to get these benefits of being able to get ad revenue even though it is not much. YouTube did punish Logan by taking him off of their Red service but not enough to take him off of YouTube completely and that is due to how popular he and his brother are but not everyone watches him or they don’t do content like he does.

Take my content for example! I do convention videos and the reason why I started the channel to put the interviews and other things up is that it’s not easy transcribing interviews and after how long the answers Troy Baker gave in his interview it was best to do video and it worked! Our biggest video TO THIS day IS THE Attack on Titan Cast Panel from 2015 and now our Idol Fest videos from Holiday Matsuri 2017 are rising in numbers because it was their first Idol Fest. Reasons for not posting as much is due to my actual life finding my career path, volunteering, and working on my newest book and not having many funds to go to other cons in the year, getting the videos can be a challenge and also doing videos here or at Gondras’ place can get interrupted by family. Trust me, I had my mom interrupt my beauty videos when I have my sign up!

Anyways, I am planning on falling onto Patreon and Go Fund Me at the moment since those can help us out. As in it can help us travel to some of these conventions, possibly get some new equipment since we did have that mishap with some videos which an external hard drive can help, and many other things. So please if you can support us by donating either $1, $2 or even $5 to either of them because of how Adpocalypse took place and now with the changes to the Partners Program.

And back to the protection part, I think I mentioned on the Logan Paul post that YouTube should not allow any content that can be harmful to young crowds. Yes they do have the “restricted Mode” but it’s not helping especially with what Logan did and the video that John had done. Yes, I know the specific John video was privatized onto a different channel of his but it was posted and viewed and he did do supplement videos to his points. Still this is another thing that shouldn’t have been posted nor allowed to be posted like with Logan’s Suicide Forest video. I still remembered the days where YouTube was a great platform to be creative and able to post things but now it is in very dark time, more like a dark, dark, DARK time! As in, we’re being punished for material that is not all of our material. I still miss the days of watching a beauty review one product I might be interested in without any finger pointing. And I even miss haul videos that were interesting to see the newer products but it feels like there is mostly one brand mentioned. I guess that’s why I did that one post about brands not being mentioned all that much. Still, I miss those days and it would be hard to back to after knowing what’s being posted now and all the changes being caused.

I am still going to be posting on YouTube for everyone and I still want you guys to enjoy the content we bring from Omni and Holiday Matsuri since those are the only two conventions that still have us do press. I will also leave the links to our Patreon and Go Fund Me and please donate if you can and also support and subscribe to our channel and other channels that may be affected by this new change that YouTube is placing because who knows how long YouTube will be accepting a new creators.

What Vivi suggested and me and Stellar agree is that Twitch should expand their streaming and do stuff besides just streams. Stellar also mentioned they have a Partners program too. Hoping that is a lot more fair than YouTube’s.

Anyways, that is it for this post! It was a long one I know but I had to get my thoughts out about this since I feel like what YouTube is doing is unfair especially to the new people. We will be passing out business cards, also we still have an affiliate link, and I am going to put another one in there soon so keep an eye out for that! And also check our Patreon and Go Fund Me out because since we’re not going to be monetizing anything until we PatreonGo Fund Mehit a thousand subscribers these pages are the only way for any revenue. Thanks everyone!

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