Books: Goddess of Forgetfulness by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello Universe Pets and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’m back with another book review and it’s from an author I love to review!

Title: Goddess of Forgetfulness
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the Goddess of the Blog Universe! Please respect her thoughts and opinions and watch out for an invisible unicorn while you’re at it! Warning: There May be spoilers!

Synopsis: This is the fourth installment of the Immortal Matchmakers Inc. series that Mimi has released after her accidentally [Yours] series! In this book, we follow the Goddess of Forgetfulness or Forgetty for short, who was known for making people and her divine brothers and sisters forget her. When she finds out that she’s about to go evil, Forgetty has to find a mate before she starts making the world forget everything! She has to find one that won’t forget who she is and once that happens and it happens to be the Moscab King, she wishes that she forgets him and that they ever met at a DJing gig. Meanwhile, Zack, the God of Temptation, is in trouble due to his own evil switch being flipped. While trying to find his true love, Tula, he gets caught by Mermen (not kidding) and kept in order to be punished. What will Tula do in order to save Zack? Will love help him get over the darkness? Will Forgetty turn the Moscab King good? Is Chimel still pulling the strings on love?

Thoughts: I haven’t read the other Matchmaking series books, I really need to read the first one since I got that on IBooks but I know the format that Mimi does in these books. I loved the accidentally [Yours] books and loved the romantic comedy bits in those but this one really turned up the imagery of everything! I was able to see what was going on in my head and had a bit of a chuckle eve if in front of my parents, don’t worry I had my ear buds in since they act weird when I read or “see” sexual things even though I’m old enough but I make sure they don’t hear what I’m reading. If you’re wondering, “How can you see words?” Well, I did go to a discussion on imagery in literature at a writer’s conference and while writing you can use the words to paint that image and Pamfiloff pulled it off so well in this book. For instance, I did imagine the God of Wine and Parties, aka belch as his nickname, and Forgetty being glued to the Empire State Building nude and I busted out laughing on that, another image was feeling the pain of Zack losing Tula by rocking her until he hears the last few heartbeats. I’m hoping they find a way of bringing her back since the book did explain how they met and I want to read the first three books in how they interact with each other even though I have so much to do in little time at the moment. I will get there!

What I did like the most was Forgetty’s journey to find love even if it meant standing up in front of a crowd to find it. I remembered reading certain romance books where some characters have done the same thing, heck it happens in a lot of movies, and Forgetty realizes what she was doing is just that and you could tell that she watches all the movies and remembers every line. (Yes, I quoted “1985”) I think my favorite reference was the Fifty First Dates one because I love that movie and Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler were great in that and in here she points out that she would be Sandler and the guy would be Barrymore.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This book was a really good one and very comedic. It did cheer me up, which I didn’t mention that, during some upsetting times in my life recently and I may have to read the others to keep me smiling alongside my positivity. I would say I was expecting a book about the Goddess of Forgetfulness since I read the previous series to this one because I had a feeling she would have to find someone for herself after seeing the other gods get their lovers so far. If you’re into romantic comedies with a supernatural twist, I suggest accidentally [Yours] and Immortal [Matchmakers Inc.] especially with what I read so far in this book because Pamfiloff does very well with these and her way of doing supernatural is way different from all the other supernatural stuff I have read and seen in movies and tv over the years. I guess I thank Net Galley suggesting Tailored for Trouble from the Happy Pants Series two years ago or so!

Well Universe Pets, that’s about it for this review! I will have a link to this book on Amazon so you can check it out and make sure you check out Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s other books while you’re at it! Until next time!

Goddess of Forgetfulness (Immortal Matchmakers Book 4)

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