Restaurants: Peach Valley Cafe Review

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Before I do my Omni Expo stuff, I would like to do a food review!

Place: Peach Valley Café
Location: Orlando, FL

Well, it’s been years since I have done a restaurant review since I haven’t tried any unique places as of late. Well, I did try Bakery Plus and Smash Burger except this was around the time when Irma hit! Today, I’m bringing you a place I finally tried and that is Peach Valley Café. I didn’t know about this place until the National Federation of the Blind here in Orlando talked about how they held their Christmas party there for years. I couldn’t go to their Christmas Party due to Holiday Matsuri taking place the same weekend, especially last year, so I finally got to go today because of the 35th anniversary Orlando’s Chapter was having and celebrated at this café.

When I arrived with my dad, it was a pretty big place in a shopping center. I didn’t know it was close to where Gondras lives which he could’ve been at this thing to meet everyone and know what the NFB is about after knowing that I always go to their meetings and have been for years. There is the Greater Orlando Council of the Blind’s fundraising event this Wednesday so he will get his chance then.

Back to the Peach Valley Café, I was led to a room that is meant for group events and it was decently sized as well. There were three groups of tables from my hearing and the waiters and waitresses were very accommodating. Good thing is that we got the event menu beforehand and it was small from their usual menu. I went for the cheeseburger since that is my go to item at restaurants that serve them if it is a new environment. It is the easiest thing to pick for me and don’t have to worry about forks and knives just eating the burger and putting ketchup on my fries. I didn’t know they had sweet potato fries until someone mentioned them and at least I didn’t crack up with that) If you have seen my interview with Bryce Papenbrook then you would know that story!) But the fries were as good. I wish they were extra crispy since I love my fries that way, wishing I asked for them like that but there is always next time since I want to come back on a normal day. I’ve heard the chicken salad is also good and their breakfast items are even tasty which makes me curious about that due to seeing that one of the items to choose was an omelet and that is my favorite egg dish. I almost thought about dessert which their only thing was peach cobbler. I do like cobbler, wishing there was more variety, especially something with chocolate. I mean you can combine peaches and white chocolate or regular chocolate with peaches, I mean Brookside tested that very well with their stuff. I may have to try the cobbler next time since it was close to closing time too on a Saturday which is 3 PM.

Final Thoughts: Even though this is my first time, I would say it was a really good first try. I’m open to new places if I have heard a lot of good things about them and Peach Valley was one of them. I have to try the chicken salad sandwich next since that is one thing I have loved for many years. I also have learned to ask for my fries extra crispy on my part even though they were really tasty. Also, the staff was very friendly and if they get something wrong they fix it automatically. When I got my second cup of split tea, which is half of sweet and half of unsweet and have done it ever since drinking the McDonald’s sweet tea, I noticed it was unsweet and asked for it to be fixed and they did it right away. They should have a bit more variety with desserts since you know me with chocolate, I do want to try out the cobbler next time.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Star Paw Prints! If you’re in the mood for breakfast or lunch, Peach Valley is the place for you! It is a place with a friendly atmosphere and they are very accommodating too. If you’re in town and have extra time to stop for a fairly priced bite to eat, Peach Valley is for you!

That is it for this review! I will include a link to their website in case if you want to check them out and take your friends to. I highly recommend! Next post will be my Omni Expo review and I will also have Peach Valley Cafe Official Websitea book review lined up! Until next time!

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