Beauty: Anti-Haul 3!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with another post and this time it’s another anti-haul!

Disclaimer: This post is based on my thoughts & opinions! Please respect my thoughts about the products and how I feel about them!

What Am I Not Buying This Time?

Well, it’s that time of year where things come out like crazy and pushing the new releases, let’s see what I got this time!

Wet N Wild Gothographic Collection: I know spring is almost over and summer is right around the corner, especially for us in Florida but this collection has not gotten my interest at all and that is the GothoGraphic collection by Wet N Wild. I know I bought all three season releases last year but this one…it feels like it repeated what you have gotten in the Midnight Mermaid collection. I know I wanted to see more of the metallic Cat Suits and the eyeliners but I feel like some of the items have been repeated in this collection and not only that it is mostly pastel. I know there is Pastel Goth especially with Kat Von D’s stuff except this collection didn’t really caught my eye or ears as much. I usually become really interested with new stuff that Wet N Wild comes out except this one wasn’t one of them.
Kat Von D Collab With Green Day: Another item is the Basket Case eyeliner from Kat Von D in collar with Billy Joel of Green Day. There is one thing I have to say that makes me want to get it: IT’S BLACK! It’s a normal black eyeliner! If I were to get this it is just for the packaging alone. Sorry Kat, I can’t get it despite my love for Green Day. If it was a different and unique color that I can’t find at Walgreens or Target then maybe, MAYBE! This one, no. I think she should collab with other bands or something because I have seen more unique items made with other band collabs, I mean even Avril Lavigne came out with perfumes. Again, no.
Too Faced Natural Collection: Another thing from Too Faced is on this list of things I don’t want to buy and that is the newest release from Too Faced and that is their Natural Collection. They not only re-released the Natural Eyes Pallet but with newer shades, formula, and packaging but to me it feels to repetitive. I know I heard people hated the original Natural Eyes pallet due to how the formula was not as good and yet again, Jared, need to slow down and check your formula! Maybe I should take a page from Jen Luv’s book and do “Message to the Makeup Companies” because I feel like they need my take. Anyways, great for them that they wanted to apologize for the screw up with the Natural Eyes pallet but here is the thing, we can get neutral pallets everywhere now! I mean we still have all of the naked pallets from Urban Decay, which I am still collecting, the Revealed pallets from Coastal Scents especially the new Revealed Matte, Kat Von D’s Shade & Light, Makeup Revolution’s Light & Shade, even E. L. F. with the Mad for Matte pallets. As in, we can go everywhere for these things! I did hear they did release new blushes and highlights with Emily Noel’s video but still I can go and get these things at drugstores and other prestige brands.
Fenty Glitter Puff: Here is something that gives me a “WTF?” Fenty is out of my price range when it comes to makeup related things but this announcement made me put it on the list and that is the Glitter Puff from Fenty. It’s basically a big powder puff with glitter and you cover your body with it. Okay, to me this concept sounded cute at first when Beauty News talked about it but at the same time if I want to glitz myself up, I would just get glitter powder and dunk a small loofa and pat it on my body and that’s it. I don’t need a fancy little poof ball to do it for me and who knows how long will that last for people. Or just get that regular body glitter or the NYX Roll on Glitter and your set!
Steela Glitter & Glow Shadow: When I heard about these I was thinking that I still have my Wet N Wild Metallic Shadows because they pretty work the same way except the best results with WNW is putting it on top of a powder shadow. To me liquid metallic shadows are a tricky thing to work with because they can come out patchy like crazy. I do hear good things about Pur’s Eye Polishes and Steela’s Magnificent Metals collections but to me I’d rather get the WNW ones or just do what most people do and that is use a glitter adhesive from NYX and stick on glitter that way.
Laura Lee & Morphe Favorite Brushes Collection: Okay, another YouTuber collab with Morphe and that is with their brushes. Laura Lee is releasing a brush collection called “My Fave Brushes” like with Jacklyn Hill. I think she has the same favorite brushes if I’m correct as Jacklyn and I feel like if that is so then you would probably get a repeat with special packaging. To me, if I want some of their favorite brushes, I would just get the singles or get dupes of them since you can get brushes for cheap on their own. Heck, I did do a post on here about better brush brands than Kiley’s brushes since we already remembered those. Plus, these are supposed to retail for $50 or so and again you can get cheaper brushes everywhere else, heck when I was watching Rich Lux’s video on this set he mentioned someone got a 15 brush set from BH Cosmetics for around $10. You can get brushes from Coastal Scents in that price range and they do a lot of sales every week!
Tarte Mermaid Collection: I know this brand has been in major hot water but the Mermaid Collection doesn’t appeal to me. I like Tarte’s blushes and the Swamp Queen pallet but some of their items don’t appeal to me as much. Their Lights Camera Lashes mascara is okay except I can get really good mascaras from the drugstore, I do love my Urban Decay Perversion the most out of the high end area of makeup. And of course people compared the Toasted pallet to the Naked Heat except some people did have some shadow pigmentation issues from some tutorials I’ve seen. I’m wishing they did release that April Fool’s pallet because that got a lot of attention and people wanted it because it was a break away from all of the neutral and warm toned shadows that Tarte has released already over and over. Is it me or do they wait until Christmas to break out of the neutral tones? Tarte, you need to really step it up. I did just look at the shadow shades and I feel like I’m looking at my Beauty Treasures Eye Shadow Pallet because that pallet has all the shades like the teals, one taupe for their ocean-like color shades except the rose gold one and Burgundy one. I still feel like it is too neutral even in the metallic, again Tarte step out of the box a little, you made Swamp Queen which had more oranges, a rose gold, and purples why not expand that? Now I want that April fool’s one.

Well, that is it for this anti-haul! I did have a bit of a hard time and realized these things were coming out or are out. I will do that Message to Makeup Brands so you guys can see what I have to say!

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