Beauty: Brands That Can Do Better!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today, I feel like doing something different and it’s inspired by Jen Luv’s Reviews!

My Advice to Makeup Brands!

Disclaimer: I know I’m a blind blogger but I do have my own advice towards brands and please respect my advice and opinion.

So, I was watching one video where Jen talked about some brands should do some things better and she mentioned Too Faced, Kat Von D, Benefit, and NYX and found that her video was very informative and feel like I should do something similar since I have some things that I need to give on. If you’re a brand reading this or any of the ones I mentioned, this is something that will HELP you and how it can BENEFIT you in making better products or better formulas later on because we’re your customers and want to spend our money on your items and keep on doing so. Here is what I have to give.

Too Faced: Push Back Releases until They’re Ready! Jen says that she’s peached out by Too Faced and I don’t have any of the peach pallets but I do have the ever popular Chocolate Bars except for the Golden one, which is a MIGHT PURCHASE at the moment, the Merry Macarons set, the New York Café Set, and the Power of Makeup pallet that Nikki Tutorials has released with them. I know you’re wondering, “Why did I get the Power of Makeup?” Well, I am a Nikki fan and I understand that it wasn’t as pigmented and this leads into that. To me, Too Faced should push back any collabs or new releases until they’re ready! As in, make sure that the pigmentation of their products are ready to be released and improve products as time goes on due to the final product being the most important of them all especially in their eye shadow pallets. I’ve seen reviews of some of the pallets where some of the shades aren’t as pigmented and one example where people had some problems happened to be not only the Nikki pallet but the Too Faced side of the collab with Kat Von D. I understand that Too Faced wants to get their stuff out there but rushing the release can mess up with how things turn out. I did hear the Candee Johnson collab was successful which I want to see that continue with other items that Too Faced come out with.
Kat Von D: Keep Things Permanent and Make Unique collabs! We know her for her awesome tattoo work and unique package designs but there is some advice I want to give Kat Von D and that is making collabs unique. Yes, the Divine collab was pretty unique which contained eye shadow shades that were different but the latest collab with Green Day was something that made me not want to get. I love Green Day but as I mentioned in the last Anti-Haul is that it’s a regular black liner with different packaging. I would buy this if it was something different but Kat you can do better especially for the artwork you’re known for. I love the liquid lipsticks and the Studded Kiss lipsticks and those were unique, I wished the Green Day collab could’ve been better as a pallet and can name the shadows after songs where “Basket Case” came from or after her fave songs on their album or elements of Green Day like with Gwen Stefani did with her pallet that Urban Decay made. Another thing is that I have to agree with Jen is that the limited edition items should be kept as permanent. I am kicking myself for not getting the Metal Mattes and didn’t get a chance to get the Pastel Goth pallet either. I’ve heard great things about the Pastel Goth pallet and sad that it wasn’t around for longer than a month or so. These two should be brought back and stay permanent and not only that for any new releases should be kept permanent because it feels like anything that is new is always limited edition except for the collabs, we would understand those being limited but something like the Serpentina pallet or the Saint & Sinner pallet they should be on the permanent line and if keeping doing limited edition stuff would make you run out of ideas a little too quickly.
Tarte: Make Unique Shadow Colors! Remember how Tarte made that April fool’s Joke this year and it back fired on them? Well, it shows how much of a response people have given them because the pallet was featuring unique shades than neutral ones. It seems like ever since after the success of Bunny’s pallet they went back to the same old neutral pallets. I do love neutral pallets but there are times where I do like how pallets do add other shades to balance them out like with the Ulta sets last year where they not only had your usual neutral shades and smoky colors but also added color so you can create many looks with them. It goes the same with Urban Decay with Naked Smoky, Naked Heat, and of course the Naked Ultimate Basics and even the Gwen Stefani pallet from two years ago. Now that Tarte did Toasted for their Tartlet series it was a repeat of the Naked Heat and did remember seeing someone do which one is better or you should buy, in my gut I went with Naked Heat because the pallet was unique with the reds and wanted to play with red a little more after using the reds in Be Gorgeous. It feels like Tarte has been repeating shades for a while and it happened with their Mermaid pallet which you do have the metallic shades but it is pretty much the same shades like in the Beauty Treasures pallet from Ulta which came with the Beauty Treasures set last Christmas. Sorry Tarte but you need to make unique shades again like with the Swamp Queen pallet and I know you can do it! It’s not hard! It’s becoming too repetitive! Even release the April Fools pallet!
Colour Pop: Re-formulate the Liquid Lipsticks! I felt like including Colour Pop and I feel like this is a bit important as advice and that is formulate the liquid lipsticks. I love the lip products especially with the Lux Lipsticks but their liquid lipsticks need to be re-formulated! I want to love these but I have an issue where they run all over my face. I even tried using Ribbon from their Hello Kitty collection on top of the E. L. F. Lip Primer and it still ran all over my lips! I had to toss it despite the packaging! I think the formula is WAY too thin! It needs to be thicker in order to keep it from running. I know other people have some luck but not me since this is a complete mess and won’t buy another liquid lipstick until it’s fixed.


Too Faced, NYX, and Colour Pop: Slow Down On New Releases! I know what you’re thinking, “What do you mean?” I feel like NYX, Too Faced, and Colour Pop are doing too many releases all at once! It’s like one month you have one collection coming out and then another comes out within two months. Not only has that, in NYX’s and Colour Pop’s part, too much come out all at once! As in, I feel like too many eye shadow items that Colour Pop has also made and released which makes it harder to choose what I want. I like the idea that these companies come out with items but it becomes harder to choose who to buy from! I noticed how NYX added new ranges to the Lip Lingerie and Colour Pop had doing new seasonal and limited edition items almost every month! Too Faced just does too much in one year and they might be slowing down but watch they may speed up.

Well, that’s it for my advice to brands. I didn’t want to say anything about Benefit like Jen but they will still release the same old stuff. At least I touched upon the brands that need it more. If you notice some brands doing some things that need advice, just comment it down below.

What’s next? We’re about to get the Paul St. Peter panel from Omni this year edited so stay tuned for that! Until next time!

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