Books: Skinny Pants by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with a new Mimi Jean Pamfiloff review!

Title: Skinny Pants-A Happy Pants Café Book #3
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: Please respect the thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog! This review is based on her thoughts about what Mimi had written to put this tale together! If you don’t respect it, an invisible, vampire unicorn will come after you! My kitty minions had to hide from it once already after the last review.

Synopsis: This story is the third installment of the Happy Pants Café and this is where we meet Macy Franklin, a nurse at the Napa Valley Hospital who is also overweight. She always felt that despite eating a healthy diet her waist stays the same no matter what she does and then thinks about getting a Gastric Bypass. On top of these thoughts after drinking some sparkling wine, she creates a fake persona online named Katrina to see how guys would react since her dating life is not perfect as her friends’ dating lives have been. After waking up, she sees texts and emails from a Dr. JLove and sees the pics and doesn’t realize that it was the man of her dreams, Dr. Jack Reed, she sees at the hospital. Jack Reed moved to Napa Valley in order to get away from his ex-wife and the memories that were painful to him after how she left for a woman that was his patient before when he had to re-construct her face. When he meets Macy at work one morning as a patient at first, he doesn’t know that she has been keeping a secret identity and that she also met Lucy, the happy Pants Café owner who is known for her love cookies. Will Macy and Jack get together all thanks to the famous cookie that was sent to Macy?

Thoughts: First, why did this have to be the final story!? I will have to get to that later in my thoughts but first this was a very cute and funny story! I did have the giggles since this reminded me of Never Been Kissed but cuter since yes I know how Macy felt when it came to falling for the hot guy. I was overweight myself in high school and still trying to keep myself in shape for cosplaying, not easy when you’re curvy but my fiancé still finds me sexy! Try to have him play keep away with your scrunchie all the time after pulling it out of your hair. Anyways, I liked this one more than Leather Pants and Tailored For Trouble because I felt more connected with Macy and how she went through to fall for Jack was something that most of us go through time to time minus the online dating, okay maybe most of us would do online dating, but still I do admit that I felt that spark between them right away. I did find it heartbreaking where Jack had to face his ex-wife, Doris, because I did see how he had a hard time coming to grips that he had to let her go and I know that feeling too since I did have a hard time letting go of my ex during the first three years due to some mental scars and it does show towards the end how he was able to get over it and realize that Macy was the only one for him. Heck, it takes one super heroine thing that Macy did to have him realize that she is Mrs. Right. Does he propose? I would say is read the book! You will probably cry or just go, “Aww!”

Good! No invisible unicorns yet! Anyways, I have to say is that this series could’ve gone for more stories since I read the Author’s Note! I wanted to see how Taylor’s brothers might find love since I remembered they haven’t found anything or even have her dad find someone new after her mom passed away since a lot of stories do that, heck even in the Midnight Breed Series the vampires find new Breed mates when they lost their own. I would had loved to see that and it did say in the last book that Taylor was supposed to take the Happy Pants Café business when Lucy retired but it looks like this book kind of ended that. Plus Mimi did say she has other books to write and that includes The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant, Ah Hell No, Immortal Matchmakers, and more. I can’t wait to see what’s next in her line in books since she has a lot more writing to do like me.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Star Paw Prints! Good no unicorn yet! I am sad that this was the last book in Happy Pants since this was the series that got me into Mimi’s other books and gave me a great author friend too. One thing about being a writer, talking to the writers do help in giving you writing advice and I’m glad I’m still going with my third book since I kept on starting over! Plus, her books do give me laughs since the characters are cute and quirky even in the supernatural realm. I would say to Mimi, create a sequel series to this one if you can because it could’ve kept going and would’ve loved how Taylor would try and keep the Happy Pants cookies going since that would be a fun idea to think about. So, that ends another Mimi review! And it looks like my kitty minions are…wait what happened to Tribble? Great, I guess the unicorn visited.

That’s it guys! I know I had a bit of fun writing this review since I do enjoy Mimi’s stuff and I guess you can tell I still enjoy unicorns, I do have a Rarity phone case after all and did cosplay her. Anyways, I need to finish up another book to review since I have so many to read! Until next time!

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