Panels: From Attendee to Author: The BLind Perspective from Omni Fandom Expo 2018

Love Found In Cinders: A Backwards Fairy TaleHello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time to bring you another Omni Expo Video!

From Attendee to Author: The Blind Perspective!

So, it’s time for my panel! This was right after Josh Seth’s panel during Omni that Saturday. Don’t worry we will get it up since it has to go through edits but in the meantime you get this one.

Nerdy Shirts thought it would be a good idea to do a panel about my writing and put “Blind Perspective’ in its name since it is the name of my first book. I created this panel to not only talk about myself but also give tips on starting a blog and writing a book. Even though this is my first time presenting this panel and was a little nervous but hey it is a good step in the right direction which I also filled out a form for Holiday Matsuri and hoping to host it at that this year.

About attendees….like last year not many and Gondras had to play the audience again. Not sure if it is due to what slots I picked but this time it fell upon the costume contest’s slot. Wait, one person did come in and leave. I am not sure if I will host another panel next year but if you think I should keep going then please comment down below.

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, Josh Seth’s panel is next since it is the best one saved for last! Also, trying to get the video together and that is something we wanted to do since Holiday Matsuri and that is a Skype interview with J Michael Tatum and and Brandon McInnis! Once that happens, follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for the updates! And also, I will be linking you guys to my books, The Blind Perspective and Love Found in Cinders, so you can The Blind Perspective: Convention Stories From the Darkcheck them out and purchase them as EBooks! You can also find them as individual pages on this blog up above! Enjoy!

Panels: Writing Villains from Omni Fandom Expo 2018!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now continuing with our Omni Fandom Expo coverage with another panel!

Writing Villains Panel from Friday!

Another Friday night panel during Omni this past March is the Writing Villains Panel. Since we have the heroes we cannot forget the villains which can be fun! Trust me, my fave villain will always be Loki from the Marvel movies!

Here, I felt like this was better out of the two because I felt like the tips here were a little more fleshed out and we had more discussion to go with since a lot of media has really interesting villains to see and read and not only that we have different philosophies when it comes to the villain’s actions. How will I do my villains in my newest book? Well, I can’t tell you but Love Found in Cinders does have a villain that I did have fun playing around with. So, enjoy these two videos!

That is it for this post! I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure to catch my other posts and next one will be my writing panel! Stay tuned!

Books: Tiffany Blues by. M. J. Rose

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe yet again! Today I have a book review for you all!

Title: Tiffany Blues
Author: M. J. Rose

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinion from the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book.

What is it about? This book takes place in the 1920s where we meet Jenny Bell who is an uprising artist with a dark past. At the age of twenty-four, she gets invited to the Tiffany Compound known as Laurelton Hall in New York where she vows to concentrate on her painting and not be distracted by anything outside of that even her past. But when she meets the grandson of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Oliver that was when things changed. Not only she falls in love for Oliver but her best friend seems to be out of it and fallen head-over-heels for one of their fellow artists that she thinks that her best friend is being taken advantage of and not only that someone from her past knows who she is and willing to make her leave the compound before the summer ends.

Thoughts: I LOVED THIS BOOK! I felt like while reading this book I was transported back to New York in 1924 with how M. J. Rose wrote this. Even her raving reviews were right about that on that part. I felt like I was there in the Tiffany Compound with Jenny experiencing all of the stained glass that Tiffany had made and imagined all the colors which made me become inspired with a makeup look with all the colors described. I do get inspired by other You Tubers but a book all about the Tiffany Company did give me an idea to use my Ulta Be Gorgeous set to create an eye look with blue, purple, teal, pink and rose all together and people loved how I used those colors to create an almost stained glass look myself.

Not only that, I remembered how I went to a Tiffany exhibit here in town when I retook my Art History course and it was at one of the museums in town. I didn’t know the exhibit nor Tiffany & Co. myself until I went to this thing. It was amazing! From seeing and feeling lamps, this was when I still had my sight at the time to an entire room of stained glass! I felt like while reading this book it brought me back to that exhibit but ten times more. I know Tiffany works are expensive and there are replicas but how they were described were gorgeous, especially the peacock jewelry that Jenny wears for a party where Thomas Edison visited with a new invention known as the spirit phone. During the 1920s, talking to spirits was a huge thing and even Ouija boards were huge at the time along with mediums. Now I cans see why there was an episode of Legends of Tomorrow in the 1920s with a medium.

If I were there, I could imagine how well done Laurelton Hall looked especially with all the stained glass in the windows, the lamps, and so on before it was destroyed by a fire. Oh yes, it did exist and it was a place for art students to study too and this was a great story with it incorporated. Besides the artwork, I did love how Jenny and Oliver interacted throughout the book. It was very sweet since despite her dark past she was accepted for who she was and despite how things were being revealed Oliver still accepted her. Even with how much the art was beautiful in this tale, the love story behind it made it even more beautiful because it gave a magical feeling and wishing I could have my sight to paint what Jenny had seen but in color instead of black and white. I did like how Louis Tiffany did say before we left 1924 to her present that can be true and that is, “You can find beauty in broken things.” Which I agree, even if I can’t see art I can still create it in my own way and that was a great lesson for Jenny in the end.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This is one of the best Historical Fiction stories I have read so far and it was a great one at best. It had the signature art from Tiffany but mixed in with romance. We got to see great characters and a great tale told. You can still see Tiffany’s work at the Charles Hausman Morse Museum here in Winter Park if you want to see what I’ve seen back in 2007. That room I mentioned? Well, that was the Tiffany Chapel which you get to see. If you want to give yourself an artistic read, I would suggest this book even for the Tiffany & Co. lovers who may have the jewelry pieces over time. I wonder if that museum would have this book on display. You will never know!

That is it for this book review and I enjoyed every single paragraph on Kindle. I will also leave a link to the book itself so you can purchase it on Amazon! So, stay tuned for the Writing Villains panel Tiffany Blues by. M. J. Rosefrom Omni Fandom Expo! Until next time!

Panels: Writing Heroes from Omni Fandom Expo 2018!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with another video from Omni Fandom Expo 2018!

Writing Heroes Friday Panel!

Sorry for not being on here this past week, I’ve been studying for my JAWS Certification exam so I can go further down my path of Assistive Tech and I do have an announcement towards the end.

So, this panel is a writing advice panel known as Writing Heroes which caught Gondras and my ears because around this time I was a bit in a rut with my third book. I had a hard time writing it because I felt like it was not flowing as much and this panel did help me in a way and that is with back story.

Even though GOndras felt a little bit put down for what he said about writing someone’s back story was sad but I liked what was said and now that I have my story back on track I know where to keep going. And not only that my buddies Mimi Jean Pamfiloff and Kaz LaFave did give me inspiration to keep going. Don’t worry, they will be mentioned towards the end of my third book.

I would say you don’t always have to follow every tip in this video to a “T” since this is about writing your characters and you can write the hero anyway you want since like how Mimi put it, “It’s your story! Do whatever you want!” These young ladies also had a villain’s panel which will be after my newest book review! So, you can follow these tips or just do what you want!

Announcement: Now it’s time to announce that I was offered the Assistive Technology Instructor job in Daytona Beach! Yay! If you remembered, I did mention that I did a work experience at the rehab center and not having much experience teaching did notice that I need to work on things before I come back to it. I did and went to volunteer in my school district, went to Apple workshops to get better handles on apps and advanced learning, and even learned Android, and now I have a new Braille note taker the Braille Sense Polaris! So, back in February I re-applied for the position since one of my friends out there I knew for a long time sent me the link since they were looking for a new instructor and applied to see what would happen, I did get the interview in April and was told a week or so later that someone else was chosen. I know it sounds weird but then Tuesday comes around and I get a call and it was the person who gave me the experience and I did ask her for a recommendation letter for the school I was applying to for my grad certificate and she offered me the job. Yes, I took it because this was something I wanted for a long time and I know I may be a bit rusty but I did help people learn new apps, I did say I got my Customer Service Training Instructor to download Soundscape and she loved it! I did also suggest it to use it on paratransit if you’re lost this morning at the NFB meeting. I was really excited that I got offered this and yes I will be moving to Daytona. Don’t worry, this will keep going because Nerdy Shique Universe was the blog that started everything for me. As in, being able to get on Word Press, start the YouTube Channel, even getting to so many conventions and writing about so many things from hauls, to anime, cosplay, and even getting to interview so many people like Brian Beacock, Lauren Landa, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and even now Derek Steven Prince for that entire hour. I don’t want this to end ever because it was also something that led me to writing my two books and onto my third. I may be posting less but I will make sure you guys will get the content, I will go back to Orlando for conventions when the press opportunities get approved, I mean did fill out Anime Festival Orlando’s form to see if I can extend the olive branch again because time has passed and hoping things look up. And of course, this will bring new technology experiences for me because the world of assistive tech is expanding ever since 2018 started, I mean Microsoft just created a controller for one-handed gamers. I guess you are also wondering, will I still do Soundscape at Florida Mall, I will have to see because I want to do that experiment and see how well it works. If I knew about it in March, I would’ve had it then but now that I know it exists I will test it.

So, anyways, I’m glad for this new opportunity and right now just waiting on the paperwork to go through and thinking about apartments, which that is another thing! I will be living on my own until Gondras graduates. He is supportive because he knew my struggles in finding a job the past three years and it’s hard having a cane in hand being interviewed for a position because we are the largest unemployed group at the moment and it’s heartbreaking. It did take me some time but the patience shown it and I’m glad that 2018 so far has been my year and I’m still trucking! Now that I got that career rolling that means getting back to school is another part to complete.

That’s it for this post! Stay tuned for the next panel video from Omni Fandom Expo 2018! I’m sorry for it taking so long but things got in the way and we’re catching up so got more things to get up! Until next time!

Beauty: New Wet ‘N Wild Flights of Fancy Box!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’m at home today which I’m a sad little universe kitty girl but I did do something while at home.

Wet ‘N Wild Flights of Fancy Collection!

Yes! I got the new Flights of Fancy Box Set from Wet ‘N Wild! This is their new summer collection and this year it doesn’t have unicorns but hummingbirds. I didn’t go for the spring collection because, if you read in my anti-haul, it didn’t interest me at all. Not only that, I should have mentioned this, I am not a big loose anything powder person and in this collection there were loose highlights. I was like, “Pass!” Plus some of the items did remind me of the Midnight Mermaid collection from last fall. Pass!

This one, on the other hand, did interest me because I think I like hummingbirds when most girls like butterflies. I find them cute and Flit from Pocahontas was sassy. Anyways, this collection includes baked blushes, new shadow quads, a lip scrub, a primer spray, and new lip glosses and eyeliners. When I heard about the box on what’s up in Makeup, I ran to the website to get it because I did not want to miss out like with the Midnight Mermaid box. Which now Ulta sells, what the heck!? What do I think of the collection? It’s good and wishing that the primer spray, lip scrub, and blushes in the baked formula were permanent which a lot of people like primer sprays and never thought they would be fun to use and you have a drugstore option now. Same with a lip scrub so you don’t have to go to Lush all the time and the scrubs around $2.99. I did say it’s a 4.5 out of 5 because I found that the lip gloss I was using was a bit hard to apply, I think the others will be better, I will have to see!

Enjoy the video guys and make sure you follow us on Twitter for all of the latest updates @ Nerdy Shique! Until next time!

Books: Fountain of Souls by. Ray Else

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. I am back with another book review and it’s a sequel this time!

Title: Fountain of Souls
Author: Ray Else

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer and producer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and feelings about this book.

What is it about? This book starts where Our Only Chance left off where now a new problem has arisen.

Last time, the A. I.’s Cortana, Siri, Google, Watson, and Eina are now inhabiting bodies and were turned away because they were bodies of people who used to be alive. Self-aware and now living in different parts of the world, a new issue has arisen where people are losing their souls and their minds are filling with the voices of people still asking them questions. During the epidemic, Android Eina is missing and now Yuriko must find her in order to fix the missing soul problem.

What Are My Thoughts? The book did continue this story very well until the end and did feel like there were some parts missing. Yes, this book did start from where it did leave off except more of two years after what took place in the end of the book. As in, we see all of the Human A. I.’s living new lives around the world and having actual relationships while I am wondering what’s going on with Mainaka in Japan all of the time, which there were there were brief glimpses of her and that’s it when she is the creator and should have more to it where she could’ve been more involved with the search and seeing more about the missing soul epidemic instead of placing bounties and trying to buy souls, which was kind of weird in my opinion. I felt like that didn’t flow like with the first book which the first book told a compelling story about a mother’s love towards her android child. Where was that in this book? I mostly seen it with Yuriko when she was finding the Human A. I.’s and when she found Android Eina. I did like how she started a relationship with a human and how she tried to trick him with her human self since the guy thought she was an elf, this was Iceland after all when a lot of folklore does take place with elves and other fantasy creatures. I did notice when he told the stories of Icelandic legend that she was getting into them like how she did in the first book with all the manga she read and anything that was on the net but in this book it was mostly about her surviving along with the A. I.’s ’n the end. Speaking of the end, I felt like it was a bit abrupt into his one. I am not sure if it was due to deadlines coming up but I felt like I wanted to see the end being expanded a bit in what had happened to the characters such as the boy from the first book who had a prominent role in this story for example just wondering if he can see souls and demons for real? I’m hoping there would be another book because this ending was just too short and the third book should expand the ending and tell what happened to the characters in its own prologue and go from there.

Rating: 4 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This book, as said before, was good until the abrupt ending. I’m not sure if the ending was written as it is but hoping if it does become a trilogy that it would expand the ending since I felt a little confused with what went on and wanted to see more with the characters and how the resolutions took place like with the ending of the first book since that was described very well. I think I liked Our Only Chance a little more but I think Ray Else can tell the story even more and hoping he does continue get stronger with the third one if it does happen.

Well, that’s it for this book review! There will be more coming since I still have a huge list to read. Make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Fountain of Souls by. Ray ElseShique for updates! Until next time!

Accessibility: Using Soundscape At Millennia Mall!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today is another Accessibility Review!

Using Soundscape in Mall at Millennia!

As you know, I have been using the Soundscape app developed by Microsoft on my phone. It’s a GPS location app where you can know where you are, what’s around you, and what’s ahead of you. You can also place a beacon on a place to help you find it if you need to catch your ride on time.

I already have used this app while going to Walgreens near me and the Altamonte Mall to see if it works in an indoor place and it does. I did tell the guy who introduced me to my very beautiful Braille Sense Polaris about that tidbit because he has a friend who wondered about that and that answered their question to see if it could work in a mall. So, I wanted to try this app at other malls in town and decided to try it out in the Millennia Mall which is a huge tourist spot here in Orlando. Yes, some of the stores are upscale but some of my fave ones are here which include Lush, Bath & Body Works, MAC, GameStop, Apple, and NYX.
Hay I had to stop here is because I needed more of my Celestial Moisturizer from Lush since that is the only moisturizer that works on my sensitive skin besides coconut oil. I use this moisturizer before I put on my primer to put on makeup and it does make a difference since my skin has been improving thanks to this and other things. I also needed to go to NYX to get another Light Concealer Jar and wanted to get their translucent powder which I have heard good things about.

What Happened? Well…not much! As in, I felt like this mall was not a good environment for this app because whenever I walked around with my dad to get to the NYX store all I heard, “Heading in this direction Millennia Mall!” It didn’t point any of the stores out while leaving from the food court heading towards the NYX Store which was on the bottom floor. It didn’t point out Bath & Body Works either which over in Altamonte it was pointed out and I kind of figured out why nothing was pointed out except the Apple Store after passing by it. I could have seen on the other side to see if it would point out any of the stores, especially the really luxury ones like Versacci and Bloomingdale’s. I think the issue was…

Issues? It’s the noise in the mall and I’m talking about the really loud music you tend to hear throughout the mall. Ever since this mall has opened back in the early 2000s, which was my high school years by the way, there were these little TV screen panels hanging over the center of the mall which align with the Food Court on the top floor. You hear surround sound orchestra music and now they added more modern music to it. You also tend to hear the music from inside whatever store you were in. I still remembered the echo of it when I was inside Waldenbooks when it was in that mall when it first opened. (Trust me, I still miss it!) I think the music and the echo of it throughout the mall was not helping Soundscape be able to detect the stores inside but it did really detect Apple on the bottom floor which surprised me and even told me that I was in the parking lot when we got outside. Seriously? It did it over the roar of waterfalls outside, oh yeah this mall is upscale on the outside. I’m not bashing on either one but I think Soundscape needs an update soon in detecting more places and not only that, forgot to mention…

More to Improve! I feel like the app needs to improve on the area you’re in. I didn’t get to mention in this first review but whenever I’m in a store it keeps on mentioning its distance. For instance, standing in Barnes & Noble, it still says, “B&N 12 Meters!” It should just say along when you hit the “My Location” button, “You are in Barnes & Noble!!” Then proceeds to tell the places next door to that place rather than just making it sound you’re not there.

Another thing is is still the Meters to My Right Or Left which can help even more. I’m glad that this app works but Millennia is not the mall for this app, I can’t say they should take down that music display since that seems to be a favorite thing among the visitors. I would say just go without Soundscape and go with friends for sighted help or if you have it, AIRA with you because more blind people are getting those glasses nowadays. If you don’t have AIRA and still want that sighted support through your phone, Be My Eyes is another option.

Well, that’s my use of Soundscape in another mall! I’m stil wanting to put this app to the test at Florida Mall to see how well it can detect its maze of stores and see if it can detect the hotel part. That may have to wait since a lot of things are coming up the next few months! So, anything new? Not yet, just follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for our updates!

Books: Holding by. Graham Norton

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I bring you another book review today!

Title: Holding
Author: Graham Norton

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog! Please respect them.

What is it about? This book tells a tale about a remote Irish village called Duneen where not that much drama takes place until bones of a dead body gets found on an old farm one day. PJ Collins has been called to the scene to figure out about the bones that may belong to Tommy Burk, a village boy who was also a lover to two women, one who is the youngest of sisters and another who he broke his engagement to, and goes through the struggles to see what had happened and digs up deep dark secrets behind Tommy and what led to his death.

My Thoughts? This book was pretty interesting and entertaining since the description did mention that it’s a dark comedy with some drama to it and great for J. K. Rowling fans which I do still love Harry Potter to this day. I do have Hufflepuff beer glasses and a t-shirt to show it. I did find this book very entertaining because at first it did start off with PJ Collins being a cop that is going into work as usual like any other day in town until construction workers come up to him to tell him what they’ve found. That really starts a riveting story since it did give the mysterious air at first but then it becomes a love triangle story to match with the Tommy Burk thing which is the driving force in the book.

I did like how it introduced the two lovers that Tommy Burk, Evelyn who is the youngest of three sisters and Britt who was the one who was supposed to marry Tommy but it broke off due to him falling for Evelyn. It does show how Britt does move on since she has her family in this story and Evelyn is trapped with her sisters since she didn’t move on but when PJ came into the picture they do fall for him. I have a feeling that he would end up with Britt because she wasn’t happy in her marriage and the ending did kind of make it show that but I don’t want to give too much away in case you guys want to read it for yourselves, which I suggest doing so you can see how each turn takes place.

The character I did like was Evelyn since she seemed to be the one with more personality throughout the book. I felt like the characters were dry since they had to go through their daily routines in order to survive the small town life while Evelyn was just that really perky person even if her parents died and just had Abigail and Florence, her other two sisters. Heck, even when she got questioned about Tommy and how she was probably linked to the suspected murder since he went missing from what everyone was told including PJ, she still carried on with her cheery self. You do see her break down in some point of the book with her dog and it changes from there. I didn’t like how she always found PJ out of nowhere and I felt like they were forced all the time even thanks to Abigail.

Rating: 4.5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! Even though I did like this book I did find it started off slow and then picked up midway part one. The characters were dry except for Evelyn because she was so likable! I would say there were some funny parts since this was supposed to be a comedy but it still had a very serious tone to it. I hope to read more of Graham Norton’s works since this was pretty good for a novel since he has written short stories before and some t.v. stuff from what I have seen on the Net Galley page for this book. It’s not bad of a book so check out the link in the post when you get the chance!

Well, that’s it for this book review! I have more reviews to come since my Net Galley shelf is just having a scratch so far. I’m reading Ray Else’s sequel to Our Only Chance since he kept me updated about it so stay tuned for that review! I’m almost done with the second Nemecene book which I have around three or four chapters left so stay tuned for that one too. So, make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique when I post those reviews. Holding by. Graham NortionStill hoping to get the rest of the Omni stuff up! Until next time!

Blindness: Making MakeUp Better for the Blind!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today is another response and opinion post and this deals with blindness!

Putting On Make Up While Being Blind!

What got me to do this post is that recently in Sao Paolo, Brazil a salon taught blind women how to put on makeup and that included false lashes. They even placed Braille dots on makeup and brushes which I wish that could happen here because you all know I love doing my own makeup and it’s hard to know what’s what even in brushes when I first get them. I will talk about my makeup application process but wanted to touch upon the course itself.

I heard about this story through Jen Luv’s Reviews’ news show What’s Up In Make Up this past Sunday and I was excited because finally someplace in the world there is a course in helping blind women how to put on their favorite make up brands despite not being able to see themselves in the mirror. I know that struggle since it’s not easy to see yourself in the mirror when putting on mascara or even your favorite eye liner and it is a struggle to know what brush you’re using. I just find it awesome that this salon went far and beyond to give blind women a chance to do this to teach them. According to articles, it was a way of building their self-confidence and able to apply makeup and groom themselves without any extra effort. There is also Braille dots on the shades so they can choose from to use. I remembered how years ago in Personal Management at the Daytona Beach Blind Rehab Center I was taught different tips with samples that the teacher had from Mary Kay and Avon and not only that from a woman who used to work for a department store make up counter and she gave amazing tips from her days working there before she had Stargars Disease where this visual impairment causes you to lose sight and you’re mostly near sighted. I remembered how she had her magnifier at all times even in the cosmetics aisles we were in at Walmart and and gave good tips and pointers on what to get and even the mobility intern wanted to learn more about make up!

Yes, we can’t really see the mirror but the stereotype with most blind people is that even though we can’t see ourselves in the mirror we can’t groom ourselves and putting on that foundation or eye shadow can be a challenge. Want to know how I do my make up? Let’s see!

My Way of Doing Make Up!

I tend to start with my brows where I use a clear brow gel most of the time and if I wanted to depending on using my Ulta sets I would use the dark brown brow powder or my trusty NYX Brow Pomade in Chocolate. Then I prime my eye lids to put on shadow and then set it and then prime my face. I do moisturize my face before doing my makeup and a good tip is do your moisturizer after doing anything else in the bathroom like styling your hair and then have breakfast because it gives time for the moisturizer to soak in. Since I’m going back to Daytona for a week, I would have to do that before breakfast. After priming, I tend to feel my brushes to see what eye shadow brush I would use first depending on the pallet I’m using. If I’m going with a quad, I use four brushes which are my lid brush, my Definer brush, my Crease Brush, and my Brow Brush. If I want to go extra special with a multi-colored pallet with more shades I do have the transition where I use more of a flatter precise brush, or if I just want to do inner and outer corners, either or, I do have a smaller and pointed brush that I would sometimes use that on the lower lash line which I rarely do. I admit I do use double ended eye brushes if the pallet came with one or if the set has a few that I can mix in with my brushes because I do use an entire set sometimes that came pre-packaged in a case like one that I take with me to conventions or I tend to have loose brushes in a train case or pencil case to switch them out when they get dirty and place them in a cup bristles up.

I bet you’re wondering, “What do you do for eye liner?” There are times where I do use gel liners or liquid liners but tend to use them with the liner brushes that either come in a set or just buy one on its own. I do have a few of the ones that came with a few gel liner pots but those get used for my Fairy Tail mark when I cosplay as Lucy. The eye liner I tend to use the most happen to be pencil liners. Reason being is that when I first started wearing makeup I had a hard time controlling liquid liner and gel liner and it always ran all over the place without me even knowing and it’s embarrassing. I decided to just stick with pencil liners when I can because they are easier to control and best as a training liner because it gives you the idea of where the line starts on your eye and when it ends. I tend to guide the pencil to the area with my other hand to make sure it’s in the precise area I need it to be. I even do that with gel liners since I have gotten used to the pencil, which is a good tip to do. If you want to use liquid liners, I do suggest using a separate brush for that. I just tested out a new look and I used Sea Symmetry from Wet N Wild’s Midnight Mermaid Collection with an angled liner brush and it worked out so much better than making the thickest line that you would have a bit of a raccoon eye. It’s easier since the tip is more precise than the brush applicator in a liquid liner and of course having that baby wipe or make up remover pen would be a great way of having on hand if you go overboard.

Mascara was a hard thing for me to acquire the skill for because the wands can be tricky! I wondered how the salon stylists taught how to put it on but I will tell you that it does take a lot of practice. Mascara wands come in different shapes, lengths, and even spikiness! Trust me, the Urban Decay Trouble Maker was so spikey I had to toss it and glad it was a sample too! Which a good way of starting, usually, is getting the sample sizes because not only it gives you an idea of what the full-size does but the wands aren’t enormous. Molly Perk uses the minis all the time because it’s easier for her and it might be easier for you but if you want to go for full-size, especially drugstore mascaras since they work the best depending on who makes it, guide the wand with your other hand to the lashes in order to be careful around the eyes. I admit I poked myself in the eye more than once even when I was training myself and it’s not a good feeling! Especially when it’s with a really spikey wand like I mentioned with Urban Decay. And oh yes, if you watch any videos, please don’t do it with your eyes closed! I done it for years and well…I had conjunctivitis for a bit and realized it’s best to do it eyes open. If you saw my Omni 2016 videos, that is what was going on with my watery eyes.

Now onto the face! Usually the face is the easiest because you have a bigger space to work with. Unlike with the eyes, you have to figure out where your crease is the most since that is a great landmark for yourself when applying eye shadow, even Smash box mentioned in their videos is to find your crease to know where to put that crease shade either for transition or later on in the look or both! If you have hooded eyes, then that could be a little tricky and there are tons of videos with people who have hooded eyes give you tips and pointers on that. Now, back to the face which you tend to have concealer, foundation, and powder. I tend to conceal first because when I put on my foundation it will blend in more easily than doing it the other way around and since I do color correct due to my acne marks which are being taken care of, using a green concealer does help and blending your natural concealer on top makes it easier. For concealing, I tend to feel for what needs to be color corrected or at least concealed along with my under eyes. Before, I used two different concealers for my spots that matches my skin tone but now I just use the NYX Light Concealer for that since I would know where I would brush it on. With foundation, depending on how you like to use your foundation, today a lot of companies have made it easier with adding wands to their foundations. I admit I like this format more than the pump because when I used a pump I tend to have a hard time getting it into a bowl I used to use to put my foundation in or when I put it on a sponge it can be a little bit much. With the wand, I just apply it to my face and then blend it in with either a brush, whether it’s a foundation brush from a set or the Ulta oval brush which works best with these types of foundations or a sponge which I found out why people love so much, and make sure that it’s evenly spread out. I tend to go over with the brush or sponge a couple of times to make sure it’s fully blended because it can be a huge mess if it’s not blended correctly and a tip with foundation and concealer, make sure that both products are colors that would match your skin and blend beautifully together! Long time ago, I tried that Maybelline concealer pen in Light Medium and I was starting to use Almay’s foundation in Warm and they did not blend well together! One of my gal pals was taking the same writing class as me and she saw that my concealer was slightly darker and I think Maybelline’s idea of “Light-Medium” is different from Almay’s “Light-Medium” which is interesting to learn from that experience. I would say try to use a foundation and concealer either from the same brand or if you want to use a different brand of each, try to ask for a shade match with a friend or a salesperson who knows how to match. I know it sounds a bit confusing with that last part but there are times when a salesperson has a hard time matching you and you can get the wrong shade. My buddy Vivi’s tip, with a sighted friend have them take a tester and swatch a color if it’s close enough and see how it oxidizes or not over a ten minute time limit and if it gets darker than what it’s supposed to be then that’s not your shade, if it doesn’t then it’s a winner.

Now onto powder, I save these for last in the essential makeup since it does help put the look together. I use a translucent powder for my under eyes because I find it easier than having a banana powder not be right for myself. I’m currently using the one from L. A. Girl and it works pretty well for one. While for face, I am using Warm Beige from Wet N Wild because it matches, well close match, to Buff Beige in the foundations due to how warm my skin is. And finally, my bronzer, blush, and highlight. With my natural looks, I don’t need that much bronzer even though I used to contour my cheeks but seeing how Wayne Goss explained that you don’t need that much, I do agree. Yes, having a tan is nice and all even with self-tan but you can kind of go overboard even in the bronzing department. I just stick my contouring on the outer parts of my cheekbones near the ear lobe in the temple area because that is where the light hits the most on me and learning from my artistic days that is where shadow hits a lot more. I do use different bronzers but my paws always seem to land on the Butter Bronzer from Physician’s Formula because you can go in very lightly with this and it can be buildable if you need more. I even had this during Holiday Matsuri when I did Link and Itachi for my chin to make it slightly masculine and it’s perfect for that! Blush and highlight, I just stick with my cheek bones closer to my nose, which I apply blush by going with the curvature of the bone and go towards the ear. I was taught an interesting trick you can use and that is cross your arms where you have your left to have your thumb and index finger at the start of your cheekbone and then your index at your ear and place your brush in the middle to help gauge with your blush brush. I was told about this trick but it was hard for me to do and thought I had to be better with my left hand but this way it would be easier if you’re just right handed. With the finger gauging, you can also your index and middle finger for helping with the width due to how big or small the blush brush is made. I may have to try this technique again since it’s been years and blush can be easily messed up even with the wrong color or the amount of pigmentation. I mean, I had a huge pigmentation issue with Milani’s Baked Blushes once and I had a HUGE pink spot on my face. Got to be careful with those! And you can use the same technique with highlighting since it is supposed to be on top of the blush.

If you’re wondering, yes I do use setting spray and it can be a hit or a miss so I have to make sure it’s in the right area to spray!

There! That’s how I put on my makeup in order. Not everyone’s order is always the same because people do put on their makeup differently and I find eyes first to be the easiest in case of fallout from shadow. Not only that, even as a blind and visually impaired person, not all techniques are the same for everyone because with that blush technique, I was taught the finger thing and I was also taught that you can take your angled blush brush and pinch it close to the feral as possible and do upward sweeping motions. And there is my favorite blending technique, I tend to use those little brush applicators you get with your blushes or highlights and blend your bronzer, blush, and highlight together to get a nice watercolor look! After my setting spray, I do feel nice and refreshed and out the door! Unless someone I know spots my eyeliner somewhere on my face.

What Brands Should Do!

During Jen’s video I did comment about the Sao Paolo thing that brands in the States should do the same thing as they do. I did contact my local Lighthouse about having a workshop on this which I will definitely link them to this and one of the recent articles and Jen’s video because with the Lighthouse and Rehab Centers alike, make up courses should be taught because when you’re in the work force they want to see if the employees are well groomed and their make up on and presentable. Having these tips and guides whether for work or just wearing it for fun can help with the adjustment process of being visually impaired or totally blind. Like with Sao Paolo, it will definitely help with the self-confidence issues because as blind people we tend to worry about not being able to do something despite not being able to see yourself in the mirror or even cooking for example and learning the skills in order to combat that helps heal those doubts. When I started with makeup, I was doubting myself in being able to do eye shadow, liner, and so much more but after learning it myself, getting those tips and pointers, I have improved greatly even with my selfie taking, Heck, even explaining my brush touching to know what’s what, I feel for the bristles to know how wide the brush is in order to see if it’s a face brush or an eye brush, for instance for my powder brush I tend to feel how fat the handle is and then move up and feel the feral and if some brushes have a similar one then I go to the bristles and feel for its shape. I have two different powder brushes in my Brush Vanity Affair set from Coastal Sense and admit I interchange if I need to get into the pan to finish my powder like I did this morning. While eye brushes, for lid I tend to feel for the first brush in the line of eye brushes and know that’s ’he one for my lid or to set my primer. I would love to have those Braille dots on the brushes though because it can help out even further because there are times where the brushes can look-alike and having that Braille system can help in knowing what brush is which by either using the first letter or have three letters which I admit I do on some of my makeup products. For example, “Pow” can be on a Powder compact and also on a powder brush and if there is more than one powder brush can use “L-Pow” for Large Powder. And for smaller brushes, do it on the ferrals at least to make it easier for the space. It can be easier than using labeling tape because there are times where the labels come off for some of us, I admit I have so many problems with it, I even had to leave my label off of my Naked Heat pallet because of the tape being so bad that it falls off every time. And not only that, one last thing, if a brand can’t do a class in person why not have a blind person who is experienced in makeup teach it or do videos for the website? There are so many hours of the day for a store to be opened, especially in a mall where MAC and Sephora lie alongside the makeup counters in department stores, not only that there are people that don’t have the experience of teaching a blind person and that can happen in the makeup industry so having that person that has the experience would help either do it in person for a certain event and even for new releases in how they would use that item. I mean so many brands have so many seasonal items especially when Spring and Festival Season comes around and having that person getting to practice with the item first and knowing the colors and come back to the store or to film for the website can show how they would use a yellow or a rose blush to give their looks a real festive look. I mean, I wished I taped it but when New Year’s Even rolled around I used my Gwen Stefani pallet to get an interesting look with the rosy pink tones and gold to give off a festive look. Even people asked how I do it, I answered with that I have a guide as a Word Document, which reminds me…

Another great thing is to have a big Word Document of the pallets with the colors and how they are placed. Some of the pallets you find on Ulta, which is the better place to get your info in my opinion, have all the colors in order. I tend to do this when I’m about to get a new pallet if they have a description with all the shades in order and I do it “Shade 1, Shade 2, etc.” And if they have the color description to their shade name, I include that for instance the Ulta Be Gorgeous Set I had Shade 1: Light Pink and so on! Interesting fact, they accidentally missed the silver shade in the shade list in case anybody got the set and noticed that when I did when I did my guide. If the website doesn’t tell you, just have someone tell you the color names if they have any such as the Hot Topic pallets I had to have my dad read the shade names that are printed in the shadow or on the cardboard and tell me the colors for that name. Once I use that set or pallet, I count until I get that shade after looking at my guide or have it open next to me. I should have it on my new Braille Sense. And since we are on this subject, brands should also give shade names and descriptions on their websites and do what Urban Decay does with their pallets everywhere online and that’s by bullet points because it will make it easier than having someone just guess when they get a Make Up Revolution pallet or a Wet N Wild quad, it can help with giving the color name and its description after clicking it because I remembered Smash box did it with their old trios to use as an example. And it does help with color selection while buying online because when I got my Ulta sets it did help knowing what colors come in the pallets.

Whew! That was a long one! I do have to say is Sao Paolo did an amazing thing for blind and visually impaired women. Make up is supposed to be a way of self-expression and it should be for all kinds of people whether sighted or blind, having a different skin tone, and so on. It just brings that creativity. I hope this would convince brands to try it out since we have a big population all over the world why not try it out too? You get to learn more about the person, their eye condition, how they can see if they can still use a mirror or not, and can learn more about the products. I will be having fun at Inglot then because they just stick to numbers on their site and that’s another thing, name your colors instead of numbers, Coastal Scents did it with their single shadow pans. Anyways, way to go!

That is it for this post! I know it was long but hey it does kind of help and hoping that brands get on this band wagon because they should know more of their customer base and who knows I may come out with something in the future. So, what’s next? Another book review on the horizon! Stay tuned! Also follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for the latest updates!

A side note from earlier with brands doing the Braille, it would be costly but it would be nice if they had a laser or 3D Printer to offer the service for free or at a low cost to add the Braille on a brush or an eye shadow pallet or blush. Just saying!