Books: Holding by. Graham Norton

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I bring you another book review today!

Title: Holding
Author: Graham Norton

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog! Please respect them.

What is it about? This book tells a tale about a remote Irish village called Duneen where not that much drama takes place until bones of a dead body gets found on an old farm one day. PJ Collins has been called to the scene to figure out about the bones that may belong to Tommy Burk, a village boy who was also a lover to two women, one who is the youngest of sisters and another who he broke his engagement to, and goes through the struggles to see what had happened and digs up deep dark secrets behind Tommy and what led to his death.

My Thoughts? This book was pretty interesting and entertaining since the description did mention that it’s a dark comedy with some drama to it and great for J. K. Rowling fans which I do still love Harry Potter to this day. I do have Hufflepuff beer glasses and a t-shirt to show it. I did find this book very entertaining because at first it did start off with PJ Collins being a cop that is going into work as usual like any other day in town until construction workers come up to him to tell him what they’ve found. That really starts a riveting story since it did give the mysterious air at first but then it becomes a love triangle story to match with the Tommy Burk thing which is the driving force in the book.

I did like how it introduced the two lovers that Tommy Burk, Evelyn who is the youngest of three sisters and Britt who was the one who was supposed to marry Tommy but it broke off due to him falling for Evelyn. It does show how Britt does move on since she has her family in this story and Evelyn is trapped with her sisters since she didn’t move on but when PJ came into the picture they do fall for him. I have a feeling that he would end up with Britt because she wasn’t happy in her marriage and the ending did kind of make it show that but I don’t want to give too much away in case you guys want to read it for yourselves, which I suggest doing so you can see how each turn takes place.

The character I did like was Evelyn since she seemed to be the one with more personality throughout the book. I felt like the characters were dry since they had to go through their daily routines in order to survive the small town life while Evelyn was just that really perky person even if her parents died and just had Abigail and Florence, her other two sisters. Heck, even when she got questioned about Tommy and how she was probably linked to the suspected murder since he went missing from what everyone was told including PJ, she still carried on with her cheery self. You do see her break down in some point of the book with her dog and it changes from there. I didn’t like how she always found PJ out of nowhere and I felt like they were forced all the time even thanks to Abigail.

Rating: 4.5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! Even though I did like this book I did find it started off slow and then picked up midway part one. The characters were dry except for Evelyn because she was so likable! I would say there were some funny parts since this was supposed to be a comedy but it still had a very serious tone to it. I hope to read more of Graham Norton’s works since this was pretty good for a novel since he has written short stories before and some t.v. stuff from what I have seen on the Net Galley page for this book. It’s not bad of a book so check out the link in the post when you get the chance!

Well, that’s it for this book review! I have more reviews to come since my Net Galley shelf is just having a scratch so far. I’m reading Ray Else’s sequel to Our Only Chance since he kept me updated about it so stay tuned for that review! I’m almost done with the second Nemecene book which I have around three or four chapters left so stay tuned for that one too. So, make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique when I post those reviews. Holding by. Graham NortionStill hoping to get the rest of the Omni stuff up! Until next time!

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