Beauty: New Wet ‘N Wild Flights of Fancy Box!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’m at home today which I’m a sad little universe kitty girl but I did do something while at home.

Wet ‘N Wild Flights of Fancy Collection!

Yes! I got the new Flights of Fancy Box Set from Wet ‘N Wild! This is their new summer collection and this year it doesn’t have unicorns but hummingbirds. I didn’t go for the spring collection because, if you read in my anti-haul, it didn’t interest me at all. Not only that, I should have mentioned this, I am not a big loose anything powder person and in this collection there were loose highlights. I was like, “Pass!” Plus some of the items did remind me of the Midnight Mermaid collection from last fall. Pass!

This one, on the other hand, did interest me because I think I like hummingbirds when most girls like butterflies. I find them cute and Flit from Pocahontas was sassy. Anyways, this collection includes baked blushes, new shadow quads, a lip scrub, a primer spray, and new lip glosses and eyeliners. When I heard about the box on what’s up in Makeup, I ran to the website to get it because I did not want to miss out like with the Midnight Mermaid box. Which now Ulta sells, what the heck!? What do I think of the collection? It’s good and wishing that the primer spray, lip scrub, and blushes in the baked formula were permanent which a lot of people like primer sprays and never thought they would be fun to use and you have a drugstore option now. Same with a lip scrub so you don’t have to go to Lush all the time and the scrubs around $2.99. I did say it’s a 4.5 out of 5 because I found that the lip gloss I was using was a bit hard to apply, I think the others will be better, I will have to see!

Enjoy the video guys and make sure you follow us on Twitter for all of the latest updates @ Nerdy Shique! Until next time!

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