Books: Tiffany Blues by. M. J. Rose

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe yet again! Today I have a book review for you all!

Title: Tiffany Blues
Author: M. J. Rose

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinion from the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book.

What is it about? This book takes place in the 1920s where we meet Jenny Bell who is an uprising artist with a dark past. At the age of twenty-four, she gets invited to the Tiffany Compound known as Laurelton Hall in New York where she vows to concentrate on her painting and not be distracted by anything outside of that even her past. But when she meets the grandson of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Oliver that was when things changed. Not only she falls in love for Oliver but her best friend seems to be out of it and fallen head-over-heels for one of their fellow artists that she thinks that her best friend is being taken advantage of and not only that someone from her past knows who she is and willing to make her leave the compound before the summer ends.

Thoughts: I LOVED THIS BOOK! I felt like while reading this book I was transported back to New York in 1924 with how M. J. Rose wrote this. Even her raving reviews were right about that on that part. I felt like I was there in the Tiffany Compound with Jenny experiencing all of the stained glass that Tiffany had made and imagined all the colors which made me become inspired with a makeup look with all the colors described. I do get inspired by other You Tubers but a book all about the Tiffany Company did give me an idea to use my Ulta Be Gorgeous set to create an eye look with blue, purple, teal, pink and rose all together and people loved how I used those colors to create an almost stained glass look myself.

Not only that, I remembered how I went to a Tiffany exhibit here in town when I retook my Art History course and it was at one of the museums in town. I didn’t know the exhibit nor Tiffany & Co. myself until I went to this thing. It was amazing! From seeing and feeling lamps, this was when I still had my sight at the time to an entire room of stained glass! I felt like while reading this book it brought me back to that exhibit but ten times more. I know Tiffany works are expensive and there are replicas but how they were described were gorgeous, especially the peacock jewelry that Jenny wears for a party where Thomas Edison visited with a new invention known as the spirit phone. During the 1920s, talking to spirits was a huge thing and even Ouija boards were huge at the time along with mediums. Now I cans see why there was an episode of Legends of Tomorrow in the 1920s with a medium.

If I were there, I could imagine how well done Laurelton Hall looked especially with all the stained glass in the windows, the lamps, and so on before it was destroyed by a fire. Oh yes, it did exist and it was a place for art students to study too and this was a great story with it incorporated. Besides the artwork, I did love how Jenny and Oliver interacted throughout the book. It was very sweet since despite her dark past she was accepted for who she was and despite how things were being revealed Oliver still accepted her. Even with how much the art was beautiful in this tale, the love story behind it made it even more beautiful because it gave a magical feeling and wishing I could have my sight to paint what Jenny had seen but in color instead of black and white. I did like how Louis Tiffany did say before we left 1924 to her present that can be true and that is, “You can find beauty in broken things.” Which I agree, even if I can’t see art I can still create it in my own way and that was a great lesson for Jenny in the end.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This is one of the best Historical Fiction stories I have read so far and it was a great one at best. It had the signature art from Tiffany but mixed in with romance. We got to see great characters and a great tale told. You can still see Tiffany’s work at the Charles Hausman Morse Museum here in Winter Park if you want to see what I’ve seen back in 2007. That room I mentioned? Well, that was the Tiffany Chapel which you get to see. If you want to give yourself an artistic read, I would suggest this book even for the Tiffany & Co. lovers who may have the jewelry pieces over time. I wonder if that museum would have this book on display. You will never know!

That is it for this book review and I enjoyed every single paragraph on Kindle. I will also leave a link to the book itself so you can purchase it on Amazon! So, stay tuned for the Writing Villains panel Tiffany Blues by. M. J. Rosefrom Omni Fandom Expo! Until next time!

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