Books: Any Dream Will Do by. Debbie Maccmber

Heello my beautiful nerds who traveled near and far! I am back with another book review!

Title: Any Dream Will Do

Author: Debbie Macomber

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts nad opinions on this book!

What Is It About? This book is the fourth installment in the New Beginnings series which also can be read on its own.

We meet Shea who had her own life until it got messed up due to her brother, Kaden, asked her to take money from her job and had to pay the price in prison while her brother was away. After being there for three years, she ends up meeting Pastor DDrew Douglas after showing up in his church one day in December. He helps her by dropping her off at a womens shelter to help her start her life over again. After graduating, Shea does start her life again by working at a cafe, having a small place, and being around Drew and his kids until her brother shows up again. Will things screw up again for her when she has started over all thanks to what she went through before?

Thoughts: I had to read the series before coming tto this one since I did not know it was a book in a series. I did find the other three books on Bookshare and was able to finish them pretty quickly. It deals with women who havve gone through tough times and want to start over and fall in love with men who have gone through their own tragedies and they help each other to start again.

The first book, Last One Home, we meet Cassie Carter who went through an abusive relationship and was disconnected from her sisters and had to start anew by working at a salon and getting involved with Habitat for Humanitty so she could have a new home with her daughter and meets Steve, who lost his wife due to cancer. Cassie feels like she is nott ready for a relationship due to what her ex-husband has done and not only that re-connects with her sisters to get them back together.

The second book, A Girls Guide to Moving On, Nicole, Cassies younger sister, ends up divorced from her long time husbalong with her mother-in-law, Leigh Ann, who also divorced from her ex-husbands father. They end up living close to each other in downtown Portland. While the both of tthem are moving on, they meet two men which Nicole meets Rocko, a single dad that ended up towing her car out of a ditch, and Nikolai, a Ukranian widower who is in Leigh Anns English class, and they fall for them but may have hearts for their exes despite what they had done to them. (This was my favoirte which I will say why!)

Third book, If It Were Not For You, we meet Sadie, a new teacher in town, who moved to Portland from controlling parents to have a new life with her aunt ends up in a car accident and was helped by Sam, Rockos best friend, aand start a relationship thinking they did not have the same interests but they had and that is through music. Even though Sadie has to get over her controlling mother, she knows Sam is the one for her rather than a man she tried to get her with. She also helps her aunt re-kindle with an old love that fell for her mother in the past.

Now to this one, this was a good one since it did give the moving on a great tale and even with someone who got out of prison.Like with the second one, this was also a favorite because it did not include any of the past characters but it added someone new to the series by starting a new cycle, which I am hoping there will be a book five in this one. Why? I have a feeling either Kaiden, Sheas brother, may be next or Shooter, Sheas ex unless he cannot be able to salvage but Kaiden might be a possibility since I saw Shea wanting to help him by praying for him. I do like all the moments she had with Mark and Sarah, Drews kids since she was someonee they related to easily and normally it takes time for a character or two to get along with anyone. I knew these Drew and Shea, were a couple from the start and the story did tell their build up to their romance very well and it was paced better than the third book, which I felt that was a bit rushed.

Reason why I like book two the most was that it was a romatic comedy with a lot of cute bits. I loved Rocko and Nicole togeter because Rocko knew what a girl needed when she was down and Nicole did not say it loud because of how much she hurt after her divrce from Jake. I think this one and Any Dream Will Do were the really well written out of the four and hoping a fifth will be written.

Rating: 4 Star Paw Prints Out of 5 For All of them! I was going to give it a five at first but the third book was the weakest in my opinion since it felt rushed. I am hoping to read more of this series because I want to see if Kaiden will get a do over for his life after jail like Shea did. I think he deserves it. It was a eally cute series and hoping to see more.

That is it for this book. Sorry for the gramar being bad because I am typing this on my tablet through Google Docs at Gondras place due to the air conditioner being broke at home. I know it sucks that it had to happen when summer started but what can you do? I will get the NFB convention Spotlight up this weekend or the beginning of next week. So stay beautiful my nerds in the universe!

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