Books: The Dream Keeper’s Daughter

Hello my beautiful nerds and welcome back for a second post of the night! Time for another book to be reviewed!

Title: The Dream Keeper’s Daughter
Author: Emily Colin

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book.

What Is It About? In this book, we meet Isabel Griffin, an archaeologist, who tries to be a great single parent to her daughter, Finn, she has gone through a lot after losing her best friend, Max O’Dair, and not only that her mother earlier in life which her father obsessed looking for her. After getting a call while being on a dig in Barbados, she gets the four words, “Isabel keep her safe!” She wonders if it’s her missing friend and wonders what was it about and on top of that finds a necklace that her and her father had given to her mother many years before just as she disappeared. Plus, she has to go through her daughter’s uncanny gift which lets her see people show up in her dreams and hear thoughts before spoken. Will she be able to get through her obsessions before they take over or will she move on from thinking about Max and her mother?

Thoughts: This book was a really entertaining read! I started it on Thursday and felt like I couldn’t stop reading because of it how it switched from present to past. We see Isabel get that mysterious call and how she reacted at first which was of course shock which I would go through if the same thing happened to me. Then we see Max in where he is at the moment since something had whisked him away to the past into Barbados. I felt like I was reading The Jekyll Revelation over again since that switched between present and past but that used a journal while here it was one person in the present another in the past looking for a missing loved one, well more like someone who wanted to know about her family due to adoption, which was Isabel’s mom. I find it interesting how the mystery took shape in what really could transport someone and that was an area of land that can allow someone to talk to their dead loved ones or be transported there. I can see where the link would come in this book since we see Isabel in present day Barbados digging things up and finding a clue and then we see what happens later in how that clue got there in Barbados of the past.

I also find it interesting that what made people communicate from past and present was through dreams and that was with Finn. I thought she only had the thought reading powers but no the dream thing made it more interesting because when you think about it, dreams do form from thoughts either good or bad during the day or from the past. This made the story intriguing because I’m wondering if Max had the powers to see someone from the past since he did see Isabel’s mom the day he vanished and it got passed onto Finn and that helped with the link between them. I would say give it a read if you’re into things like this since this not only had historical fiction at its finest but gave it a supernatural twist!

There is one thing I wanted to ask and that is why give Isabel another love interest? Yeah it’s a way of moving on but me kind of feel like he didn’t belong here if she wanted Max back until he did come back. I wished she did end up with Max because they have gone through so much together and yes it was awkward since he vanished for eight years but they could repair it. I did like the ending between Max and Finn since they did have father and daughter time out on Barbados which made the book more touching in the end.

Rating: 4 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! Even though this book was something I couldn’t put down whenever I got into Kindle but to me Ryan was out of left field despite him being the Max replacement. I did like the mystery and supernatural feel about this book since it did go from present to past to get an idea of what had happened to Max and how he could save Julia and get into trouble within the Slave Rebellion back in the 1800s while they were at it. I wished Finn’s powers were explained more and see if they were from Max but that could have messed with the magical aspect. Still it was a good read.

That is it for this book! I will have a link to it so you guys could check it out for yourselves! Next post will be my May and June Favorites! So stay tuned! And don’t forget to forget to follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for all of our updates! Stay beautiful!

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