Beauty: Project Pan Update 2018 Number 2!

Hello all my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe, I am back with a Project Pan Update! I decided to do this since I have added a few things and hitting dents on others and of course took out some things.

Project Pan 2018 Update 2

So, I haven’t been doing much progress since I have been using some of my other items in my collection and got a few new ones along the way but can say this…

Making Dents in Wet N Wild Stuff: Since I mentioned I’m trying to use up more of my older pallets from Wet N Wild the good news is that I’ve been making some dents in some of my items. I have made dents in my Shimmer the Night Away from the Where’s the Party collection which was a holiday collection from either 2011 or 2012 and I remembered I had a hard time finding this all over. None of the Walgreens…wait it was 2012 because I remembered the Be Jeweled collection never made it to Orlando stores and had to go on EBay along with this pallet. I hated at the time when they never brought Limited Edition to all the stores even in Orlando, you have to live in certain parts of the United States since I remembered Eleventh Gorgeous was able to get the Be Jeweled collection in their area while here they released other stuff not those including Where’s the Party collection. I was pissed but now they bring Limited Edition stuff to stores here which is great. Anyways, I made a good dent in the navy shade in this pallet and did use the I’m His Breezy Five Pan last week to match my blue shirt during the NFB Convention and that had some considerable dents I’ve made over time despite how pigmented it was and wasn’t since these five pans were kind of disastrous since I did toss out Floral Values since that had no pigment at all. This is why you should test to see if the pigmentation is amazing before releasing but I think Wet N Wild has been doing that since their new formulated shadows have been great even with the newer ones in the Flights of Fancy Collection have been great. Let’s see, I also used Blue Had Me at Hello which I am making a dent in the lid shade on the second side of that one so yeah making some progress there!

ELF Disney Villains: I have made a few dents in these three but not as much. I did hit slight pan in the maleficent one on the bottom row, making huge dents on the top row of Evil Queen while Cruella, which the first one I was got, not so much! I guess I loved Maleficent and Evil Queen’s eye shadows more than Cruella but I know I will get into Cruella at some point.

One Night in Morocco: I have made considerable dents on the bottom row of this shadow pallet. I will eventually finish this pallet in the near future.

What I’ve taken Out: I took out the Avon trio I had in this because I have a green skirt I can wear this trio with and it’s very matte.

What I’ve added:

Now I added a few things and they are…

Any Eye Shadows or Lip Glosses from Ipsy and Boxy Charm: I am going to announce here that I have re-subscribed to Ipsy because I am admitting it that I missed it way too much and after the whole Yes Oh Yas Box thing and seeing that Ipsy has sent me another invite email I decided to go back. I’m excited to get my August bag since that was the month I officially started with the bags and the bags are multi-purpose use which makes it even better. So, I decided with any old shadow samples I’ve gotten from them or Boxy Charm’s little points shop I will be using those up. I feel like they’ve been shut up for so long in a past bag that they need to be used up. Plus Vivi did give me two lip glosses she had gotten since she doesn’t like lip gloss so I took those and I only have two so those will be easy to finish up. Also, I will be posting my Ipsy unbaggings and thoughts here since this is where I had the most response on those and to tell you the truth guys, I have missed you all liking my posts even those since those posts got me the most traffic here. Be glad they will be back, I may wait until later to get back with Boxy Charm due to budgeting reasons. It will happen.

My Kat Von D Lip Items: Yes, you already know that I am one of the people who will be using up my Kat Von D Lippies and not buying stuff from her anymore due to the news about her Instagram post. Plus, still kind of ticked with how much she has treated Makeup Revolution due to them “copying every inch” of her Shade & Light pallet. Reason why for the quotes, they can’t copy her artwork, read my post about the whole dupes thing. Plus, in all honesty looking back on it her stuff is so drying for the lips. I remembered wearing Wolf most recently and it is so uncomfortable which means I know it’s there while other liquid lipsticks I have tried they don’t feel like they’re there as in the Soft Matte Lip Creams, Liquid Suedes, Cosmic Metals, even the Metallic Liquid Suedes from NYX, the Cat Suits from Wet N Wild, and even Black Moon Cosmetics don’t feel like they’re there either as in they are so comfy and prefer these over Kat Von D’s since I wore Eternal all last week up to the job fair. Yes, that was even with the lip primer with Wolf. And not only that, a lot of the brands in drugstores even Mac are starting to get the bold colors even Ofra has a black liquid lipstick in their Liquid Lipstick Line called Bronx and those are also comfortable. So, yeah I will be using up Echo, Wolf, and my Ion lipstick up and won’t buy from KVD again. And before anyone says anything, Kat was a great person and she stood up for a lot of things but she has gotten to the point to being way to controversial even with this Instagram post and here is the thing she didn’t look on the net about is that there is a vegan alternative to the flu vaccine and of course there are vegans out there that do get their kids vaccinated and them themselves so we won’t go through the dark days of really harmful diseases and the autism thing was debunked too. I am just saying this before anyone gets on my case since those are my own thoughts on the subject and will be finishing my products from her and I can find cheaper dupes at the drugstore of the bold colors now which is great on most companies parts.

Well, that’s it with that update, I know it was short but I have been using new products and playing around with new looks even have a few new ones in the works that are based on songs and can’t wait to test out. I know the last bit bot a bit deep but had to put my thoughts out there on one subject. So there you go. Just make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique since a lot more is in store for this blog! In case if anyone is wondering since AFO is the first week of August, unfortunately we didn’t get press again. I know it sucks but it’s due to audience participation this time as in not enough subscribers on YouTube even though we still get comments on the Attack on Titan Cast Panel from 2015 to this day! Oh boy, I can imagine when the Apl D Ap interview goes up. Anyways, that is that announcement! So, til next time and stay beautiful!

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