Beauty: Do I Want It? Summer 2018

Hello all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! Today I have a new Anti-Haul Type post!

Do I Want It?

I feel like titling this segment “Do I Want It?” Because I feel like Anti-Haul is too much and everyone already uses “Pass or Buy!” Even “Bye or Buy!” With me, I will do it as “Do I Want It?” Let’s see what items I may want or not.

Urban Decay Born to Run Pallet: First is something from my favorite makeup brand and that is Urban Decay from the Prestige Side of my favorites though. I am a little torn because so far so good that the reviews have been pretty well. This pallet includes twenty-one shades and they have a few promotes from some of the other many shades like Smog which is in the Original Naked pallet and Blaze from Beached and the rest are new shades. This pallet claims to have different shades you can play with like rose golds, purple, forest green, and so much more. I have seen Coffee Break with Dani and Hot Mess Mama MD review this pallet and now I’m pondering if I want it? I know that I’m collecting the naked pallets but this pallet has shades that aren’t in those pallets and you can do so much with these shades even for concerts for the most part! I’m putting this in a maybe status since I am going to be collecting the last two naked pallets I haven’t gotten yet. Let’s see what Christmas brings.

Wet N Wild Zodiac Collection: Lately brands are coming out with many zodiac collections, I mean Bite Beauty is doing a Zodiac lipstick every month and now Wet N Wild is getting in on it and so far I am on the fence because I think the next brand I will be mentioning is going to have one soon too. This collection is based on the elements of Water, Fire, Air, and Earth and has bundles or you can get some of the items separately. As you know I am a Leo and the Fire Bundle is already sold out which makes me sad a bit because knowing me I would get that one but might get some things separately instead since Gondar’s is a Capricorn and he is a water sign. I am not entirely sure as of now since I do love the Limited Edition Sets from Wet N Wild and you can get the items on the website and then get it in Walmart starting August 1st. It doesn’t say anywhere if this is their way of saying this is our fall collection or not but I am looking forward to a fall collection if there is going to be any after how much people loved the Midnight Mermaid stuff last year.

Colour Pop X Kathleen Lights Astrology Collection: Yes, Color Pop is getting in on the Astrology Collection with Kathleen Lights. I do support her work with Color Pop since I have the Dream Street Pallet, Lumier lipstick, Aquarius lip stick and lip gloss and this time it’s all out Astrology for her collection with them. I saw her video last night talking about this and what catches my eye is mostly the shadow pallet because it features a lot of colors based on the zodiac signs and they do go well with each other. I do love the shadow she has chosen for Leo, my sign, because it makes sense with the gold and orange reflects and don’t have a color like that! Plus The Scorpio has me at hello because it is a burgundy purple shade instead of burgundy red. I wished she did go with burgundy red because I do wear the Naked Heat pallet a lot which you have to keep away from my paws before I hit pan. But when she explained why she went with more of a purple, I can deal with that especially with what I can do with that and the brown shades in this pallet and the Capricorn since that is an interesting shade she did with that one. I definitely want this pallet. I might go with one of the Lux lipsticks since I did get two of those before and I am loving them so far since they aren’t as bad as the liquid lipsticks I have tried and they are easier to control, who knows what I want to get from this collection but the eye shadow pallet is what I want!

NYX Cosmetics Midnight Chaos Shadow Pallet: Do I really want this thing!? I am not entirely sure because I kind of feel like Hot Topic has beaten NYX to the punch with having the edgy shadows such as the Midnight Unicorn, Unicorn Blood, and the Galaxy pallets which I do have. Even though they keep on saying that they are duo-chromatic but it doesn’t have me at hello really unless I see this thing in person probably in the NYX Store where I can swatch and play around a little and have the girl or guy working describe it to me. Plus, it’s $21 for ten shadows when I remembered when NYX’s pallets were really affordable especially with my Dream Catchers that I still have and still made. I am mostly waiting for the Machinist Collection that Beauty News talked about since it’s supposed to be a steam punk themed collection and you know me I love my steam punk stuff and want to see that collection now over this thing, I’m sorry NYX! Again Hot Topic has beaten you.

Colour Pop All Star Prep & Set Duo: Hmmm, this one…I am not entirely sure if I want both. I think I might do the setting spray in this duo since I use the moisturizing face primers due to my face being so dry but I think the setting spray has me more interested since I do use the Wet N Wild Matte Spray. So pass on the primer and maybe on the spray since they sell them separately!

I think that’s good for this set of products since I feel like there have been so many new things coming out and so little time due to how fast 2018 has gone by. Before I know it Holiday Matsuri will be here! So yes, I do have some ideas if I want any of these things since I am on the fence about the new Urban Decay and the new Wet N Wild Zodiac Collection. Who knows what August will bring or even September, let’s see what happens! So make sure to follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for all of the latest updates! Until next time!

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