Favorites: July & August 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! Welcome back for another post on here and this time it’s my favorites for July and August! Damn, this year is going by fast and I can’t believe Halloween is right around the corner.

Also, if this is in a weird format, I am testing a different word processor known as Jarte since I am going to be teaching tech why not test it out? Anyway’s, let’s get move on!

July and Augusts Favorites 2018:

Favorite Moments from NFB Convention:

Favorite Moment: Interviewing Apl DeAp from the Black Eyed Peas! First I’m starting with the NFB National Convention! I know it’s different from my attending anime conventions in Orlando and as a blind person I do self advocate by attending the anime conventions since I do enjoy it despite having a blind condition. Even the Chapter President at the NFB for Orlando did ask me how am I able to watch anime and my answer is always watching the English version because it is true. I have to rely on the dubbed version even though I can use Seeing A. I. to watch the subtitled version. I want to test it at some point and will get back to you about it but in the meantime I do like to support the actors I’ve interviewed. Speaking of interviews, Gondras and I did get to interview Apl DeAp from the Black Eyed Peas who was performing at the National Convention this year. This was a great opportunity since we do have music lovers reading this blog and from different genres and when I heard that Apl did have an eye condition it was a great opportunity to learn more about it. So, I did put in the request and was fit into the interview line up since two podcasts were also interviewing him. It was great to learn more about him and what he does, if you haven’t seen our interview, you can find the post talking about it here or you can go straight to our YouTube! Also, we are now following the Black Eyed Peas, Furgy, and Apl on Twitter to keep up with them and you should as well.

Favorite Purchase: My Braille Watch! Like most conventions I attend there are vendors at these things and oh man it was huge at the National Convention because you have companies showing their new tech like Google and Microsoft, even new app’s like N Reach which I’m affiliated with, but also products to help with independence and well I did get and that’s my Braille watch. I used to have talking watches and they died over time, even my last one where the talking part just died on me for good. I went a few years without one and when I got my First Time Scholarship I bought a new watch for myself and went with a Braille one because being at loud events like a concert or even in a mall it’s hard to hear the talking parts of the watch while a Braille watch you feel the face and the hands. I have to get used to the hand points though. If you grow your nails like I do, get a men’s watch because it’s easier when reading them.

Favorite Speech: A Kid Who Had Blind Parents! I am not a parent myself but an interesting fact is that the NFB help blind parents and parents of blind children with services and even trying to keep them safe because there are times where blind parents are seen as irresponsible when it comes to them. They do get trained in how to raise them and even the National and State Conventions do have workshops in helping parents who are sighted and blind to raise kids. When this speaker talked about her parents it was an eye opening experience besides the President of course because it shows that parents can get over their struggles in raising a child, even the part how she did the swap of family experiences where someone from a different home gets to live in the home for a week somewhere else and get to see the person’s family and how they lived, the person who lived with her was surprised that she didn’t know her parents were blind and had a great time with them. If you want to be a parent and you’re blind or end up with a kid going blind then the NFB will help you guys out with that.

Ipsy Round Up: Now it’s onto the Ipsy review where I talk about my products and how they went!

July: July is my return to the Ipsy service and it feels good to be back after two years of not having one. Trust me it was sad for me to see many people having videos on it. I was even in tears sometimes. Now that I have it back, I was glad to get it back because I love makeup and I don’t hurt anyone if I love it so much. Let’s see what I enjoyed!

BKR Water Balm: I finished this sample last night and it’s the Water Balm from BKR. I loved the scent of this which is very clean and you hardly smell the rose scent. I had a bit of a dry patch on my lips from scrubbing my lips and it did help with that. Will I buy it though? Even though it costs up in the $20 range I might get it since it is a very nice lip balm for what it is. I can see why they are pretty good as a brand but I do still have my LipSmackers and might purchase this in the future.
Smash box Always On Liquid Lipstick: I was glad to finally try this product since Ipsy was really the place where I got into Smash box. I do like how smooth this liquid lipstick goes on and it is not as drying as most formulas. I do like how wide this wand is and it did go on smoothly on top of my water balm and my lip primer. I may have to purchase this shade or another shade since this definitely got a thumbs up from me!
Sugar Cosmetics Heavy Duty Eye Kohl in Purple Rain: This eyeliner is super creamy! I do love my eyeliner pencils and the funny thing was that when I first subscribed to Ipsy and got my first bag I did get a black one from Lord & Berry and that one lasted me FOREVER and now that I have a full size pencil and it’s a purple one I was glad since I was looking for a new purple eyeliner. This goes on so smooth that there is no tugging like it claims on the product profile. I think this is a popular product since it sold out on Sugar Cosmetics’ USA web site and hoping they restock since I would like to see about the green one since that was another color you could get. I hope to get more products by these guys because they seem really good and this pencil shows it!
Ittse Shadow Single in Switching to Flats: This shadow did go on my eyes very well even though it’s hard to swatch. There are times when that happens with shadows where you get one that doesn’t want to swatch on you and when it swatches better on your eyes. I do like how this is a pan for your Z Pallet or any other company that does magnetic pallets and it’s pretty good for the amount you get. It’s also not expensive either for the shadows for it being an indie brand. They are $7 each for a pan which is not bad at all. I may have to look around because I do have empty slots open for shadow pans.
IB Beauty Eye Shadow Flat Brush: The last item is a brush and I loved this brush! This did apply my shadows very well and I can see why this is a good brand since other people have gotten their products in the past. I hope to get more shadow brushes or other brushes by them since they are very fluffy and soft. I may buy from the brand or if Ipsy has a brush offer for a set. That is why Ipsy has awesome brush offers!

August 2018: My bag this time for August was really great because having such a huge jump from 2015 to 2018 since I never had a bag in 2016 and 2017 due to unsubscribing in 2016 which upsetted me a lot and now I’m back, they did do something different from just back to school related themes like I remembered.
Pixie by Petra Blush Duo in Beach Honey: I used this more as shimmery blush than a highlight and blush. I remembered getting the Rose Gold one a while back and glad to get another one this one but in a peachy tone and it was really great and not only that the same formulation like I remembered. I basically swirl my brush around to give it a good coat and apply it to my cheek bone areas to give it a nice blush.
Riveta by Star Lux Ink Pen and Star: I have used this twice and I am not sure if the star end is working at all when using it. I know the pen tip is working because it does flow very well from it. I am not sure about buying this since the star is not working or it is. Sorry Star Lux!
Bang Beauty Eye Quad in Smoky: This one is a great one! It’s pretty pigmented for me when someone said it wasn’t. I did say with the Ittse single that sometimes shadows don’t swatch on the hand as well as on the eyes. I did like how pigmented it is but the packaging is so small! At least the pans were big enough for a brush. I will be using this when I start working since this is a work appropriate makeup for it being so matte.
Formula 1006 Three Tines the Sublime: Oh man this product is amazing! It helped reduce marks I had from my last time of the month and it does tingle but in a good kind of way. I need to try more expoliants since my skin can be clogged from using makeup and mowing my skin will go through that when I start working. Will I get this one though? Not sure as of yet since a lot of skin care can be pricey and I know I have to work with a budget.
Huda Liquid Matte in Bombshell: ::sigh:: I love this! I love this! I know about how controversial this brand was due to copying Beauty Bakerie with the setting powder which is not okay. I am not sure if I can find a dupe but this was a really good formula and not only that it is very light and comfortable. Why Huda? Why do you have to make a great product?

So far my return to Ipsy has been great! I enjoyed both bags but the least favorite item is the Star Lux liner, the pen part is amazing while the stamp is not working out for me. I can’t wait to see what September brings!

Beauty Favorites:

Fave Bronzer: L’Oreal True Match Lumi Bronze It in Light! I was happy to try out a new bronzer from L’Oreal and it’s their True Match Lumi Bronze It in Light. This bronzer is very pigmented and was glad to try it out. I can’t seem to not use it since it’s not so overbearing and you just need a light hand. According to Gondras, he noticed I went a little heavy when I wore my “Burn In” look during Traverser’s concert and need to go in lightly. It does cost around $12 but it is L’Oreal after all.

New Highlight: Fire Highlight Bar from Wet N Wild! Wet N Wild released their Zodiac collection this month and I only got the Fire Highlight since I was only interested in the highlighting bars after enjoying the one that came with the Midnight Mermaid Collection last year. This one is a bronzy shift highlight and oh man it brings an amazing glow to any warm toned looks! I have used it in my “Burn In” look and my Naked Heat Look and I think I tried it out with something but couldn’t put my finger on it but still this is a great highlight to any collection! Wet N Wild, release more highlighting bars because they are amazing!

Fave Eye Shadow: Fireball from NYX Prismatic Collection! I’ve missed using the NYX Prismatic shadows and when I was doing my “Ignite” look I was looking for an eye shadow to give off the firey red look and found this one while browsing the NYX web site when they had a site wide sale during Fourth of July. This is a beautiful orange shade with a red glitter shift and it does look like a fireball on your eyes. I did use this with my “Burn In” look for the defining shade to give it a burn look. I wish they didn’t break so easily though.

Fave Pallet: Naked 2 and 3 from Urban Decay! I have to give it to those two shadow pallets because I finally got my paws on them! I got them for my birthday this year and glad to complete the collection finally. I wasn’t big into collecting them at first but decided to do it since I did like the shadow pallets from Urban Decay and they are a big staple for a lot of people and I can see why. I also can see why they are important for a lot of us makeup lovers. Not everyone likes these pallets but they have been a big part of so many beginners and lovers for so long. Now they’re discontinuing the Original and someone theorized it might be due to packaging purposes since it is in a velvet package when the others were so sleek and artistic while the Original was bland. hoping that is true because it is the original. I didn’t buy another due to not making dents in mine so I don’t have to really worry. But back to these, these two have colors I normally do wear and I wish there was a Basics pallet for Naked 3 since you can do so much with purple and berry tones in the matte department. Plus, you can make so many looks with these two and even mix them with the other pallets. I also love their pallet casing since they did step up in the packaging.

Project Pan Update: I have finished some stuff and added some things! First with what I finished! I have finished two of my Ipsy products and I stink it was a shadow pigment and the other was the Pearl Fizz eye shadow from Tini Beauty. I got this as a way of promoting the Tini Beauty pallet from a makeup artist which I forgot his name but I do have the pallet in my collection but it was amazing for what it was. I used the Pearl Fizz shadow as a setting shadow for my eye primer to finish it off. Another product I did finish were my two only liquid lipsticks from Kat Von D. These felt like they didn’t have much product left as I wore them and they used to be comfortable but not anymore. This is why I prefer Ofra, NYX, Wet N Wild, Black Moon, and now Huda Beauty’s liquid lipsticks because they’re so comfortable to wear even after they dry down. I heard Jeffree Star’s formula is also comfortable which…I will announce now…I am going to take a try! I know I hear cheering because I gave Jeffree another chance due to how he has changed over time. Anyway’s, sorry Kat but your liquid lipsticks need to be comfortable and they aren’t. I did test them with the BKR Water Balm and that didn’t help either! And I did say I will not be buying anymore KVD stuff due to what’s going on with her. Now onto adding items! I am adding my Vivid Baked Bronzer in Ready To Go from Makeup Revolution because the packaging broke, as in the top fell off. I don’t know how it happened but it did and I tried having my dad remove the pan but it was breaking the product so best to pan it which will take forever but I am patient.

Top Fave Songs: Now it’s time for my top favorite songs of July and August in no particular order!

1. “God Is a Woman” by Ariana Grande: First is Ariana Grande with her song “God is a Woman!” This song surprised me because it was something new when it came to Ariana. The first time I heard it was James Charles singing it and he didn’t sound that bad that most people were saying and then when I heard it always got stuck in my head! Which is now!
2. “Distortion” by BabyMetal: A new song from BabyMetal and man it knows how to be metal! At first I thought it was a Sevendust song since the first riffs remind me of one but when I checked my phone it was BabyMetal! Apparently they released new music and this was from three months ago! Way to go girls!
3. “Hate” by. High & Mighty Color: Now I got the name! The song I have been trying to get on here is “Hate” by High & Mighty Color! We know this band all thanks to one of their songs used for the anime BLEACH and some of their other songs are really good. I’m glad that I Heart Radio plays Japanese artists in their World music genre!
4. “Starfaux Eight Arms” by. Traverser: I have to give it to my boys on this list because they have released a new and awesome song from their new album, Jupiter Doesn’t Care About You. This song shows their Red Shift sound since it has that science fiction theme to it. It even sounds amazing live! Oh yeah, they performed it live this last show! If this was put into an AMV, I thought about the game War Frame because it kind of makes me think about that game especially with the “I am the only one” lyrics. If you haven’t played that game, I highly recommend! Also, check out our interview with Traverser on our YouTube and here!
5. “Hurts Like Hell” by Mr. Bella: My last song for this list is by another Florida band and that is Mr. Bella. I Heart Radio always plays their song, “Herts Like Hell” everytime I play my Favorites Station. Can’t wait when they bring new music, well more new music since they did perform a new one at the last show I went to!

Favorite TV Season: Voltron Legendary Defender Season 7! I have to give it to the creators of Voltron Legendary Defender because with every season that has been made so far it has been very awesome! This season brought on things that you weren’t expecting even a cliff hanger at the end. I am hoping there is a Season 8 because of what had happened at the end of this season and I love this series a lot even slightly more than the original. Not only they changed up the story to make it more of a space opera which makes sense for something like this but it did give the characters more personality and made them more useful. Plus we get to see Alura being more stronger in this one and they did change her character. Maybe I should do a post of Old Vs. New between this and the original because I feel like it needs one since I have known the original series and I should see this one from the very beginning and take some notes since I know it will be one huge post! What do you think? Still, hoping for another season!

Well guys, that’s it for this post! I know it was a long one but hey I had a lot of favorites to talk about! Now I will be adding my Ipsy Round Up and how well the products worked for me or not worked out. Let’s see what holds for me in September and October since I may be moving so I will keep you guys updated on Twitter! Until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the vast universe!

Blindness: When Sight Loss Is A Tragedy But Blindness Isn’t!

Hello to all my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe I am back with another past and it’s a bit of a response post!

Your Life Is Not Over When You Lose Your Sight!

I was inspired by Derek Daniel from Life after Sight Loss which is an awesome podcast by a blind person who lives life after sight loss and gives tips how to get through it and one of his videos was about life not being over after sight loss and wanted to do my own response about it.

I felt like responding to this now because I was in a Facebook Live Chat earlier and I felt like I needed to get some of the negative aspects off because as a person who has lost her sight at 23 I had so many life changes during that time and yes I was one of those who thought my life was going to end because I’m blind, even when I tried finding a job at 28 after graduating from college that I couldn’t find anything but knowing about this podcast did make me think more in a positive light and feel like doing my response now.

Actually, the video I’m referring to is that Sight Loss is a Tragedy but Being Blind Isn’t and I agree with the title since he does give good points.

Why is losing sight a tragedy but not blindness? Derek said that going blind is a tragic event while being blind is just the journey because yes we can lose our sight in many ways whether it being all of a sudden, having Glaucoma, having my eye condition, or even losing your sight due to an accident it can happen in different ways. While blindness, it is just the journey you have to take in order to live your life the way you want it to be. Yes it can be hard, trust me I went through that while losing my sight and going through college but I was able to learn different techniques of doing things like sewing, writing, and using different technology such as my IPhone and now going to work teaching Assistive Technology is something that came from my decision of switching my job goal gears years ago. While with the tragic experience of losing sight loss is depending on how the event affects the person since it is surrounded by sight loss. It depends how someone feels when they lose it and it can take a jolt, as in, “Holy moly, what just happened!?” And then things start to take shape.

What I noticed in the Facebook chat we were talking about how different people who may be performers or even YouTubers that are going through their own visual impairments have to go through a lot like trying to live life daily and how not getting enough in Super Chat from YouTube is not fair to the person because they’re blind. Yes, blindness can be the factor but to me it’s how you handle it in order to get around it. One good example if you saw my interview with Apl DeAp at the NFB National Convention, one of my questions was asking how is he able to perform on different stages? He did explain that he has to be more careful in what he does onstage performing whether it’s jumping around or doing break dances for example. Heck, I remembered when I entered one of the costume contests at a convention and they helped me with the stage before the event. Still, even if you’re visually impaired as a performer there are other ways of performing onstage and not only that getting your music produced and of course you have crowd source ways of helping you to achieve your music goal, even Traverser did a pre-order thing with their last album to help them fund their finishing project. And what about YouTube? It goes the same way, yes it may be unfair to some that they’re not getting all the money back from their Super Chat, take me for example where the YouTube Channel for this blog got de-monetized due to the new guidelines and yes I was mad but I do have Patreon just in case to help fund stuff even though we haven’t gotten any donations but that’s okay, I still go on with my channel as much as I can by posting when I can. It’s not over and see I don’t include my blindness in this because it sucks to be blind but there are other ways of getting around the issues of not getting the funds from your video or other projects. You just have to problem solve and find different ways and keep going from there.

So in the end to make this post a bit short, going through sight loss is a tragedy because we have the emotions of going through our sight loss depending on the different circumstances but being blind is a way of getting on with life, yes you have to re-learn things such as cooking, cleaning, and even navigating around your local mall but we can’t always make it seem like a negative aspect because we’re blind. We have to not only empower ourselves to get out of bed, go and find a job, or even write a book and then that passes on to empowering others to learn about the disability itself and know how you’re able to advocate yourself in a certain environment. I mean I go to the House of Blues for shows for my friends in Traverser to support their music and show that I can rock out like a sighted person!

Well, that’s it for this post and it was kind of short. I will include the video I was referencing so you can see what I was talking about. I also suggest if you know someone who’s blind or if you’re a sighted supporter, I would suggest the Life after Sight Loss Podcast and YouTube for tips, advice, and any tech tidbits! So, that’s it and stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

Books: Check by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello to all my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe and welcome back to my Word Press! I’ve been working hard on YouTube with the Urban Decay Naked Pallets and now I’m back to my blog space to post a new book review!

Check: Mr. Rook’s Island 3 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions of the writer of this blog! Please don’t think it’s a dream when I saw honest things.

Last time we found Stephanie in a real pickle at the end of Pawn. Now that she got kidnapped by Warner Price, the one who had helped her get onto Mr. Rook’s island to find her sister who was killed while swimming. After finding out the secret behind her sister’s death and what had really happened, Stephanie left the island and find Warner at her home and being used as ransom in order to lure James Rook out in order to give up the island. Meanwhile, Rook faces the sands of time knowing what had happened to Stephanie after denouncing his vows as protector of the Lagoon that kept him and residents alive and young for so long. When Stephanie’s father arrives to get him to go with him to New York, Rook has to risk the island to save his woman by taking back something that he wanted to let go and that is being a prisoner himself to keep the secret alive rather than die due to time itself.

Thoughts: Oh man! Starting this book didn’t waste any time because it went into action once I got into Chapter 1! It did start where it left off perfectly because we saw how Stephanie came home and knew she had to face Warner at some point but it started this book just right. I thought throughout the book while reading it is that will they get out alive, as in Rook and Stephanie as I turned each page. Yes, I was at the edge of my seat with this one and I think even more with Ten Club. Heck, I loved the Indiana Jones reference which does make sense when you’re on an island near the Bermuda Triangle after all best to make that reference. That would’ve been a great story for Indie and the gang, searching for the Fountain of Youth, anyways back to the story. I do like the switch of emotions throughout the book because Stephanie did leave with anger at the end of Pawn towards James due to finding out about her sister from his aunt and that she didn’t want to fall for him again and of course this book did reflect that with her mistrust but she always questioned why can’t she stop thinking about him while being in Warner’s hands. I am thinking it’s because of how dyer the situation was your lover would cross your mind. Heck, I’ve seen it in a lot of mystery novels, adventure novels, and so on when the main character is on that edge of death scenario. By the way Mimi, damn on making Warner a complete and utter criminal! Did you study mafia-type bosses while doing your research, I wanted to kill this guy myself when he was hurting Stephanie. Sheesh!

All-in-all it did complete the series very well because this was an ending you weren’t expecting since it did kind of confuse me because it was starting to focus more on the lagoon itself and I could see why because with the first book, Rook’s Island, let me make it into the Chess Pieces, Rook, we see the start of the mystery and how a group of older women in the VIP club were wearing red butterfly pendants which confused Stephanie and somehow that became symbolic to this trilogy since towards the end of Check we see the butterflies again and I’m figuring that these butterflies are meant for the fantasy or just life regenerating or as a symbol sent by the monks as warning? I would say read the books and you might come to your own conclusion. Pawn, on the other hand, it was the mid-point story where you kind of see Stephanie trying to use Rook more because we did see her having a little romance to try to get to know him more for her sister’s sake but Rook was starting to fall for her hard and it was when we see why he doesn’t want to keep up the monk work so he could be with her so sacrificing the island and his youth along with everyone else for love was the other part of the story. I do like at the little bits at the end of all three books where we meet Wilma, one of the older ladies who was in the VIP Club, was starting to get her own thing and I want to see if that continues because now we see the island is now passed onto Luke, Rook’s nephew and that would be interesting to see the descendants take on the island and how it will be better. Mimi, you can do it! I want to see!

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Star Paw prints! Reason why I’m giving it five points off, I felt a little confused even though I have read the other two books with the whole Stephanie hates Rook but wants to be with him due to be a damsel in distress and then we’re focusing on the island now? I understand it is supposed to overlap with each other being a romantic story on an island and being a mystery at the same time except this one kind of started off weird but got better with each page turn when it came to the end. I don’t want to give too much in case you guys want to read this one and the other two, Mr. Rook’s Island and Pawn so you can get a feel of it unless if I need to read these back to back but I do have a major back log of books on Kindle that I need to get to. Not only that, I wished there was a fourth instead of compiling the ending into one because this one I felt a lot was going on and too much was going so fast when I sometimes I was like, “What just happened!?” I think I felt it too in Pawn too but hey she is the author and I’m just reviewing this. Who knows what will happen next for this series if she does continue with what happened at the very end, I’m hoping so since I did like Luke as a character throughout the three, wishing Stephanie ended up with him instead. That would’ve been more interesting in my opinion. Let’s see with Wilma shall we?

That is it for this book review! I will be leaving links to all three to this trilogy of books for you so you can check it out and come up with your own conclusions about the red butterflies. Are they a warning or are they just part of the lagoon? You decide! What’s next on Nerdy Shique Universe? Definitely my favorites for July and August since things in my life are starting to turn into a new chapter because I got my job offer approved and will be teaching Assistive Tech like I wanted but don’t worry I won’t forget you guys at all because you have supported this blog for the longest time and I appreciate it since we do have Ranger Stop 2018 on the horizon to think about! Until next time my beautiful nerds! Stay beautiful while Mr. RookPawnChecktraveling the vast universe!

Interviews: Traverser

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with an interview for you!


Guess whose back and will be rocking the stage again? Traverser!

They have been working on a new album for the past few years and we got to sit down with them for an interview over Skype on one of their rehearsal nights to discuss the album and the song they have released recently. They will be at the House of Blues doing a Rock Pink Show this Saturday and we will be there to see them and also Mr. Bella since it’s been two years after seeing them at the House of Blues. Do you also want us to interview them? It would be awesome!

What did I ask? Watch the video and I will also be including the audio of their song here so you can take a look. Also make sure you follow them on Facebook, which I will include a link for you guys and by the way, check their YouTube out for their many other songs by clicking on the video or clicking on the link our video!

That’s about it and more stuff to come on Nerdy SHique Universe which I will be doing a Convention Spotlight soon on RangerStop 2018 because we got Press for this year’s convention! Woohoo! So, follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for the latest updates! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!
Traverser’s Facebook Page

Beauty: Ipsy August 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! Welcome back for my second post and guess what I got?

Ipsy August 2018!

My Ipsy bag for this month! I am happy to get another and they’re killing it again because this month is another good one! You also get it in a makeup bag you can use in your purse or as a clutch while out on the town.

The Bag: The bag this month is a bright orange cloth bag with a tassel on the zipper and the zipper is at the top this month rather than the inch from the top like last month’s bag. I think they changed it since when I was with Ipsy they did more Back-To-School themed bags like when I first started getting it the bag was more of a pencil case and then the year after it was like a hound’s tooth bag to go with backpacks when you’re really styling. This time it is more of a summer theme to go with anything even travel. I like it and I do love the zippers at the top more than the one inch from the top.Pixie by Petra Beauty Blush Duo in Peach Honey: First up is a blush duo from Pixie and the interesting part is that I remembered getting this before but in a different color and that is the Blush Duo in Peach Honey. I got the Rose Gold one years ago and remembered I had to get a replacement due to the plastic piece breaking off that is the window part and my replacement ended up breaking in my makeup drawer in the blush part. I’m actually happy to get this again but in a different color and wishing there was a metal separate to show which one is which but I can swirl the highlight and blush together like I did with the Rose Gold one which I still have today.Riberta by Star Lux Ink Star Eyeliner in Black: I can’t spell that word but this is an eyeliner pen from Star Lux. I remembered getting this brand in my bag in the past with an eyeliner pencil which is the glittery ones. I also got a lip gloss that way too. This one This basically has a felt tip on one side and a star stamp on the other and the stamp brings me back to when Crayola and Rose Art both did those stamp markers and I remembered Crayola did two collections while Rose Art had a ton in one box. I remembered getting Crayola’s because they were honestly better with markers and crayons but both equally good in colored pencils. Anyways, the claims behind this liner is that is finely shaped to make your fiercest wings and better flicks while it’s smudge proof to last a long time. I’m going to be seeing Traverser Saturday so this fits with their spacey theme and I should put it to the test for that. I will also put it to the test when I do my look for Instagram. And if you buy one of these, proceeds will go to a Lyme’s Disease Foundation.
Bang Beauty Eye Shadow Quad in Smoky: this item excited me for this month the most and it’s an eye shadow quad from Bang Beauty. I never heard of this brand but it’s good to be subscribed to Ipsy because of new brands you never heard of. This is the size of the quads I tend to get in my Ulta makeup bags but the shadow pans are bigger than those which is awesome! The claims is that this quad is very petite and great for travel, cruelty free, easily to blend and pigmented. Someone in one video said it was not pigmented as in it didn’t show so that’s why I will be trying this out afterwards.
Formula 1006 Three Times the Sublime: Next is a skin care product which I never thought of getting again in Ipsy but hey whatever and that is by Formula 1006 and it’s the Three Times the Sublime. This is a three in one item that acts like a cleanser, an expoliant, and a mask. This helps with keeping moisture in while exfoliating and fights any acne blemishes, scars, and black heads. This would be perfect since I have a bit of a mark on my left cheek so hoping this doesn’t break me out like most items, I will have to try once and see how it goes.
Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Bombshell: Final item is a liquid lipstick by Huda Beauty. I was surprised to get a product by her since I know the scandal behind the Easy Bake Powder campaign. I won’t be buying the items but getting it in Ipsy to try is not bad since I wouldn’t be spending the money on the lipstick in the bag. There were three shades you could get in Trophy Wife, Bombshell, and Flirt and I got Bombshell which is a pinky nude color. This is supposed to be a lightweight formula since Huda herself couldn’t find one that suits her and made this to do so. I don’t like that uncomfortable, heavy feeling of any liquid lipstick especially drying ones since I did finish two which I will mention in my July and August Favorites later this month. I will have to see how this goes and they did give me a pretty color after all.

So, that is it for this bag. I liked the products this month and hoping the Three Times the Sublime doesn’t break me out so will cross my fingers with that. I will be definitely be using my bag this month! Way to go Ipsy! I can’t wait to see what September brings since I did a few things and change a few things on my profile. Let’s see what they have for me next time.


Technology: Introducing N Reach!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Today will be a twofer special of posts! First a new app for you all Visually Impaired Nerds out there!

Introducing N Reach!

No, it’s not spelled wrong, that’s how this app is spelled and it’s kind of clever even with its website. This is a new location app that was introduced at the NFB National Convention this year and I am an affiliate with these guys since I have been using Soundscape and that app not always picks up on locations but this one will. Let’s get into what it’s about!

Behind the App: Created by James Dye and Steven Moldenhauer, this app is created to help people understand the world around them more by being able to have businesses make their signs more accessible by buying beacons to place with their signs that is connected with this app. Once the beacon is set and activated and someone has the app on their phone then they will get a message sent to them telling them about the business and what they offer. Heck, even menus to the place if it’s a restaurant. I have met the creators and James Dye is visually impaired himself and has been a big drive in accessibility and helping businesses to become more accessible while Mr. Moldenhauer is a thought leader and technologist that makes many technology solutions to help businesses spread their messages.

This is a great idea because as a blind person myself it’s sometimes hard to find a specific place and asking people where it is and being directed can be a pain, trust me, try being at one place and having people point and say, “It’s over there.” With an app like this, it can give you the information about the place because of this beacon or beacons since a business can get these through….

Affiliates! As I mentioned above, I am an affiliate with N Reach and in order for businesses to know about this I do get in contact with some and have done it with a few already or show up in person and hand them a card which an affiliate gets given a pack of a hundred of these things. It gives the information to where to go to sign up, what pricing packages are there in case you want just one beacon for one location or more to put on locations across town. It is a service so I will make sure to include the link which is….

For Businesses: For any businesses who may be reading this and want to know more about N Reach and what its message, what price packages are available to you you can go to http://www.nrea.ch for pricing, videos to show what this program is about, even what it can do for someone who is a customer with a visual impairment that comes in regularly to your business either alone or with friends, since I do hang out with my gal pals once a month and if a new place comes up on the N Reach app with the beacon I can open it up and have it read out to me or them for the info. It does help us a lot even if we’re traveling alone. So make sure you check out the link and I will place one of their videos in this post to see what your business can do when it comes to accessibility.

That’s all I have so far. If you have a business and may want your customers, blind or even sighted people can get this app, you can go to http://www.nrea.ch for all of the info about pricing and the packages available. If you guys want me to interview the founders, I will gladly do that since we have recently did another Skype interview with one of our local bands in town. Which reminds me, I need to get in contact with the House of Blues about N Reach!

That is it for this short post on a new app, also if you want to be an affiliate yourself to help your blind community members or your Blindness Organizations, you can also check out that link I have included because we need more businesses to join this network. Stay tuned I have another post for you all today! Follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for all of our updates and will even update with my second post. So stay beautiful while traveling the universe!
Official N Reach Website

Shopping: Having Product Knowledge Is A Helpful Thing!

Hello to my beuaitful nerds traveling the vast universe! I know I was going to do this post on N Reach but I think this should be brought up and that is knowing about your products especially with beauty.

Product Knowledge & Why It’s Important!

Today, I did my second video on the Urban Decay Pallet Series and told a story about a recent experience in WalMart which I will tell here.

As you know everyone has been releasing Zodiac Collections and Wet N Wild has been one of them and they did it more on the lements that go with the twelve signs and I noticed that one of the items in this collection was the highlight bars coming back. In my opinion those should also be permanent. Anyways, I wanted one in my sign’s element, Fire, which I am a Leo. When I heard WalMart was going to sell them in stores rather than Walgreens and decided to see af I can find it in my WalMart store. After gathering my face wash and a few other toiletrie type items, I decided to see about the Zociac Collection. After trying to find it with the regular items, I knew they usually separate it and decided to ask someone and a guy was walking around doing inventory and re-stocking and asked and tried to point me to the Wet N Wild section which I was there to get more of my setting spray and tried explaining that it’s a Limited Edition product and there is a separate section for it. He didn’t know what I was talking about at first and decided to see where it would be and then wra into a woman and asked her and she was confused at first and then looked it up and it gave her, “Limited Stock” and then took me back to their Wet N Wild section and explained the same thing and they said, “It would be here if we had it.” It had me giving up and we circled around after they left and then pointed it out and said, “It’s over here on an end cap!” I thanked them for it which always frustrates me that at other stores know what I’m looking for and point me to it, even ulta employees up front. Heck, still remembering two other instances that I did mention in my video that I was looking for the Garnier Hair Masks and guy didn’t know what a hair mask was and another time a customer had to help me find the CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara.I bet you’re wondering, where am I going with this?

Product Knowledge Is Important!

Having the product knowledge is a helpful tool while working, especially when it comes to retail. I remembered with my own experience applying for a lot of Marketing and Customer Service jobs it does ask you to have product knowledge and even look at the website before you come in since some questions may be related to that. Heck, I was even asked if I knew about AT&T at some interviews when I have them as my phone carrier. One major thing about having product knowledge is that not only it makes you look good to the person who hired you but also to the audience that comes in to look at a product which a person who knows can be trusted in giving them the best info like experiences with the product themselves or even how it would benefit the person like a new phone or even a new concealer. This does build the trust between customer and employee which to tell you the truth I trust the Target employees a lot because they have helped me a lot due to knowing what they have gotten even Limited Edition. One good story as an example is that years ago EOS released a limited edition Alice in Wonderland lip balm trio and I was a fan of the original Disney film and wanted to look for it and found out it’s available at Super Target and went and asked one girl which turned into five girls searching and then a sixth appeared and had it! Which that does take dedication and there are times I’d rather go to Target, which can also bring up my next point.

Hiring More People for a Department That Has Knowledge and Pass It On!

I have noticed where in WalMart, sorry if I’m bullying them, or other stores sometimes, they have one person working with them and knows the item and the person goes, “Oh! I didn’t know that!” For instance, one time I was looking for a keyboard case for my Galaxy Tablet and the guy gave me the, “Sorry, we only carry Apple ones.” Which does help me with that information because it had me searching elsewhere. And another part is that there is only one person there and they don’t always have the info about items. So, to me, hiring extra people who may have more knowledge about things can help I mean I still find it interesting that I know the products a little more than the people due to watching YouTube, don’t worry that’s next, having that extra person that may know the department can help out or even cross training employees can give them more knowledge if they need to go to different departments like in Target they are cross trained between beauty, cleaning supplies, and grocery to name a few. It makes the job a little easier and faster. Even Lowe’s probably does it because they sometimes have to have extra help on hand in different departments even in heavy lifting. Again having that knowledge with that extra person can even teach the other employees what customers might look for and what products are being carried because passing on that information can help other employees that are there without that person who might go off and work in another department that day or left the location for another one can say, “Oh! I know this item! Let’s see if it’s in stock or come with me!” It can help a lot.

Having Your Employees Doing Research on New Product, Especially Limited Edition Items!

Oh boy! After that day, trust me hoping I would go to Walgreens for Limited Edition but this point kind of drives home and that is having your employees both old and new, watch YouTube, look at magazines on break or even subscribe to Allure or beauty and fashion blogs, can give information about the different inventory coming in even Limited Edition products. When I asked that woman that day, even though I can’t see facial expressions, I knew she had an empty expression and she was quiet for a bit. A sign of not having a clue. Watching the videos about new beauty products, hair items, even vitamins can help knowing what is coming out and what a customer may need or if it’s a Holiday Item then brushing up on your homework on what that item is can give you a big leverage in working on full time if you’re seasonal.

Learn From the Customers! Learning from your customers can also be a good thing whether it’s physical or by looking at feedback on the website. I should’ve said something on WalMart’s page but if you’re reading this you would know my story. I remembered how some of the employees not just at WalMart but also Ulta, Sephora, Walgreens, and other places are surprised when I ask about a new product and they ask me, “How do you know?” Well, this was around 2009 through 2012 when YouTube was not as big but nowadays it is because everyone would be asking for what they see on YouTube and for any new employees they would learn about the product. Remember Mr. Hair Mask? I told him the basics of a hair mask and what they do to the hair and how conditioning it is, etc. because I had experiences with them and that caused him to go, “I should look into this.” Plus, it does give them the idea that the product exists and where it is it can easily guide not onlyt he costumer but also the employee to it.

Well, that’s it for my post about Product Knowledge. I know it’s long but it would have helped that day. Now, best to put it in practice because without practice it won’t be as perfect since a lot of customers do come through any store’s doors everyday even from different parts of the globe and having that knowledge does help gain trust in the customer able to learn from each other such as what is the best shampoo for oily hair. After realizing it, your customers are pretty much your teaching tool and able to learn from them or just learning about the trends on your own can help even for a holiday shopping season since that’s going to start in…three months! Better get working!

So, next post will be on N Reach and in order to see when that’s up, follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique!