Beauty: Ipsy August 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! Welcome back for my second post and guess what I got?

Ipsy August 2018!

My Ipsy bag for this month! I am happy to get another and they’re killing it again because this month is another good one! You also get it in a makeup bag you can use in your purse or as a clutch while out on the town.

The Bag: The bag this month is a bright orange cloth bag with a tassel on the zipper and the zipper is at the top this month rather than the inch from the top like last month’s bag. I think they changed it since when I was with Ipsy they did more Back-To-School themed bags like when I first started getting it the bag was more of a pencil case and then the year after it was like a hound’s tooth bag to go with backpacks when you’re really styling. This time it is more of a summer theme to go with anything even travel. I like it and I do love the zippers at the top more than the one inch from the top.Pixie by Petra Beauty Blush Duo in Peach Honey: First up is a blush duo from Pixie and the interesting part is that I remembered getting this before but in a different color and that is the Blush Duo in Peach Honey. I got the Rose Gold one years ago and remembered I had to get a replacement due to the plastic piece breaking off that is the window part and my replacement ended up breaking in my makeup drawer in the blush part. I’m actually happy to get this again but in a different color and wishing there was a metal separate to show which one is which but I can swirl the highlight and blush together like I did with the Rose Gold one which I still have today.Riberta by Star Lux Ink Star Eyeliner in Black: I can’t spell that word but this is an eyeliner pen from Star Lux. I remembered getting this brand in my bag in the past with an eyeliner pencil which is the glittery ones. I also got a lip gloss that way too. This one This basically has a felt tip on one side and a star stamp on the other and the stamp brings me back to when Crayola and Rose Art both did those stamp markers and I remembered Crayola did two collections while Rose Art had a ton in one box. I remembered getting Crayola’s because they were honestly better with markers and crayons but both equally good in colored pencils. Anyways, the claims behind this liner is that is finely shaped to make your fiercest wings and better flicks while it’s smudge proof to last a long time. I’m going to be seeing Traverser Saturday so this fits with their spacey theme and I should put it to the test for that. I will also put it to the test when I do my look for Instagram. And if you buy one of these, proceeds will go to a Lyme’s Disease Foundation.
Bang Beauty Eye Shadow Quad in Smoky: this item excited me for this month the most and it’s an eye shadow quad from Bang Beauty. I never heard of this brand but it’s good to be subscribed to Ipsy because of new brands you never heard of. This is the size of the quads I tend to get in my Ulta makeup bags but the shadow pans are bigger than those which is awesome! The claims is that this quad is very petite and great for travel, cruelty free, easily to blend and pigmented. Someone in one video said it was not pigmented as in it didn’t show so that’s why I will be trying this out afterwards.
Formula 1006 Three Times the Sublime: Next is a skin care product which I never thought of getting again in Ipsy but hey whatever and that is by Formula 1006 and it’s the Three Times the Sublime. This is a three in one item that acts like a cleanser, an expoliant, and a mask. This helps with keeping moisture in while exfoliating and fights any acne blemishes, scars, and black heads. This would be perfect since I have a bit of a mark on my left cheek so hoping this doesn’t break me out like most items, I will have to try once and see how it goes.
Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Bombshell: Final item is a liquid lipstick by Huda Beauty. I was surprised to get a product by her since I know the scandal behind the Easy Bake Powder campaign. I won’t be buying the items but getting it in Ipsy to try is not bad since I wouldn’t be spending the money on the lipstick in the bag. There were three shades you could get in Trophy Wife, Bombshell, and Flirt and I got Bombshell which is a pinky nude color. This is supposed to be a lightweight formula since Huda herself couldn’t find one that suits her and made this to do so. I don’t like that uncomfortable, heavy feeling of any liquid lipstick especially drying ones since I did finish two which I will mention in my July and August Favorites later this month. I will have to see how this goes and they did give me a pretty color after all.

So, that is it for this bag. I liked the products this month and hoping the Three Times the Sublime doesn’t break me out so will cross my fingers with that. I will be definitely be using my bag this month! Way to go Ipsy! I can’t wait to see what September brings since I did a few things and change a few things on my profile. Let’s see what they have for me next time.


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