Books: Check by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello to all my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe and welcome back to my Word Press! I’ve been working hard on YouTube with the Urban Decay Naked Pallets and now I’m back to my blog space to post a new book review!

Check: Mr. Rook’s Island 3 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions of the writer of this blog! Please don’t think it’s a dream when I saw honest things.

Last time we found Stephanie in a real pickle at the end of Pawn. Now that she got kidnapped by Warner Price, the one who had helped her get onto Mr. Rook’s island to find her sister who was killed while swimming. After finding out the secret behind her sister’s death and what had really happened, Stephanie left the island and find Warner at her home and being used as ransom in order to lure James Rook out in order to give up the island. Meanwhile, Rook faces the sands of time knowing what had happened to Stephanie after denouncing his vows as protector of the Lagoon that kept him and residents alive and young for so long. When Stephanie’s father arrives to get him to go with him to New York, Rook has to risk the island to save his woman by taking back something that he wanted to let go and that is being a prisoner himself to keep the secret alive rather than die due to time itself.

Thoughts: Oh man! Starting this book didn’t waste any time because it went into action once I got into Chapter 1! It did start where it left off perfectly because we saw how Stephanie came home and knew she had to face Warner at some point but it started this book just right. I thought throughout the book while reading it is that will they get out alive, as in Rook and Stephanie as I turned each page. Yes, I was at the edge of my seat with this one and I think even more with Ten Club. Heck, I loved the Indiana Jones reference which does make sense when you’re on an island near the Bermuda Triangle after all best to make that reference. That would’ve been a great story for Indie and the gang, searching for the Fountain of Youth, anyways back to the story. I do like the switch of emotions throughout the book because Stephanie did leave with anger at the end of Pawn towards James due to finding out about her sister from his aunt and that she didn’t want to fall for him again and of course this book did reflect that with her mistrust but she always questioned why can’t she stop thinking about him while being in Warner’s hands. I am thinking it’s because of how dyer the situation was your lover would cross your mind. Heck, I’ve seen it in a lot of mystery novels, adventure novels, and so on when the main character is on that edge of death scenario. By the way Mimi, damn on making Warner a complete and utter criminal! Did you study mafia-type bosses while doing your research, I wanted to kill this guy myself when he was hurting Stephanie. Sheesh!

All-in-all it did complete the series very well because this was an ending you weren’t expecting since it did kind of confuse me because it was starting to focus more on the lagoon itself and I could see why because with the first book, Rook’s Island, let me make it into the Chess Pieces, Rook, we see the start of the mystery and how a group of older women in the VIP club were wearing red butterfly pendants which confused Stephanie and somehow that became symbolic to this trilogy since towards the end of Check we see the butterflies again and I’m figuring that these butterflies are meant for the fantasy or just life regenerating or as a symbol sent by the monks as warning? I would say read the books and you might come to your own conclusion. Pawn, on the other hand, it was the mid-point story where you kind of see Stephanie trying to use Rook more because we did see her having a little romance to try to get to know him more for her sister’s sake but Rook was starting to fall for her hard and it was when we see why he doesn’t want to keep up the monk work so he could be with her so sacrificing the island and his youth along with everyone else for love was the other part of the story. I do like at the little bits at the end of all three books where we meet Wilma, one of the older ladies who was in the VIP Club, was starting to get her own thing and I want to see if that continues because now we see the island is now passed onto Luke, Rook’s nephew and that would be interesting to see the descendants take on the island and how it will be better. Mimi, you can do it! I want to see!

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Star Paw prints! Reason why I’m giving it five points off, I felt a little confused even though I have read the other two books with the whole Stephanie hates Rook but wants to be with him due to be a damsel in distress and then we’re focusing on the island now? I understand it is supposed to overlap with each other being a romantic story on an island and being a mystery at the same time except this one kind of started off weird but got better with each page turn when it came to the end. I don’t want to give too much in case you guys want to read this one and the other two, Mr. Rook’s Island and Pawn so you can get a feel of it unless if I need to read these back to back but I do have a major back log of books on Kindle that I need to get to. Not only that, I wished there was a fourth instead of compiling the ending into one because this one I felt a lot was going on and too much was going so fast when I sometimes I was like, “What just happened!?” I think I felt it too in Pawn too but hey she is the author and I’m just reviewing this. Who knows what will happen next for this series if she does continue with what happened at the very end, I’m hoping so since I did like Luke as a character throughout the three, wishing Stephanie ended up with him instead. That would’ve been more interesting in my opinion. Let’s see with Wilma shall we?

That is it for this book review! I will be leaving links to all three to this trilogy of books for you so you can check it out and come up with your own conclusions about the red butterflies. Are they a warning or are they just part of the lagoon? You decide! What’s next on Nerdy Shique Universe? Definitely my favorites for July and August since things in my life are starting to turn into a new chapter because I got my job offer approved and will be teaching Assistive Tech like I wanted but don’t worry I won’t forget you guys at all because you have supported this blog for the longest time and I appreciate it since we do have Ranger Stop 2018 on the horizon to think about! Until next time my beautiful nerds! Stay beautiful while Mr. RookPawnChecktraveling the vast universe!

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