Conventions: Ranger Stop 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back again! This time it’s for a new Convention Spotlight!

Ranger Stop 2018
Location: Orlando, FL
Dates: November 9th through 11th, 2018
Hotel: Holiday Inn Across from Universal

New convention that we got press for and you may have seen our videos from when I attended as a normal person and that is Ranger Stop!

Ranger Stop is our Power Rangers themed convention we have every year in November, it was a toy show until 2013 and became a Power Rangers Convention. I have been a Power Rangers fan since I was seven and remembered when Mighty Morphen first came on after the cartoons ended for the morning and like most kids I thought, “This is so cool!” Heck, I wanted to see the movie back in 1995 but didn’t until it was on video. Of course Gondras and Nerdy Shirts are also fans and since it has been continuing as a series over time, glad that we’re doing press for this year’s event. It has been and will be at the Holiday Inn across Universal Studios, which is a very easy to navigate property even with my cane. Besides it being a nice hotel, this hotel is located in the center of the part of Downtown with a lot of attractions, you can walk across the street to Universal if you want to dine in at City Walk or if you have any passes hang out at Islands of Adventure or Studios itself. You can also enjoy Disney which is fifteen minutes away where you also have dining choices at Disney Springs and Boardwalk. Of course you can enjoy the parks while you’re at it. There is also SeaWorld and many other parts of International Drive for other dining places and fun, heck even see a movie if you’d like. There is Regal in Pointe Orlando and an AMC in Disney Springs, and if I remembered the theater at City Walk is also available. A lot to do in one weekend! Oh right, almost forgot, if you are craving a burger but don’t want to travel too far, the Holiday Inn also has a T. G. I. Friday’s inside!

Guests: Besides the awesome area that Orlando offers, you can also meet the many guests this year at Ranger Stop! Let’s see whose returning and who’s new!

Returning guests include Austin St. John, Katherine Sutherland, Audry Dubois, Steve Cardenas, Karen Ashley, Walter Jones, NakiaVurrise, Christopher Cayman Lee, and so much more!

New people: I haven’t been back to Ranger Stop until now but guessing since that Tracy Lynn Cruz is new to the guest line. Also Celwyn Ward from Turbo and In Space is also making an appearance. One guest that really is making a lot of people excited is a first and that is getting a cast member from the Sentai version which is the Japanese version of Power Rangers. They’re getting Reiko Chiba from ZyuRanger and one of her other castmates, Yuuta Mochizuki from the same series. This is pretty cool to have some Sentai actors to show up for a Power Rangers convention in Orlando.

If you want to check out the full list of guests appearing at this year’s event, you can find it here:

Tickets: Now onto tickets! Usually I do this first but I think this is a good place to place it if reading this has you wanting to go! Prices for tickets are:

Gold VIP for Adults is $300.00 while with kid’s ages 4 to 9 is $$125.00

Then you have three day passes, one with a t-shirt which is $100.00 while without t-shirt is $65.00. There is also a family package for two adults and two children for $130.00.

If you want a one day ticket, Friday is $25.00, Saturday is $30.00, and Sunday is $25.00. For other ticket information such as children prices for each day and dates you can purchase, you can go here:

And this is powered by Event Bright.

So there you go guys! I’m really excited for this year and hoping to get you awesome interviews with some of the guests going to this event. If you haven’t seen our stuff from 2015’s event, you can catch it here in the archives for November 2015 or you can just hop on over to our YouTube Channel where the videos are still there! Also, on Facebook Ranger Stop does have a Facebook Group for you guys to join

In case if you need more information and get to meet other Power Rangers fans from past and present!

Well, that’s it for now! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

Books: Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon by. Kerrelyn Sparks

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back and taking a short break from packing for my move to bring you a book review!

Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon by. Kerrelyn Sparks

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this book since they are based on honesty.

What is it about? In this book from the Novels of the Embraced series, we see Gwennor, an elven girl among the Embraced girls who lived on the Isle of Moon, she is a healer and gets whisked off to a land of dragons where she finds out about a curse that is plaguing the land. When she meets Cyllis Dravenco, a general and a prince, she was told to never trust a dragon until he came into her life but why does it feel so good to be around him then?

Silas felt that he can’t save the royal family he was supposed to protect throughout his life until he meets Gwennor and was revealed to be a healer. He asks her to help him in solving what has been plaguing the land and to see if the curse that is rumored to be true is in fact true. He and Gwennor work together to find the truth behind it and not only that fall for the elven girl which he is always warned to never to trust but ends up finding some truths about her and what she holds.

Thoughts: I thought I didn’t have the third book from this series until I realized I did after linking the last one, So I Married a Sorcerer in my last review. Thank you Amazon for helping me. So, I had to go through my vast shelf of books on Kindle and started reading. I liked this one the best because unlike the other two it did bring the action in right away. As in, dragon comes and steals Queen Luciana’s daughter and whisks her away and Gwennor ends up riding another dragon that came from the same land to save the queen’s daughter and lives there for a bit until they can take her back. While she’s there she finds out the queen in that land was not feeling well and things are coming up like there are hardly children in the country due to the curse, a plague has been causing problems, and people are afraid of dragons all over. I do like Gwennor as a character by the way during this story because she was very inquisitive and she was finding ways of figuring out the mystery behind the sickness, curse, and Silas himself which he kept on dropping hints about dating a dragon. Now I can see where the title came from since it does fit due to the rules he gave her.

What I also liked throughout the book is how we find out that Sorcha is related to Silas and some of the other characters which it looks like book four will be dealing with her since Luciana did see in the telling stones that she may be meeting someone that may be related to Gwennor which will make it interesting. I am hoping to read that one too since I already have read the first three and this series has gotten better all thanks to this book and hoping it continues into the next. I also admit I did download Sparks’ vampire series too since I liked the titles she has made for those books and thank you Good Reads for pointing them out to me. I can’t wait to see how these books are told and not only that what Sparks has for next since this is one fantasy series I definitely recommend. Especially when she weaves in some more modern speech into it and while reading this I kind of felt like I was reading a modern romantic comedy with medieval fantasy elements mixed within. Plus, it did have dragons which made it more interesting because we never thought these dragons could be telepathic and wondering if Sorcha has it too even though it was shown she was a little perplexed while Silas tried it on her. Let’s see what the next one holds!

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I feel this one was the best out of the three so far since knowing there is another soon to come. I felt like the story was better due to how it started off quick with a dragon taking a princess and Gwen is the savior since she did keep an eye on Luciana’s twins for three years from what this book told me. It did give the idea of the girl wondering why is she feeling towards the guy and then the guy wonders if the girl feels the same idea since you do Silas pretty much beating himself up for being a jerk and not only that he does have major pain when Gwennor did say she didn’t want to be with him and that was rule number two, “A dragon feels twice more than anyone!” Which you do see that in the book even towards the end which I don’t want to give too much away. I am hoping they catch the Chameleon soon because I feel like he is trying to do something huge and hoping that gets resolved towards the end, I wonder how the next one will incorporate him. 2019 bring on the next one!

That is about it for this review! Come back later for my Convention Spotlight on Ranger Stop 2018! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!
Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon

Books: So I Married A Sorcerer by. Kerrilyn Sparks

Hello to all my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back and it’s a new book review!

So I Married A Sorcerer: Embraced #2 by. Kerrelyn Sparks

Disclaimer: This book is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog. Whether it’s positive or negative, please respect what she says.

What is it about? Ever since living on the Isle of Moon, Brigetta didn’t know that she had a magical power nor how to use it until she found out who she really was. As the lost princess of the Kingdom of Tourin. Her brother and crowned king, Gunther, requests for her returned for a ransom until a mysterious pirate by the name of Rupert decides to interfere and take her on board his ship until a contest for the princess’ hand to be married is at stake. Will Brigetta get returned for this contest or will Rupert be the one who she falls for?

Thoughts: I had to read the first book, How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days to understand what was going on. Basically it talks about how some children get born once two moons are embraced and when this happens twice a year, once in spring and the other in fall, unless something happens in summer too if the next one reveals it, then anyone gets a special power from these moons. So far we have met Luciana who can see spirits of the dead even her sister since she died from being poisoned on the way to get her and her husband Leo who can use lightning by being struck by it and now we meet Rupert or shall I say Alfrieg who can use wind and Brigetta who can find lost things and see the memories behind those items. I found these books start slightly slow in telling the backgrounds about these characters but it does pick up pretty quickly. Even with the second one the story picks up as Rupert or shall I say Alfrieg shows up to get Brigetta and Sister Falen who is the nun that goes with her that was also from Tourin and the story is entertaining with what they experience. From Falen being afraid that they will be ravaged by the pirates but Stefan, the one who helped Alfrieg since he was little, assured her that they were nice pirates not what they have heard in tales. I do like how the wind power gets used throughout this book more than the lightning power because in the first one Leo had the fear of killing people even Luciana at first. Yes, that can be a little crippling but he has been wearing gloves so you can shake hands with those. While with wind, on the other hand, it’s easy to control unless Alfrieg gets upset but hey it was fun seeing how he used it to sail and with any strong emotions. I think my fave part with it was trying to get the dragons away during the competition that he disguised himself as a competitor which made it more interesting. Bridgitta, on the other hand, she was a little whiny at first but her character does get better as the book goes on since she didn’t know what her power was until she revealed that she can find things and the secrets behind it, I did like how she found who Rupert really was and that led to more about his family and why her family was hated by some of the other kingdoms, mostly her brother was hated due to how much of a jerk he was to them.

I’m hoping if there is a third one that we get to see more about the other kingdoms because two of the other Embraced women that lived on the Isle of Moon had some things revealed in this one but according to Brody, who is this shapeshifter, that Maeve, the younger of them all, is supposed to be next and hoping so unless it’s Sorcha since we got to meet the people she came from. I can’t wait until the elf girl gets her story if this series does continue.

Rating: 4 Star Paw prints out of 5! I’m taking off one point for the start of both books being slightly slow but glad the second book recapped some of the Embraced folklore. The characters in both do appear to have some whiny aspects about them but do improve as the books go on since both Luciana and Brigetta have only been in a convent all their lives like the other girls we got to meet. I’m hoping to see what gets revealed about the head nun that had them travel with them tell them why they had to keep hidden despite that people are opening up since Brigetta and Luciana are starting to see the secret and wondering why. Let’s see what happens next.

Well, that’s my review on this book, well these two books! I did enjoy them and did see the comedies but I did see it more as a fantasy romance with a little magic mixed in. I hope to see more by Kerrilyn Sparks even with this series. Next book will come a bit late since I’m reading Nemecene: Fire & Ice and Alex Verus Book 5 at the moment since other books are still on my Net Galley list. Until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!
So I Married A Sorcerer

Tags: MakeUp Memories

Hello to all my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I’m back here on Word Press this time after working on YouTube which I will be taking a break from beauty videos. I was inspired to do another tag!

Makeup Memories Tag!

Today’s tag is another one from Angelica Nyquist but she was inspired by another YouTuber that said, “Everyone’s tagged!” Why not do it too since I do have some stories which I love to tell!

1. Oldest makeup in your collection: Oh man! I have a ton of items I do have that have been pretty old and most of it is in my Project Pan bag. I have like the old Wet N Wild three and eight pan pallets and my fave one of all of those is still Steel My Thunder which is a silver trio I got a long time ago for adding up for a huge Walgreens coupon and it was hard to get to that limit. I even have the ELF Night shadow book which looks like a hard back book and it has shadows ranging from the pinks to smoky greys and blacks. And of course the Disney Villains pallets from years ago, so yeah I have tons of older releases and I think some of the stuff got discontinued and trying to hit pan on.
2. The first makeup item you ever purchased: The very first makeup item I ever got was Wet N Wild’s lip glosses when they were in more standard lip gloss packaging. When I was twenty-three, I got my first lip gloss since I never wore makeup until that point. I figured it would be a nice start and it was and I always wanted to try anything from Wet N Wild when we still had Kmart in my part of town. Ever since then I always loved to get Wet N Wild and it takes up a good portion of my collection.
3. Favorite makeup era: This is a hard question because I did remember the different makeup looks back in the 1990s and how different it was but if I had to choose it would be around now because it feels like makeup has come a long way with color, formulation, and so on. I remembered how Chloe Morello mentioned before primers they used Milk of Magnesia as their face primer and now we have primers from Wet N Wild to Too Faced and many more.
4. The darkest of your makeup era: I would have to say when I started practicing putting on makeup without a mirror. As you know being visually impaired is a hard thing to get through and not being able to see myself in the mirror to apply something is not an easy feat. I always had so many makeup smudges around my eyes and liner running all over the place because I had to fix it. I remembered how bad my mom put me down for it and that is why I practiced for so many years. I hate how she calls me a vampire still when I go into more creative looks.
5. Best makeup related memory: I would say getting comments from the beauty YouTubers when I comment because I get to talk to them about this stuff and get to tell my experiences. I remembered one really good memory was when I was in one of the’s up in Makeup chats where Jen noticed my comment and she goes, “I hope I got this right!” And got my name right on the first try! I know it sounds silly but when you hear my real name it’s a hard name to pronounce in person and that is why I go by Mari so people can have an easier time but hearing it pronounced correctly by her was a huge accomplishment in my book. I need to go back to the chats some time since Jen’s back. I even love the replies I get from Danielle Schmidt and And That’s Jacob since I sometimes ask him for makeup advice due to how he was a makeup artist himself and I asked about the Mac Paint Pots and got Painterly for my first time and asked what brush he uses and he replied that he uses a dense one which I use brushes with any of my potted eye bases.
6. Worst makeup memory: I have two! I remembered used to wearing liquid liner and one day somehow it ran without me even knowing and I adjusted it too until someone from Paratransit asked if I was being a cat and I asked, “What?” He said my eyeliner was running really badly and that was when I decided I needed to get pencil eyeliners for now on because the brush applicators are messy! I am not kidding, even today I still have issues so that is why I dip in my own eyeliner brush if I have a liquid liner because I find it easier to apply with those than the applicators that come with the liner and it makes it thinner in my opinion. Second bad memory, this was a little after I joined the What’s Up In Makeup Group and this got Vivi to join after talking about it with her and Stellar nan. So, if anyone remembered the Urban Decay Smoked Pallet and how it was discontinued in 2014. I bought this as my second Urban Decay product and was happy to find out it was on sale and one day I decided to pull it out and do a look with it. I thought I didn’t do too bad of a job and took a pic for the group and some people apparently put “Ha-ha” as a reaction since people pointed out how funny I looked and someone bashed my picture and said, “It sucked! Why aren’t you guys helping her in this group?” I was torn! I even made a big comment saying, “Hey! I am doing my best despite not being able to see a mirror. That pallet was a discontinued one and I wanted to use it.” Something to that extent, I think I had a huge speech. I think I find it interesting with older pallets the formulation is not as great as it is today since so many brands work and make better products and try to improve their quality as time goes on and I can see where Naked Smoky picked up where Smoked left off. I still have it and I still love the shadows in it because I love my smoky looks and I always had when I started. I even remembered still getting some odd comments about using the older Wet N Wild pallets and still said, “I did say this was an older pallet.” Which is true I am trying to pan the older Wet N Wild stuff I have at the moment. So that is my bad memory or memories.
7. Old flame as in an old product you love to covet: I would say the Ulta Just In Case set! I still have this even if I have tried depotting some of the items which I wish it was easier if Ulta made some of their stuff easier to take out of the sets still this little train case makeup set was one of the first items I still have. I have used up a lip gloss and still have the other items in this thing and will still cherish even if I finish the makeup products. Trying Ulta’s makeup back in 2014 was how it got me into their makeup products in the first place and still love them to this day. I do have my Be Gorgeous set still and Love Makeup and did take out the pallets from my Beauty Treasures to take my jewelry in a better way. I still love this thing!
8. If you were to tell your younger self about makeup, what would you say? I would say try out lip gloss. I never got into makeup until I was 23 and I’m 33 now. I remembered so many girls in middle school always wore makeup like crazy even one I remembered being friends with got into it. I never got the idea. I did try wearing lipstick in sixth grade but that didn’t work so if I said to try out lip gloss first then I could’ve gotten into it a little at a time and even practiced from then but hey now at least I am into it and loving it!
That is it for this tag! Vivi! I tag you! Teehee! Well, next I should be doing my Convention Spotlight on Ranger Stop 2018 because we got press! Hoping we will actually be there because I will be starting my move since I got approved for the place I will be living in. Yay! I get to be a working person in the Assistive Tech Field! So until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

Beauty: Ipsy September 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back after a week since I had no internet due to it being shut off here, it wasn’t my fault, and I have been doing stuff on YouTube which I will get back to tomorrow and Friday. Right now I have something that came in the mail today!

Ipsy September 2018!

Today I got my Ipsy bag and so happy! It usually comes around the 15th but it came early due to the hurricane about to hit the Carolinas which I saw on my tracking talking about that. I could imagine getting mine late last year if I was subscribed with Irma hitting us but hey we’re safe for now. Hoping my move doesn’t get delayed since there are two other storms out there. Besides that, this month’s bag is pretty big for its clutch look and it’s pretty cute. Let’s see what I got!

IBY Beauty Eye Shadow in Fire & Ice: First is an eye shadow by IBY Beauty! When I returned to Ipsy I got an eye shadow brush by this brand and still loving it and got this one this month. I didn’t know they made eye shadows until I found this one in my items this month. It’s interesting even though you’re expecting it to be blue but it’s a green and brown shifting shade which makes it interesting. When you look at the Aurora Borealis there are shades of green in that so I can see why. This shadow is supposed to be good for your lids because it has Rose Hemp Oil which is pretty good in my book. With the shift since it talks about that, it shifts from a brick brown to an army green which sounds interesting when the light hits. And anyone who is wondering, this brand is cruelty free which I should tell Andrea Matalano about this brand if she hasn’t gotten them in her bag in the past. I did take a look at this shadow and it’s really soft and it comes in a tiny compact which is so cute!

Trestik Mini Lip Glaze in Mumbai Magenta: Next is a product by a brand I have had gotten in Ipsy before and that’s by Trestique and it’s their mini lip glaze which this bag you can get either English Rose or Mumbai Magenta which I got the magenta one. This is a little lip crayon which contains coconut and peach oils to help with hydrating the lips. It is also buildable which with one swipe it is very sheer and then you can swipe more to make the color more impacting. With the one I got in this bag, you not only can use it on your lips but also as a cream blush. Interesting. I am just using this on the lips because when I first got an eye shadow crayon from this brand it broke easily so I have to be careful with this product.

Lord & Berry Shade & Line Pencil in Flash Purple: Another purple eyeliner and it’s by Lord & Berry. I remembered being first subscribed to Ipsy where I got a tiny gel pencil from this brand and that lasted me for months! This one is in purple when that was black and this one is also bigger than the tiny pencil they gave me. This is supposed to be an easy glide on pencil and it can be smudged for smoky looks. I don’t get why they didn’t have this in green or brown which it would go well with the IBY Beauty shadow. I will definitely put this in my liner pencil bag.

Eva NYC Satin Dream Leave In Cream: Next is a leave-in conditioner from Eva NYC and it’s their Satin Dream Leave In Cream. This is perfect because I sometimes have some dry spots and have been trying to get rid of some dandruff scabs lately which won’t leave and it causes some areas to dry out. I remembered trying this brand through Boxy Charm and glad that they have them in this bag. This came in a pretty good size since the deluxe samples can last you pretty well, I mean the Formula 1006 did last me until last week. This item has vitamins that the hair needs like Argon Oil, Avocado oil, and Keravis Protein Complex which is pretty important. It also helps with fine hair and keeps it from tangling and frizzing up which I have frizz issues because my hair gets frizzy most of the time and I use products to help, trust me my mom asks me about what products I use one day after she came home from shopping and told her about them. Over the years she had me use so many other things even the stuff that was supposed to straighten my hair but that didn’t work. I can’t wait to see how this works

Luxie Beauty Wonder Woman Taper Blending Brush 140: The last product which got me really excited about this bag is the Luxie Wonder Woman Tapered Blending Brush! As you know, me and Gondras are comic book movie and tv fans and of course we saw Wonder Woman which was awesome. Luxie has teamed up with Warner Brothers to create brushes and it is a face brush set which this brush came from and there is also a Harley Quin brush that was also included this month which I wished I gotten too. You know me and Harley but this brush has to do. This brush is good for targeting small areas like your under eyes and your nose which I may have to use this for my light concealer since I do use that for my under eyes. Way to go Luxie. I would like to pick up the face set or Harley’s set but they are pricey at the moment. I am glad to get this brush though.

That is it for this bag! Very awesome Ipsy! This bag is $10 a month by the way and I did hear that they will be adding a luxury box soon with more highend and full size which is going to be $25 a month and I saw someone get that one and not sure if I want to step up to it. Let’s see in the future. I can’t wait to see what’s going to be in October since so far with my return it has been great but I am wishing that I get more blushes and I did mark down bronzers this time and hoping to get some of those as time goes on. I did post on Hot Mess Mama MD’s comments to her unbagging video with her daughter that she does check off sheet masks and I pointed out how sometimes you don’t get products that you mark down and wishing they do more of that. I understand they get a certain number of products to give out, hoping to see what is next in October!

That is it for this month’s bag! I will be doing more beauty videos on the YouTube channel so check that out! Until next time everyone! Stay beautiful in the nerd universe!