Beauty: Ipsy September 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back after a week since I had no internet due to it being shut off here, it wasn’t my fault, and I have been doing stuff on YouTube which I will get back to tomorrow and Friday. Right now I have something that came in the mail today!

Ipsy September 2018!

Today I got my Ipsy bag and so happy! It usually comes around the 15th but it came early due to the hurricane about to hit the Carolinas which I saw on my tracking talking about that. I could imagine getting mine late last year if I was subscribed with Irma hitting us but hey we’re safe for now. Hoping my move doesn’t get delayed since there are two other storms out there. Besides that, this month’s bag is pretty big for its clutch look and it’s pretty cute. Let’s see what I got!

IBY Beauty Eye Shadow in Fire & Ice: First is an eye shadow by IBY Beauty! When I returned to Ipsy I got an eye shadow brush by this brand and still loving it and got this one this month. I didn’t know they made eye shadows until I found this one in my items this month. It’s interesting even though you’re expecting it to be blue but it’s a green and brown shifting shade which makes it interesting. When you look at the Aurora Borealis there are shades of green in that so I can see why. This shadow is supposed to be good for your lids because it has Rose Hemp Oil which is pretty good in my book. With the shift since it talks about that, it shifts from a brick brown to an army green which sounds interesting when the light hits. And anyone who is wondering, this brand is cruelty free which I should tell Andrea Matalano about this brand if she hasn’t gotten them in her bag in the past. I did take a look at this shadow and it’s really soft and it comes in a tiny compact which is so cute!

Trestik Mini Lip Glaze in Mumbai Magenta: Next is a product by a brand I have had gotten in Ipsy before and that’s by Trestique and it’s their mini lip glaze which this bag you can get either English Rose or Mumbai Magenta which I got the magenta one. This is a little lip crayon which contains coconut and peach oils to help with hydrating the lips. It is also buildable which with one swipe it is very sheer and then you can swipe more to make the color more impacting. With the one I got in this bag, you not only can use it on your lips but also as a cream blush. Interesting. I am just using this on the lips because when I first got an eye shadow crayon from this brand it broke easily so I have to be careful with this product.

Lord & Berry Shade & Line Pencil in Flash Purple: Another purple eyeliner and it’s by Lord & Berry. I remembered being first subscribed to Ipsy where I got a tiny gel pencil from this brand and that lasted me for months! This one is in purple when that was black and this one is also bigger than the tiny pencil they gave me. This is supposed to be an easy glide on pencil and it can be smudged for smoky looks. I don’t get why they didn’t have this in green or brown which it would go well with the IBY Beauty shadow. I will definitely put this in my liner pencil bag.

Eva NYC Satin Dream Leave In Cream: Next is a leave-in conditioner from Eva NYC and it’s their Satin Dream Leave In Cream. This is perfect because I sometimes have some dry spots and have been trying to get rid of some dandruff scabs lately which won’t leave and it causes some areas to dry out. I remembered trying this brand through Boxy Charm and glad that they have them in this bag. This came in a pretty good size since the deluxe samples can last you pretty well, I mean the Formula 1006 did last me until last week. This item has vitamins that the hair needs like Argon Oil, Avocado oil, and Keravis Protein Complex which is pretty important. It also helps with fine hair and keeps it from tangling and frizzing up which I have frizz issues because my hair gets frizzy most of the time and I use products to help, trust me my mom asks me about what products I use one day after she came home from shopping and told her about them. Over the years she had me use so many other things even the stuff that was supposed to straighten my hair but that didn’t work. I can’t wait to see how this works

Luxie Beauty Wonder Woman Taper Blending Brush 140: The last product which got me really excited about this bag is the Luxie Wonder Woman Tapered Blending Brush! As you know, me and Gondras are comic book movie and tv fans and of course we saw Wonder Woman which was awesome. Luxie has teamed up with Warner Brothers to create brushes and it is a face brush set which this brush came from and there is also a Harley Quin brush that was also included this month which I wished I gotten too. You know me and Harley but this brush has to do. This brush is good for targeting small areas like your under eyes and your nose which I may have to use this for my light concealer since I do use that for my under eyes. Way to go Luxie. I would like to pick up the face set or Harley’s set but they are pricey at the moment. I am glad to get this brush though.

That is it for this bag! Very awesome Ipsy! This bag is $10 a month by the way and I did hear that they will be adding a luxury box soon with more highend and full size which is going to be $25 a month and I saw someone get that one and not sure if I want to step up to it. Let’s see in the future. I can’t wait to see what’s going to be in October since so far with my return it has been great but I am wishing that I get more blushes and I did mark down bronzers this time and hoping to get some of those as time goes on. I did post on Hot Mess Mama MD’s comments to her unbagging video with her daughter that she does check off sheet masks and I pointed out how sometimes you don’t get products that you mark down and wishing they do more of that. I understand they get a certain number of products to give out, hoping to see what is next in October!

That is it for this month’s bag! I will be doing more beauty videos on the YouTube channel so check that out! Until next time everyone! Stay beautiful in the nerd universe!

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