Books: So I Married A Sorcerer by. Kerrilyn Sparks

Hello to all my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back and it’s a new book review!

So I Married A Sorcerer: Embraced #2 by. Kerrelyn Sparks

Disclaimer: This book is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog. Whether it’s positive or negative, please respect what she says.

What is it about? Ever since living on the Isle of Moon, Brigetta didn’t know that she had a magical power nor how to use it until she found out who she really was. As the lost princess of the Kingdom of Tourin. Her brother and crowned king, Gunther, requests for her returned for a ransom until a mysterious pirate by the name of Rupert decides to interfere and take her on board his ship until a contest for the princess’ hand to be married is at stake. Will Brigetta get returned for this contest or will Rupert be the one who she falls for?

Thoughts: I had to read the first book, How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days to understand what was going on. Basically it talks about how some children get born once two moons are embraced and when this happens twice a year, once in spring and the other in fall, unless something happens in summer too if the next one reveals it, then anyone gets a special power from these moons. So far we have met Luciana who can see spirits of the dead even her sister since she died from being poisoned on the way to get her and her husband Leo who can use lightning by being struck by it and now we meet Rupert or shall I say Alfrieg who can use wind and Brigetta who can find lost things and see the memories behind those items. I found these books start slightly slow in telling the backgrounds about these characters but it does pick up pretty quickly. Even with the second one the story picks up as Rupert or shall I say Alfrieg shows up to get Brigetta and Sister Falen who is the nun that goes with her that was also from Tourin and the story is entertaining with what they experience. From Falen being afraid that they will be ravaged by the pirates but Stefan, the one who helped Alfrieg since he was little, assured her that they were nice pirates not what they have heard in tales. I do like how the wind power gets used throughout this book more than the lightning power because in the first one Leo had the fear of killing people even Luciana at first. Yes, that can be a little crippling but he has been wearing gloves so you can shake hands with those. While with wind, on the other hand, it’s easy to control unless Alfrieg gets upset but hey it was fun seeing how he used it to sail and with any strong emotions. I think my fave part with it was trying to get the dragons away during the competition that he disguised himself as a competitor which made it more interesting. Bridgitta, on the other hand, she was a little whiny at first but her character does get better as the book goes on since she didn’t know what her power was until she revealed that she can find things and the secrets behind it, I did like how she found who Rupert really was and that led to more about his family and why her family was hated by some of the other kingdoms, mostly her brother was hated due to how much of a jerk he was to them.

I’m hoping if there is a third one that we get to see more about the other kingdoms because two of the other Embraced women that lived on the Isle of Moon had some things revealed in this one but according to Brody, who is this shapeshifter, that Maeve, the younger of them all, is supposed to be next and hoping so unless it’s Sorcha since we got to meet the people she came from. I can’t wait until the elf girl gets her story if this series does continue.

Rating: 4 Star Paw prints out of 5! I’m taking off one point for the start of both books being slightly slow but glad the second book recapped some of the Embraced folklore. The characters in both do appear to have some whiny aspects about them but do improve as the books go on since both Luciana and Brigetta have only been in a convent all their lives like the other girls we got to meet. I’m hoping to see what gets revealed about the head nun that had them travel with them tell them why they had to keep hidden despite that people are opening up since Brigetta and Luciana are starting to see the secret and wondering why. Let’s see what happens next.

Well, that’s my review on this book, well these two books! I did enjoy them and did see the comedies but I did see it more as a fantasy romance with a little magic mixed in. I hope to see more by Kerrilyn Sparks even with this series. Next book will come a bit late since I’m reading Nemecene: Fire & Ice and Alex Verus Book 5 at the moment since other books are still on my Net Galley list. Until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!
So I Married A Sorcerer

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