Conventions: Ranger Stop 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back again! This time it’s for a new Convention Spotlight!

Ranger Stop 2018
Location: Orlando, FL
Dates: November 9th through 11th, 2018
Hotel: Holiday Inn Across from Universal

New convention that we got press for and you may have seen our videos from when I attended as a normal person and that is Ranger Stop!

Ranger Stop is our Power Rangers themed convention we have every year in November, it was a toy show until 2013 and became a Power Rangers Convention. I have been a Power Rangers fan since I was seven and remembered when Mighty Morphen first came on after the cartoons ended for the morning and like most kids I thought, “This is so cool!” Heck, I wanted to see the movie back in 1995 but didn’t until it was on video. Of course Gondras and Nerdy Shirts are also fans and since it has been continuing as a series over time, glad that we’re doing press for this year’s event. It has been and will be at the Holiday Inn across Universal Studios, which is a very easy to navigate property even with my cane. Besides it being a nice hotel, this hotel is located in the center of the part of Downtown with a lot of attractions, you can walk across the street to Universal if you want to dine in at City Walk or if you have any passes hang out at Islands of Adventure or Studios itself. You can also enjoy Disney which is fifteen minutes away where you also have dining choices at Disney Springs and Boardwalk. Of course you can enjoy the parks while you’re at it. There is also SeaWorld and many other parts of International Drive for other dining places and fun, heck even see a movie if you’d like. There is Regal in Pointe Orlando and an AMC in Disney Springs, and if I remembered the theater at City Walk is also available. A lot to do in one weekend! Oh right, almost forgot, if you are craving a burger but don’t want to travel too far, the Holiday Inn also has a T. G. I. Friday’s inside!

Guests: Besides the awesome area that Orlando offers, you can also meet the many guests this year at Ranger Stop! Let’s see whose returning and who’s new!

Returning guests include Austin St. John, Katherine Sutherland, Audry Dubois, Steve Cardenas, Karen Ashley, Walter Jones, NakiaVurrise, Christopher Cayman Lee, and so much more!

New people: I haven’t been back to Ranger Stop until now but guessing since that Tracy Lynn Cruz is new to the guest line. Also Celwyn Ward from Turbo and In Space is also making an appearance. One guest that really is making a lot of people excited is a first and that is getting a cast member from the Sentai version which is the Japanese version of Power Rangers. They’re getting Reiko Chiba from ZyuRanger and one of her other castmates, Yuuta Mochizuki from the same series. This is pretty cool to have some Sentai actors to show up for a Power Rangers convention in Orlando.

If you want to check out the full list of guests appearing at this year’s event, you can find it here:

Tickets: Now onto tickets! Usually I do this first but I think this is a good place to place it if reading this has you wanting to go! Prices for tickets are:

Gold VIP for Adults is $300.00 while with kid’s ages 4 to 9 is $$125.00

Then you have three day passes, one with a t-shirt which is $100.00 while without t-shirt is $65.00. There is also a family package for two adults and two children for $130.00.

If you want a one day ticket, Friday is $25.00, Saturday is $30.00, and Sunday is $25.00. For other ticket information such as children prices for each day and dates you can purchase, you can go here:

And this is powered by Event Bright.

So there you go guys! I’m really excited for this year and hoping to get you awesome interviews with some of the guests going to this event. If you haven’t seen our stuff from 2015’s event, you can catch it here in the archives for November 2015 or you can just hop on over to our YouTube Channel where the videos are still there! Also, on Facebook Ranger Stop does have a Facebook Group for you guys to join

In case if you need more information and get to meet other Power Rangers fans from past and present!

Well, that’s it for now! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

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