Books: The Witch Of the Hills by. J. M. Fraser

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back and Happy Thanksgiving! Taking one break from the Ranger Stop coverage which I will get back to since I have been moving to a new place. I am there and my computer is working with my own internet connection and everything. So, let me get to the book review!

The Witch of the Hills by. J.M. Fraser

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this book and thank you!

What Is It About? An ancient prophecy compels a witch from the 1600s to recruit a modern boy to save the dream world. Rebecca Church goes into the dreams of a modern boy to have him save the interactive dream world that she lives in by sending him riddles, drawings, and visiting him in the real world but only can do it for nine times even though she has fallen for him.

When Brian Danahey meets Rebecca on a desolate road he recognizes her from a nightmare he has about a girl in danger. He falls in love with her and she disappears to haunt his dreams and he has to figure out how to see her again and he starts knowing her as the Witch of the Hills.

Thoughts: This book was a very well written tale and I felt like I was reading a version of Paprika but without the weird elements of Kohn like in that movie. I loved how the dream world was a mix of modern and going back in the past to the time before the witch trials of Salem were to begin since we get to see some witch and sorcerer elements in this book. I did like the riddle and poem elements because it does draw the mystery of who Rebecca really is since she did write in an ancient language.

I do like how Brian and Rebecca having chemistry with each other because of how they interacted with each other even within each dream. I did find some parts confusing like why does Brian always become the main link in all of this? Which does get explained towards the end of the book and what his family is and why they are an important link to it and I always wondered why Abigail was so horrible throughout this thing? Which was explained to have fallen under a curse that Rebecca had placed on her and another person which I noticed I haven’t heard much about throughout this entire story except when Brian first goes to Salem and then later finds out what happens to Rebecca and her mother and how they get sentenced by the coven they were a part of. This is still a good book and definitely recommend it!

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This was a really good story! The beginning to end did have an interesting twist and it played with the characters very well. It even had the idea of going between dreams and real life since we do see Brian switch between being a normal guy out of high school in college and falling in love with a girl of his dreams quite literally. This did have very interesting historical references to Salem and even Agatha Christy for one thing since I wasn’t expecting that. Maybe the author was a major fan of her writing? Who knows? I would definitely recommend it to my older readers because even though this is supposed to be a Young Adult book but it felt more like someone my age should read due to the college aspects and the historical stuff. Definitely pick it up when you get the chance!

Well that’s it for this review! It feels good to do another post on here since I have been so busy. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next Ranger Stop post! So, follow us on Twitter for that as The Witch of the Hills by. J. M. Fraserwell! Until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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