Conventions: The Villain, Mentor, and the Minion Panel!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post and it’s from Ranger Stop!

The Villain, Mentor, and the minion Panel!

The next panel is The Villain, The Mentor, and the Minion from Ranger Stop this year and it was a panel that I had to get onto YouTube. It featured Barbara Goodson, David Fielding, Peta-Marie Rickson, and Romy. Sharf, and I think Psycho Red was in this too from what I remembered. Anyways, this was entertaining since we got to hear the different stories especially how Peta had to recount how she as Alpha tried to fight Ivan Ooze during the Power Rangers Movie back from the 90’s and that she had her eyes covered and heard how they were going to blow things up around her. Scary thought right there.

And also, if you’re watching this and notice my camera is not focusing on anyone let me say this. This is from a comment someone had left on the In Space panel on YouTube about how I didn’t point my camera towards the cast but just the host and downwards. I am doing my best with this stuff and since I didn’t have Nerdy Shirts with me with the camera on the first two days, I had to rely on myself like when I started doing this press stuff. Reason why I put this stuff up since the comment did ask about that is because I want to bring awesome content to you guys who don’t get to go to these things and probably couldn’t make this year’s event so I put it up. Plus my left arm’s motor skills aren’t the best so I had to hold it up the best as I could. So please, I’m asking don’t get mad about how bad it looks. I do the best I can as someone who does press and at least you get to hear these people speak in this video and same with the others. I may not be Steve Saylor or Molly Berk but I am just Mari Blue Cat who does this stuff for you guys! I am dedicated to my work and I want to make it work! Thank you!

So, that’s it for this post, hope you enjoy this panel because the next one is the Mega Force Panel! Stay tuned!

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