Beauty: Ipsy November 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! I finally have it in my paws!

Ipsy November 2018!

Sorry for the wait guys but I finally received it well more like brought to me by Gondras. It’s due to not only changing my address not taking in affect in time for shipment, which they said on the website that if you change it in time of the first of a month then you will get it at the new place which I changed two days before my move. Another reason is that I ordered something extra!

Bonus Item: SL Miss Glam Eye Brush Trio! Besides doing Shopper, Ipsy also gives you an option to purchase something extra for your bag and happens during the reveal which happens the second every month apparently. Trust me, I am on edge sometimes when I want to know what they matched me up with. You can choose up to three items and you can choose from ones that cost $12 which are full size items or deluxe samples for $3. I saw for November they offered a brush trio from SL Miss Glam I wanted to try their brushes for a while ever since they gave them out every month in every bag. I get other brands of brushes not this one which sucks in a way but when I found out that they sold this trio I was glad and picked it up. I can see why these brushes are worth the hype. These are very soft and I used them to do my eye look for work today and they blended my shadows very well. You get three sizes of brushes and I tend to use them for defining, crease, and brow which I did. I used my Smashbox trio in Filter if you remembered that trio from long ago and it felt great! I hope to get the brand in future bags because these are really good brushes and the design is so cute with jewels in the feral.

Now my bag!

Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Heat Protectant Protectant Conditioner: First up is a blast from the past and that is Marc Anthony! All thanks to Ipsy I got into this brand through trying out an awesome hair spray which I still have by the way and it turned into other products and remembered using the grow one last but didn’t do much for me. This item on the other hand is something that had me super excited and that is the Bye Bye Frizze Heat Protectant Conditioner. I love the idea of having a heat protecting item in my hair whenever I bring out my Remington flat iron to give my hair some sexy straightening but there are times where the protectant wets my hair a bit too much. I am glad to try something like this so I can try and see how my hair straightens with it rather than spraying something. This can also be used on wet hair since it is also meant for being a leave-in conditioner and good to have this and I want to see how well it works with my flat iron before seeing it in normal leave-in action.
Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Shameless: Next is another Huda Beauty product and I am admitting it and that is this is not a bad brand. I know it copied off of Beauty Bakerie except a lot of brands do copy off of each other no matter what everyone does. I am pushing that aside to give another lip product a chance and that is from their Lip Strobe line in the shade Shameless. This is a liquid lipstick but it also can add some dimension to anything you already have on your lips. Makes sense with the holidays already here and can’t wait to see how it goes!
The Balm Mary Dewminzer in Mary Dew! Next is a product by the Balm and I am happy to try it! For the longest time I wanted to try out more items from The Balm Ipsy had hardly given them to me. My final Glam Bag before I cancelled had a shadow from their Holy MMatterimony pallet if I remembered correctly. The item I wanted to try the most was the Mary Luminizer from their highlighter collection and never got it! I even tried trading for it on Ipsy Trades and no one had it for trade until I got back to Ipsy to get the liquid version! I am not big into liquid highlights but does help with some dryness and they look nicer than the powder. This is a champagne shade and I am glad to try it out even if in liquid form! It is tiny though for a liquid highlight, wishing it was more of a deluxe size rather than a tiny one.
Jelly Pong Pong Cosmic Light in Pulsar: Next is another brand from the past and that is Jelly Pong Pong! I got into these guys through Ipsy and glad to see they back! I think I remembered trying a mascara or something else by them and then got a liquid highlight in Boxy Charm once. This brand is a fun brand and glad to see they back. This is a pressed pigment shadow and it is a very pretty blue from what the description said and can’t wait to try this item out.
Siate London Mini Translucent Powder in Hideout: Final product of the month is the Siate London Setting Powder in Hideout! I heard really good things about this brand and this product and when I saw I was getting it I was surprised. I never tried them and whenever I went to where they may sell Siate I may have been broke. I did try this product earlier this morning to set my under eyes and man I barely feel it. Normally with loose setting powders I have that awful run in where it bothers my eyes by getting into it but this one does not transfer! It just stays put for a very long time. I am so glad to try this item and liking it so far. Way to go Ipsy!

Well, that is it for November’s bag. Sorry for it being so late, I hope December doesn’t have that fate since I did order three more items from the extras this month. Hey, they had Pacifica and Sugar Cosmetics! I think I am also getting a blush too, I forgot! Still hoping it won’t be as late and hoping it will make it to my address this time.

Besides December being jam packed, we also have Holiday Matsuri coming up and we do have interviews this year! Stay tuned for interviews with Jennifer Hale, Zach Callison from Steven Universe, and Brittney Karbowski! Of course we have to finish the Ranger Stop 6 content which will continue tomorrow! Until next time stay beautiful my nerds!

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