Beauty: Ipsy December 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back from Holiday Matsuri 2018 with a new post and that is…

Ipsy December 2018!

Yes, I got my Ipsy this month and it was delivered while I was away in Orlando. I was happy to get it early since I did get the three extras this time but it was an early shipping this time since last month it took forever to get to my parents’ place and Gondras had to get it for me. Now it has been delivered to my new address here and glad to talk about it!

Extras: Pacifica Liquid Highlight, Sugar Cosmetics Mini Bronzer, and Nomad Cosmetics around the World Glow Powder! First is my extras and I think I got some good ones this time? What I like about Ipsy this time is that you can purchase extra products from brands that aren’t in your Glam Bag that month and you can either get a full size item for $12 or three deluxe ones for $3 each and decided to do three deluxe sizes. I went with a Pacifica Liquid Illuminator since it’s been forever that I got anything Pacifica and want to get back into their brand since I do love their eye shadows and when I saw this I was happy and wanted to see how it goes. Next is a Glow Powder from Nomad Cosmetics which I have heard really good things about their shadows since they always give them out but never got one. I got the the highlighter in Moonlight and I did buy the pallet that comes with four highlights to try them out which is going to be fun when that arrives! And finally, the mini bronzer from Sugar Cosmetics. I have been loving this brand ever I got their stuff in my bags and when I saw there was a bronzer by them I knew I had to try it. It is light from what I read which a good thing is since the other one was darker and don’t want to mess with a darker bronzer when my skin is light to medium.

Finding Ferdinand Blush in Skinny Dip: First item is the Finding Ferdinand Blush in Skinny Dip. This is a mauve blush which I was pointed out to be fit with more mauve and rosy blushes but I thought it was a wrong match with an Avon one but I am trying this one out to see how well it goes. It comes as a pan to put into a Z Pallet from the looks of it and can’t wait to try this item out since it is a pretty good size pan. According to the claims it’s supposed to last long day and made with Kaolin and Mica to help with blending and staying on long all day. Plus it’s supposed to be streak free. I will have to put this to the test and see how well it goes.
The Balm Nude Beach Eye Shadow in Bootylicious: Next is an eye shadow by the Balm and it’s from their Nude Beach pallet and the shade is known as Bootylicious. I remembered getting these shadows in past bags and they were tiny! This one has a really good pan size and glad to get it. This is a bronze shade with red undertones and it is supposed to blend like a dream. I did hear that the Nude Beach pallet is supposed to be a good one, who knows I may get it at some point. Funny thing is that when I did the I Copied a YouTuber’s Look I copied and that’s Jacob and he used the Nude Beach pallet from The Balm and I used Be Gorgeous for the most part. Will this shadow convince me? Let’s see!
F. A. R. A. Brushes Tapered Blending Brush 35E: Next is a brush and you know me I am a brush lover! This is a brush from a brand I never heard of and it’s F. A. R. A. H. Brushes. I have used brushes from Coastal Scents, Luxie, and now SL Miss Glam but this is a new brand and glad to test out. Apparently this is something everyone has received in their bags this month and it is a tapered blending brush. This is meant to blend eye shadow all over the lid and I can’t wait to use this for that since I do love to blend my shadows when I have that all over lid look. If this goes well, I may try out a set.
Cocoa & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut and Fig Hair Mask: Next item is a hair mask by Cocoa and Eve which I haven’t gotten a hair mask in forever! This came in a tube and it smells good! I wished I used it tonight when I washed my hair after wearing my Santa Hat and L wig. Claims include that it helps dyed, damaged, and heat treated hair which I do use my flat iron sometimes and do have damaged areas. It does have Bali coconuts in this to help make hair smooth and glossy, the fig and shea butter essence helps soften hair without weighing it down. This sounds amazing and can’t wait to use since I have to use it after washing my hair.
Ciate London Glitter Flip Glitter Transforming Liquid Lipstick in Infamous: This was the product I was really excited about and it is from Ciate London and it is the Glitter Flip Liquid Lipstick in Infamous! I heard about these and these are where you put it on and wait a bit and then press your lips together to have a bold glitter effect to them. I wanted one for the longest time and glad to get one here in Ipsy. I am still using the setting powder which I did take with me to Holiday Matsuri by the way and that jar will last me more than a month. This one will too!
Dr. Lip Color Moisturizing Tint in Sweet Potato: Final product and it’s from another brand I never heard of and that’s Dr. Lip. It looks like it is a brand with lip nourishing products and this is a moisturizing lip balm in a tube and right off the bat it’s hard to squeeze out. This is like a gloss but its colorless when you put it it on and it’s made out of Lanlin and plant extracts which helps so far with the nourishing. And the tint part which it says it’s not a tint is from the sweet potato plant which I do love my sweet potatoes. Mew! So far so good it feels good and will have to keep wearing this as time goes on.

Well guys that is it for this month’s bag! It was a surprise to see six products this month and me and another Ipsy subscriber thought it was due to the holidays that they were doing this. I like it! It did end 2018 very well and I can’t wait to see what January brings for the start of 2019! I am planning on subscribing to Boxy Charm again in the New Year because I also miss it and they have been giving pretty good items too even eye shadow pallets and face pallets? Sign me back up! For now, kitty gets to play with her new makeup!

That is it for this post! Stay tuned for my review on the ninth book in the Alex Verus series along with our coverage from Holiday Matsuri this year! There is a lot to talk about so stay tuned.

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