Haul: Collective December Beauty Haul!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back and this time with a collective beauty haul!

Disclaimer: I bought these products with my own money and got a few for Christmas, so please respect what I purchased or got for Christmas!

So, I have not done a beauty haul for a long time on here since I either do it on my Channel or not do one at all since I tend to forget or just too busy. It feels like towards New Year’s I am not too busy even though I am working now. I did buy most of these products with my paycheck I am admitting here and other items were with my Ulta card for two items I think. Let’s get into it!

Ipsy: It’s been a while since I’ve ordered from Ipsy and two items have not arrived yet but will still talk about them and will do the same with one or two sites. Let’s get to it.

Luxie Rose Gold Detailed Face Brush Set: First is a Luxie brush set and it’s their Rose Gold Face Detailed Brush Set. You know my favorite metallic color besides silver is rose gold and when I saw this set being offered on Ipsy I had to get it and plus for the longest time I wanted to get myself a Luxie brush set after trying out their brushes through my Glam Bags. This set is originally $42.00 and it was $19.00 on Ipsy which is a good deal when these are expensive brushes to begin with, not like those really expensive Artiste brushes we always heard about but the name is Luxie after all. This includes five brushes and they are the Flat Blender Brush 110 which I am using for my color correcting concealer which is said perfect for that. Round Makeup Blender Brush 120 which I can apply creamy eye bases which is no bad idea and might do that when I start using the NYX White Base again. Angled Makeup Brush 130 which can be used for cream contour or concealer. When I saw this brush when I got it I felt like I can use it for carving out my outer parts of my cheeks with my bronzer since I tend to do that with my out of work looks. Tapered Blender Brush 140which can be used for concealer around the mouth and under eyes. I remembered getting the Wonder Woman designed one and going to use this for setting powder because I had a hard time using it for my under eye concealer and would be better for powder. Flat Angled Blender 150 which is best used for cream contouring especially around the cheeks and nose. I think I would use this for concealing as well or just powder contour. I did find the one I am using for the color correcting very soft and glad I got this set and liking what I am using so far!
Nomad Around the World Pallet Light Infusion: Next is the Nomad Cosmetics Light Infusion pallet from their All around the World Collection. Whenever I heard people getting shadows from these guys I wanted to try them for a while and when I saw this highlighting pallet on sale I decided why not try out the highlighters since I got one of the deluxe size ones in Moonlight. This pallet was $27.00 originally but got it for $21.60. Not bad even though it could have gone lower in my opinion except I could see why they put it at the price they did and that is the pan sizes are huge in this thing! You get four highlights and they are Positano Sunrise which is a blushing highlight shimmering soft peach with topaz pearl finish, Punta Del Est Sunlight which is an intense illuminator a bright yellow with a gold pearl finish, Hanalei Sunset is flushed highlight in a glowing rose rose pink with a opal pearl finish, and Co Pha Ngan Moonlight is a holographic illuminator in duo chrome glow with a sapphire pearl finish. How pretty sounding are they. I did try the second one on my face and they are pretty easy to blend by the way. I did use Moonlight, the deluxe one I have, and that was also pretty easy to blend too. I am starting to like Iby Beauty Essentialist Brush Set: Next is something I haven’t received yet in the mail but it is another brush set and it’s from Iby. When I first got back to Ipsy I got one of their eye brushes in my July bag and when I saw this brush set for $18.00 it was a pretty good steal. This set comes with six brushes and a case and the brushes include a powder brush, an angled blush brush which also can be used for contouring, liner brush, eye shadow brush, and eye fluff brush for blending shadows, crease shadow brush, and a little bag to go with. I can’t wait to see these brushes and use them with my makeup since I did love the shadow brush I got before and if I like these brushes then will get more through Ipsy.
Ittse Six Shadow and Pallet Set: Last item is something from the brand Ittse. I tried these guys out when I got a shadow from them in either August or September and it’s not bad of a brand. This is a magnetic pallet with six neutral shadows in Film Noir, a matte wine, changing to Flats which was the first shade I got, matte nude, Sweater Weather, a grey olive green, Velveteen, a light marigold, Suede Booties: shimmery brown, and Irish coffee, a matte taupe. I can’t wait to use this since I did but Changing to Flats and it’s in my Z-Pallet at the moment and see how their other shadows feel.

Colour Pop: Remembered during my Holiday Matsuri that I went onto Color Pop’s website to shop round? Well, I did get a few things since they had a 40% off sale on pallets and 33% off their Lux Lipsticks. I got two pallets and one lipstick.

Lux Lipstick in Scorpio Moon: The lipstick I picked up was one of the Kathleen Lights zodiac Collection lipsticks. With her Zodiac collection she released two Lux ones and I loved the Lux ones more than the other lip products they have come up with, not more than the glosses but the other lip items. These are super creamy for what you get and the packaging is amazing too. Scorpio Moon is a rosy mauve shade and I did looks wearing this lipstick and people said it looked amazing on me and I never thought I would rock a color like this but apparently people thought I am able to. I wanted this shade for a while and was kind of scared due to how dark it sounded according to Kathleen but bought it to see how it went and it is going very well for me. I almost thought about getting Juno Mars which is a peachy nude but I got this instead and the two pallets.
I have been eyeing this thing for a few months ever since it came out and when I heard about the sale I picked it up. People said that they found some hits and misses in this pallet but so far so good it has worked out for me. I did a fiery gold look when I went out to the mall last Saturday to return something I have ordered at JCPenney and get my mom some gifts. I used The Cancer all over my lid, The Aries to define the eyes, The Leo in my crease, and The Gemini for my brow. Then I decided to pair the pallet with the Dream Street Pallet with the blue shades from that with The Pisces all over my lid then Mermaid Boy from DS to define, Water Bearer in my crease and then The Aquarius in my brows. Then lined them with my blue pencil. I took a picture of both looks for What’s Up In Makeup and got the most really good comments for the Fiery Gold look due to how I can play with the bolder shades without being afraid of them. The Blue Look did get positive and slight negative ones. If you’re in this group, all the admins do watch for negative comments and well recently I was a victim of being makeup shamed by having one of my pictures taken and put on on a makeup shaming group that was private from anyone else. That member did get kicked out which is a major risk and they do say don’t use someone’s pic to shame them. It didn’t stop me from posting since but after seeing some comments on my second look with the Zodiac pairing with Dream Street is that some people asking if it was something real and someone else was asking what I was using as my eye base and my brushes. I tend to buy brushes from Amazon and now Ipsy again which I was using my SL Ms. Glam ones I got as an extra last month and the one brush from this month. Of course I have been using Soft Ocher from MAC’s Paint Pot line which those are really good eye bases for the price that get charged for. I did love the blue look I came up with and even someone commented that they wish to use blue shadows despite how bold they can be. Don’t be afraid. I have to use the other shades in this pallet since I want to use The Scorpio which was the shade that sold me on this pallet.
Chasing Rainbows Pallet: Final item I got is the Chasing Rainbows pallet which is the newest pallet in the fifteen pan pallets Colour Pop has released. I almost bought this from Ulta but didn’t get it due to no colou descriptions for the shades because as a blind person it’s hard for me to justify buying some pallets that have these descriptions. Yes I do get pallets without it but when I saw this one on Ulta I felt like they only put shade names not the colors to each one since I heard Beauty News talking about this pallet. I was glad Colour Pop put the colors with the shade names and they were interesting with what was in this pallet. You mostly have red brown shades, two bluish shades, and mostly different shades of purple and one taupe, plus one coral, one peach, and one ivory. I know it doesn’t sound like a rainbow pallet but it is mostly a shadow version of a rainbow. I did use the purples with one look and the red browns for another and they are pretty pigmented for what I paid for with the sale. I would say they could have added another row of colors to this to make it more shadowy or even add a few dark greens and a navy blue at least and one grey. All in all, it did turn out pretty well and glad to pick up this pallet during the sale due to how different it is from all the neutral pallets I have gotten this year. Way to go Colour Pop!

Ulta: These purchases were done at different points of December! I will start with the pallet I got for Christmas!

Urban Decay Naked Cherry: This was the pallet I got for Christmas from my dad. Before I moved I made my Christmas list and put this one on there since it was a newer naked pallet. As you know that I have been collecting the naked series and when I heard about this one it was pretty unique from knowing that this is more of a berry type pallet with a peach in it. I have to give props for Urban Decay for going into berry tones since they have been becoming bigger over time and it is an extension of the Aphrodisiac pallet they have done earlier this year which I need to get at some point in time but this one felt like the other pallets in the range. I did have a great look using some of the mattes in this pallet and I do like how they played with burgundy in it and not only that adding a cranberry to it. I heard about Naked Reloaded which is the first naked pallet but being re-done with newer shades and some people are not liking it but I am going to see about the shades because it may be interesting to see what they have done with the re-vamp. Also, Naked Honey and Naked AF is the next two to come which I am waiting to see what happens next with those in what will be placed.
NYX Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss in Gypsy Dreams: I wanted to get one of these glosses for some time and couldn’t use my card since it did some weird thing by reducing the limit as I tried making the purchase. I am glad I did wait for purchasing this item since it’s been a long time since I got a NYX lip gloss. I loved the Butter Gloss formula and the Intense Butter Gloss formula and the newer lip glosses weren’t interesting to me until they came out with the lip gloss versions of the Duo Chromatic Highlighters that I still have and love. I got Gypsy Dreams since it was the most interesting of the colors since it’s a lavender with a blue, gold, and silver glitter mix. I liked it for how it shifted. I may get more since some of the other shades caught my ear. I may pick them up from the NYX website or Ulta again.
Cover Girl Chocoholic True Scented Nude Pallet: Besides the Duo Chromatic lip gloss, I also got this, this was the same night as the Colour Pop order because Ulta was doing a free gift with purchase idea. I heard good things about this pallet and it is supposed to be like the Chocolate Bar pallet from Too Faced with with the chocolate scent. I definitely smelled it as I pulled it out of the box when it was accidentally sent to my parents without double checking the address. It smells just like milk chocolate but you only get half of the shadow amount as in eight shadows rather than sixteen. I can deal with this and plus this is the very first eye shadow I ever tried from Cover Girl. I am not kidding about that because I heard the shadows are a bit hit or miss and I almost wanted to try that one duo eye shadow stick but the colors didn’t grab my interest as much. Oh well, I did hear this eye shadow is pretty good and will see how it goes!
Makeup Revolution Mint Chocolate Pallet: I know I am going chocolate crazy, doesn’t help with the Hershey’s candy canes I have been eating that Saturday either. I heard good things about this eye shadow pallet and decided to pick it up and it’s been a while since the Emily Edit pallet I got and I still love Makeup Revolution and not giving much love to their shadow pallets. This pallet is the same format as the Chocolate Bar pallet from Too Faced but this is mint and chocolate inspired and it supposed to have a mint scent from what I read for the shades but don’t smell it since it was described to be medicinal which I can smell. I don’t get why Too Faced didn’t create their own mint chocolate pallet like Makeup Revolution has but glad I got this and will be doing a look with it for New Year’s.
Bonus Gift: Ulta Three Sided Eye and Face Pallet: Like I said it was Gift-With-Purchase and that is the Ulta Three Sided Eye and Face Pallet. It’s been a while since I got anything from the Ulta makeup brand and glad I did with this gift. The sets didn’t appeal to me as much as they did last year and no shade descriptions, really Ulta? Hey, at least I got this for free and you needed to spend $35 in makeup to get this and that’s what the total became to be for these items. This item comes with twenty-one eye shadows, two bronzers, two blushes, and two highlighters and a mirror in one cute clutch. It looks like a planner when it comes to you and very compact. Maybe I should travel with this little thing if I know the shade names that is.
Makeup Revolution Baking Oil: I have tried a new face primer and this was a recommendation from Abby Aspen O’Keefe on YouTube. When she mentioned how this helped her dry skin I had to try it out myself. It does help keep my makeup on and it does keep my face moisturized alongside the Burt’s Bees moisturizer I’ve bene using lately. Interesting thing is that it does help make my skin look amazing with my makeup. I will definitely purchase again.
NYX High Definition Photo Concealer Wand in Light: I know I usually go for the Concealer Pots but Ulta did not have them anymore which makes me mad. So, I got the concealer wand since it’s easy to know what Light is in NYX. I will probably get my concealer on the NYX website but for now I will try this out and see how it goes since the other concealers I looked at were complicated in description. Why Ulta/ Why did you stop carrying the Concealer Jars from NYX?
Essence Lash Princess False Extreme Mascara: I had to get another Lash Princess Mascara because mine was drying out. The last time I used my tube was during Holiday Matsuri and glad that it’s done and now got this one. I don’t think I have tried the False Extreme yet since I have used the Angle Falsies from either Cover Girl or Maybelline, not sure which one, but notice how my lashes look amazing and I heard the false lash formula in the Lash Princess is better than the Volume version. I will see how it goes.
NYX Keeping It Tight Liner in Nude: I needed a new nude eyeliner since the Maybelline one I have been using made my eyes water slightly and it was hard to sharpen all the time. I got this one since it is not only an automatic liner but it was one of the only ones I can find. I heard Rimmel makes a good one but Ulta doesn’t carry RImmel anymore so I may try that one later and Wet N Wild has one too and haven’t found it yet. This will be a good one to try out.
Wet N Wild Setting Spray: Running low! Next!
MAC Paint Pot in Laying Low: As you guys know I am using the MAC Paint Pots as my shadow base and saw this among their colors. It is a creamy beige and was surprised that no one has talked about this one with Soft Ocher and Painterly. I also remembered with the eye bases that NYX made is that they do have a creamy beige color to choose from. I am going to see how this goes with my eye shadow.
Urban Decay Elements Pallet: I found this on sale on the Urban Decay website and then went to Ulta and found it half off too on there and picked it up. I wanted to get this pallet at first when it was $52 and saw Nicole Quinn do a review on it and was intrigued by it. I didn’t put it on my Christmas List since I already had Naked Cherry on there and decided to see about a sale and guess what? I love the shade names and descriptions of each one and glad to add another colorful pallet because we hardly see them until holiday times. I know BH Cosmetics and other brands do have some but I don’t buy them but I may consider them. I can’t wait to play with the Elements pallet, plus rocks and minerals are my favorite things to study in Geology.
Hot Tools Straightening Brush: Now onto a hair tool! Reason for this purchase. Since I got the Marc Anthony Leave in Heat Protectant Cream I fell in love with straightening my hair again. I love the smell of it and it did help my hair in being much moisturized and the issue I have is that my hair wants to curl up even when I turn up the heat but don’t want to turn it up at the highest due to my hair being damaged in some areas. I got this brush to help get my hair straight. I figure to use the brush first and then the flat iron to get the straight to happen. I almost got one from a company called WIggo and it was about $18 but when I saw hot Tools being five dollars less but had a better rating than the WIggo one and decided to go with this one and use a 20% off. I hope this works out because it annoys me to see some wave in my hair after straightening it.
Marc Anthony Anti-Frizz shampoo and conditioner: Final items from Ulta for this month, sorry for the long list but I got coupons to use and discounts happened. I am starting to run low on my shampoo and conditioner and I have no dandruff at the moment and when I saw the Jumbo Hair Event on Ulta, I almost thought about getting the Matrix Anti-Frizz shampoo but decided to see about Marc Anthony since I love their items. I love the price points they charge for this brand because you’re not breaking the bank and they are salon quality and it helps my hair calm down. Too bad they don’t have the Heat Protectant Cream. I decided to pick up the Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner since they have pretty good ratings and my hair does frizz up time to time and some damage on the right side of my head still exists. Hope it does work out for me!

E. L. F.: Thank goodness I am at the final place for beauty! I have a fun story about E. L. F. and that is when they did their Free Shipping sale and bought my items I found out recently that my order was not put through. Somehow the PayPal end did not communicate with E. L. F. and had to call both sides about it. So, had to reorder everything except I changed one item!

Metallic Flare highlight in Rose Gold: I was getting a different highlight but saw this as a new product and had to get and that is the Metallic Flare. I enjoyed their Shimmer Whips and tried enjoying the Baked Highlight I got in a bundle and their Shimmer pallet I do love. This will be an interesting try since when I saw NEW I had to try it.
Primer Infused Bronzer in Always Sun kissed and Primer Infused Blush in Always Rosy: I heard good things about these Primer Infused face products and how pigmented they are. E. L. F. is known for having very pigmented products and sometimes their formula is meh or hit or miss. I decided to try a bronzer and blush from this line to see how well it works. I figured always Sun kissed would be a light shade to go with my skin while Always Rosy from the blushes can be a good one to try for my first time.
Luminous Blush in Rose: Another blush and this is supposed to be new too. I decided to try the rose shade over the pink since rose colors do look good on me.
Modern Metals face pallet. I know another face item and this is from their Modern Metals collection. I was not feeling for any shadows from them this time so this was something that caught my eye. It has three blushes and three highlights so good to try something new.
Daily Hydration Moisturizer: I did say I wanted to try new moisturizers and this was one of them. I never tried E. L. F.’s skin care which I heard hits and misses with some items but hoping this will work out with my skin especially with how cold it gets here since I am thinking that is why Celestial doesn’t work as much.
Brow and Lash Gel: Needed a new one for my work makeup kit!

Well, guys, that is it for this entire haul! I know it was long even with the Ulta part but hey I wanted to share with what I got. Beauty is what I love and it’s been forever that I have done a beauty haul on here. Hoping I get to add another haul post so stay tuned! Until next time! Stay tuned for the next post which is my favorites for November and December!

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