Beauty: BoxyCharm January 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with something that has been forever that I’ve haven’t gotten!

Boxy Charm January 2019!

Yes! It’s back! My Boxy Charm is back! Like with Ipsy I had to unsubscribe due to how my parents thought it was me doing the draining of someone’s account. I am glad that I have to worry about my own account and now I’m working so I finally got it back. I have heard so many good things coming into Boxy Charm that I had to get it back. Like always it’s $21.00 a month except Florida gets taxed so we pay $22.00 instead. It is worth it since this tends to have four to five full-size high end to luxury products in this box unlike Ipsy having more deluxe sized items and they are a mix of prestige, drugstore, indie, and luxury. Plus, now they change up box contents to make it more unique, even though it did happen sometimes in the past when I was with them. Let’s see what I got!

Brioggio Leave-In Conditioner Spray: First is a hair product and it’s by Brioggio! I never tried this brand, even though I have gotten the hair mask that was very famous by these guys except I gave that to my mom. I have heard good things about this brand and when I found out about this leave-in being in the box, I was kind of curious. My hair tends to become a frizzy mess and this can help with that even after I wash my hair every Sunday and have been using one with coconut oil so this will be even more fun since it has both Argon and coconut oils along with B-Vitamins. Hope it works out!
Tacha Nourishing Sheet Masks: I have tried a sheet mask when I used to be subscribed to this box years ago but it was so slimy that I mentioned that it was like Nickelodeon made a face mask when I reviewed it and it’s still on their website by the way, Boxy’s I mean. Now I got two of these at a $24 value because they included two instead of one and they cost $12 each. I am wearing one right now since I am writing the rest of this post on a Saturday due to being exhausted from a long week. So far so good it is not as slimy as the other one. I heard good things about this brand and how they use more of food ingredients in their stuff and these masks are supposed to include rice germ oil, botanical oils, and vitamins and major absorption for the skin. I find it smelling good too. If these masks go well, I think I will get another brand of masks as a dupe since my skin is sensitive and maybe other brands are available for sensitive skin. It would help me out with my dry skin due to how the weather can go from hot to cold here on the coast.

Added Note! I just finished using the mask and rubbed in the oils and man it feels nice and cooling! I did say it was not as bad as the last one I tried.
Ofra Everlasting Lipstick: Another Ofra product and is another Everlasting Liquid Lipstick! I got into these through an Ipsy offer many moons ago and glad to get them in Boxy since I love the formula and I find them WAY better than a Brand-That-Has-Super-Dry-Ones! In Boxy this month, you were going to either get a Bite lipstick which I wished I gotten instead because I wanted to try more of their stuff, Smith & Colt or Ofra. I think most people got Ofra’s liquid lipstick more than the other two which is interesting for a box that offers other choices. I am not mad, I think the shade everyone has gotten so far is Havana Nights which is the color Kathleen Lights created with Ofra since the brand is originally from Miami and they asked to collaborate with them years ago. I was meaning to try this color out for a long time and even happier to get it finally!
Star Looks Mechanical Eyeliner: Next is another product that has different variations is that this month you either got an eyeliner from Star Looks or a brow pencil from Billion Dollar Brows and I was glad to get the eye pencil. I remembered in the past I have tried Star Looks’ eye pencils and enjoyed them and was happy to see a new one in the box this month. I have one eye pencil in black already open so I will put this with the other many eye pencils I have.
Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume 3 Pallet: Final item in the box is a Tarte eye shadow pallet from their Rainforest of the Sea collection and this is the Volume 3 pallet from that range. I rarely buy from Tarte, the only things I have were the Grav3yard Girl pallet and the set of four blushes they did for holiday and afterwards never bought from them again due to how I wasn’t that interested in them due to not having that many interesting products. I did hear the Clay Play 2 pallet is great but doesn’t catch my eye. Plus the holiday collection they did with the tropical theme didn’t even catch my eye because it felt out of season. Not sure if this pallet will get me interested in them again but it is pretty cute pallet from what I am noticing. It has eight shadows with seven micro shimmers and one matte which kind of screams Urban Decay since the Naked pallets have a lot of shades with micro shimmer and at least the rest matte, even the Elements pallet have two or three mattes and rest were metallic and shimmery. I am still going to try this pallet out and see how it goes. It is something nice to try after knowing that Boxy always has at least one type of pallet in their box every month now.

That is it for this post and not bad of a return either! I am glad to start getting this box again after not being with it for three years since with Ipsy it has been two. One thing I do have to say is with makeup even if you have a big or small collection, don’t let people get you down about it. To me with my own stuff I see it as a new creative outlet due to being blind and not being able to draw again. Plus, it’s fun even with these subscriptions you get to try brands you never heard of or try their newer products and even see what’s new with them. So, just enjoy it! I can’t wait to see what February holds despite it probably having the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara from what I heard but I can’t wait to see what else may be contained in the box. I hope it is something for a Valentine’s Day night out which would make sense for the box since a lot of men and women love to make themselves look extra pretty for the big night. Let’s see what it holds!

That is it for this post! Stay tuned for more things to come! I will be having my Ipsy soon hopefully since I want to see what nail polish and shadow I will be receiving! Until next time!

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