Beauty: Ipsy January 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! Sorry for keeping you guys waiting on everything, I was sick with a sinus infection and my Ipsy didn’t arrive until today so let’s get to it!

Ipsy January 2019!

A new year has arrived for Ipsy and I am so excited since I did get back into this subscription last July. I am glad to see what 2019 brings to Ipsy since this month is not a bad bag with what they chose for me. I did change my profile again this month for next month to include sheet masks since it looks like all thanks to the Tachia ones from Boxy I am interested in them. I will also be planning to do a skin care shopping run to Ulta since I hear good things about Tony Moley and other brands of masks. Let’s see how this bag goes!

Ella Eden Eye Shadow in Willow: First up is an eye shadow from the brand Ella Eden. This is a pressed shadow and it is supposed to be much pigmented, easy to blend, and fade proof for hours on end. Ipsy subscribers who get this would either get Willow which is a burgundy color or Julia which is a fawn matte color. I got Willow and was hoping to get this one because of how I have gotten some burgundy outfits in my professional clothing lately. I will have to test this shadow out when I go back to work tomorrow and it’s pretty decent sized for what I got in this bag since I don’t go through an eye shadow pretty easily from Ipsy when I first get it. It’s hard to pan a shadow sometimes. I will see how it goes. I also got a brush set from this brand through their Ipsy Offers page so I will see how those work out too which a good thing about being in the subscription you can try out other products by the brands they include on their Offers and Shopper pages by buying through there and glad to see what else they have. I will see how the brushes turn out when I get them.
Hempz Ultra Nourishing Herbal Lip Balm: Another lip balm product and it’s pretty full-size when I got it. I never heard of Hempz before until I got this item. Good thing is that it squeezes out more easily than the lip balm I got last month. This is made with all natural hemp seed oil which is very interesting and I have heard about the benefits of this oil too. It is also paraben free, THC free, and also cruelty-free which is good for anyone on that side. I will see how it works with me as time goes on since when I first put it on when I got back from the mailbox I noticed it was a sunscreen like oil with the scent. I did try my Mana Kadar lip gloss on top of it and it went on a lot better than on top of my Lip Smackers lip balm since the Mana Kadar lip gloss from the Lip Glossary I got recently are a bit of a drier formula than I am used to. I will see how this little lip balm goes since I do love trying out new brands of lip balm from Ipsy.
Color Club Nail Polish in Williamsburg: I have missed receiving nail polish in Ipsy and glad to get one in this month’s bag. I have heard of Color Club here and there and glad to see how this brand is like. This brand is founded by women and was created in New York which this makes it better since it comes from an American company. People either got Feverish which is a deep, vampy red which I wouldn’t have minded one bit since I do go through the phase of red nails time to time but the shade I got which you sometimes see me wear in person the most is blue and I got the polish in Williamsburg which is a shimmery, navy blue color! Blue nail polish was always the shade I wore even if my mom complained about me having too much of it in my collection. I am known as Mari Blue Cat after all. Anyways, I can’t wait to see how this formula comes out on my nails since some of the polishes I have gotten in the past from either Ipsy or Boxy is that they chip by the next day and I hope that doesn’t happen with this one either. I did pick up a nail set from Space Case Cosmetics through Ipsy because it did feature a navy blue in that and can’t wait to try out their nail polishes either which I am painting my nails in Merman Tears.
Illamasqua Coloring Pencil in Honor: Next is from a brand I hardly hear much about anymore and it’s Illamasqua except on Beauty News. This is an eyeliner pencil that is a nude color, I heard it’s a dark brown but I will have to see how it goes. It says I can use it as a soft color for the office or go bold for a night out. I am so glad that I got a nude eye pencil since it is so hard to find a good nude eye pencil anymore. I used the Maybelline one which made my eyes water and the pencil didn’t sharpen as much, whenever I put it through my Revlon sharpener it always broke with a new lead. So, I will see how this works out and I am hoping to get more nude liners from Ipsy or Boxy because they do have the other colors which is nice and all but we need a nude pencil time to time.
The Balm Alternative Rock Blush Vol. 2 in Bare Minimum: I love getting to try out more stuff by The Balm and this time it’s a blush! Except it looks like more of an eye shadow sample which I wish it was full-size with the face products in my opinion. I am happy to try this product out if I can fit a blush brush into this thing. It claims that this is a triple milled product that is never streaky and it is a matte peach blush to help with the glow from within to be brought out. I think I should try this out tomorrow as well and see how it goes. I do love getting blushes in Ipsy and I hope they keep going with offering them.

I forgot to mention my extras this month since I did get two full size ones and one deluxe! The deluxe is a Naked Cosmetics pigment if I remembered correctly. I wanted to try this brand for the longest time and never got an item from them in my Ipsy bag. I was tempted to get one of the pigment sets a while back though. I did get the highlighter pallet which features six colors in that which I wished it was in an envelope not a big box because it was so small and waste of cardboard in my opinion. I have to see what this pigment is all about. I did get the Ofra highlight in Rodeo Drive! When I saw this offered I knew I had to snatch it up because I heard so many good things about this highlight! I do have a pan of Blissful which is their rose gold shade in their holiday set that they made as an Ulta exclusive two years ago and I love it! Now I have Rodeo Drive and this highlight was in the Boxy Lux from what I heard which is interesting. Well, Ofra does get given out in both subscriptions so I wouldn’t be surprised after getting Havana Nights in my Boxy this month. And the other item was something I wanted to get in the Ipsy Shopper a month back but it disappeared until it was in the extras area this month and that is the Colour Pop Holiday 2017 Pallet! I know it sounds weird to hear that Ipsy offered a pallet from the past but when I saw the All I See Is Magic Pallet pop up on the Shopper page last month I wanted to pick it up with the shades in it which makes it an interesting pallet. I do love the pressed shadow formula that they have released and this is a pallet that features fifteen shades in it. I have to find a color description list to add to my big Word Document since I am so glad to finally get this after it vanished on the Ipsy website. I should try it with one of my videos maybe a Makeup Story Time or something, let’s see since I am waiting on a new vanity stool because mine broke out of nowhere.

Well, that’s it for this month’s Ipsy! Glad to get another Balm product since I do like their stuff! Also, glad to get another nail polish since it’s been forever that I got any nail polishes and trust me seeing the gorgeous shades they give out makes I wish they could have included them when I do love nail polish. I will see how this goes. I can’t wait to see what February brings since you know Valentine’s Day with nights out and sometimes pampering oneself does help and hoping with adding on sheet masks would give me new skin care to look forward to. Also, did mention wash off masks too since I do like the ones from Lush and seeing how those would go too.

That is it for this post! I will get up the Jennifer Hale interview up for you guys, I know it’s been hectic with me being sick and out of work, plus Gondras couldn’t post the last few videos from Matsuri yet which I need to get him on that since Omni Fandom Expo will be here soon and I got to do the Convention Spotlight on that. Make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for everything coming up! Until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the vast universe!

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