Convention Quadrant: Spotlight on Omni Fandom Expo 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! I am here with a Convention Spotlight!


Convention: Omni Fandom Expo Year 6

Dates: March 15th-17th, 2019

Location: Florida Hotel & Conference Center in Orlando, FL


Yes, it’s another year of Omni Fandom Expo and I am very excited! We have been doing press for them since their first year in 2014. I still remember how we were asked by them to do press for them and now five years later we’re still doing it. Let’s get started in talking about them!


Hotel: The convention will be at the Florida Hotel & Conference Center at the Florida Mall. We will be staying this year for our first time since Gondras and I have moved out of town and it would be easier. They just ended their convention discount for rooms. Glad we jumped on to it. As you guys know this hotel is connected to the Florida Mall which is our biggest mall in town. They have many shops like MAC, Macy’s, Lush Cosmetics, and so on in case if you need to make a shopping trip or want places to eat they also have Ruby Tuesday, Joey Fatone’s, and even a sushi place in the mall. Of course there are other places to eat around the area like Chick Fil A and Wendy’s. Also, if you did get the convention discount, you do get a free pass and ticket to the Crystal Carnivale which you must show your receipt.


New Events Added:  Voltron Sleep Over which is a sleep over event with people cosplaying as our favorite paladins for this event. You can come in your usual clothes or in pajamas. The Avengers Line: A Musical Parody is also going to be happening during that weekend where Mr. Fury puts your favorite heroes through an audition of singing, dancing, and fighting and probably some villains too! Other events include the Crystal Carnival, Café Au Lait, and even Sawa returning for another performance, speaking of which!


Guests: Returning for another year is of course Paul St. Peter and in time for having fans bringing Kingdom Hearts 3 which we will and have course Derek Steven Prince! Sawa is returning for another year of performing and can’t wait to see what she has for the stage! New guests this year includes Tia Ballard who plays Happy in Fairy Tail, yay! Matt Shipman and Brittney Landau!


How can you check out the events and other things for Omni this year? Here of course:


Make sure you check out Sawa’s performance during Saturday’s event during the convention because it’s something you don’t want to miss.


So, that completes this small spotlight on Omni Fandom Expo! I can’t wait for this year’s event and we are stepping our game for this year’s event and don’t want to reveal it until the videos so you better follow us on Twitter for the latest info! What is next? My favorites for January and February! Stay tuned!

Movies: Alita: Battle Angel Review

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe. I am back and with a movie review.

Alita: Battle Angel

This past weekend Gondras and I caught the new

This movie takes place in the twenty-sixth century where a floating city named Zolem survives something known as the Fall. We are in Iron City where the story is told and we meet Dr. Ida where he finds the torso and the head of a cyborg girl in the trash heaps and finds out her brain is still in tact. After bringing her back to life and naming her Alita, Alita must remember who she was and know what she has to become and able to help her new father and her new love interest, Hugo, in order to survive in Zolem and fight any other cyborg. Aalita movie and it was due to Movie Bob reviewing it. I know Ghost In the Shell was not a success at the box office and some people were skeptical about this one and well I was all in for it because Heroine Worship by. Sarah Kune mentioned this title since the main character, Aveta loved reading this title when she was younger and compared herself to her. When I heard that this was going to be movie I was happy. I am going to do this review a little differently since I am an anime fan and have been one since nine years old, I am doing this from someone who has not seen nor read the riginal source material since I went in with an open mind. First I must do this!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and observations of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts because they aren’t the same as everyone else’s.

This movie is set in the twentieth-sixth century where floating cities exist, well a floating city by the name of Zolem survived an event known as the Fall. People of Iron City dream of living there but the only way of getting there is becoming the True Champion. One thing that falls to Iron City is old trash and one day Dr. Ida stumbles upon a head and a torso of a girl with her brain intact. He takes her back and replaces her cyborg parts to revive her and she has no memory of who she was nor what she was and where she was during the Fall either.

After meeting Hugo, she starts knowing about girls being tragetted and killed on the streets and other many things like a sport that she starts competing in and other cyborgs trying to hurt her and Dr. Ida who has been a Warrior Hunter underneath and as she starts fighting for him and Hugo she starts learning about old memories of who and what she was, a warrior herself.

Thoughts: This movie was very good and despite its issues and somewhat of a mess it was cared for even with the source material. This movie was adapted from the manga and anime along with OVAs on top of it and like most movies being adapted from a cartoon or anime series crunching a lot of episodes into a two hours plus film can be an issue but this was done very well.

We have to thank James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez for doing a great job on this and having excellent teamwork on this. Cameron is known for Aavatar and Titanic while Rodriguez is known for Spy Kids, Machete, and Shark Boy & Lava Girl except this movie is beyond the scope of those movies Rodriguez has done. I have to say it was a great thing that the wait to do this movie was well worth it because if we had gotten it earlier it would have been a complete mess and not do well at the box office and we would not get any sequels. I think Rodriguez coming in was the better choice because he and Cameron did handle this with care and gave us something new and different and gave us something whole rather than a half assed mess. I wish these two would adapt the Evangelion as a movie or even the Rebuild movies into live-action or other anime films and series because they not only shown what happens in a post apocalyptic world to life with beautiful CGI but also characters that you can relate to.

Speaking f characters, the cyborgs were really well designed and loved how Gondras described some of them along with the audio description,, which did work for me this time, even Alita herself was well designed. People cracked on her for the eyes but when you look at a cyborg she is supposed to be a little doll-like and you see it with the other cyborgs taking on doll-like apperaances, even Zzapan wheere he always cared about his face for example. Then of course the weapons they use like the one cyborg who had mantis arms as her weapons. These designs are just amazing. Another bit is the CGI having a real quality to it. I think they had the motion cap actors take on that real look like an actual person walking next to each other. One example is the scene with Hugo and Alita together after her upgrade where he gives her a touch along her arm and she feels it and she feels it. I don’t know what kind of tech they are using but they need to pass it onto other fil studios because CGI in other works need some work. Or at least an overhaul. Not only that with the CGI, the fight chorography that was used in this film was amazing and felt like the audio description couldn’t keep up. You can tell that time was put into this film and was well taken care of over the years because this movie is an action flick so we need great fight scenes. I did say it take on the original material very well.

Cons: I did talk about the pros and now for the cons. We did notice that some people had issues with the ending taking too long than it should be. Yes, there should be some great stopping points but this is a film that brings people into the world and introduces the characters and the villain like most films do. I have a feeling with how it ended that a sequel will be done with how much was put into it and did hear the manga is pretty long but I think they did a good job with what they put into it and did not do what Shamalan did. If you remembered Last Airbender and how bad that was a storytelling mess without personality you can see this movie was far from that.

Some people did have issues with the whole telling the story through action and having exposition being explained. Got to remember that this is being adapted from a manga series and anime and anime does a lot of that. For instance, using one of my favorite titles, Elfen Lied with explaining what Lucy was in the first episode. As in using just using the creepy atmosphere of coming at you and the other characters as she escapes and taking out people to show her power says “Oh crap! She is a threat! Run!” With Alita, in one scene when she remembers her first piece of her past she starts fighting when the situation got rough. This spells out, “Oh crap! She fights too?” I would say if you are not into anime, go into this movie with an open mind and remember that this story is told with action and points explained that are imperative to the sotry.

And now Hugo! People had issues with him as a character because how he shows up out of nowhere as the love interest. Sometimes this does happen in a lot of movies, even anime sometimes shows some random person being the random love interest. Look at Titanic with Jack showing up and that romance between him and Rose starting. I did love it how Hugo introduced Alita to chocolate because she was acting like a girl at that moment and even more around him as the film went on until the climax. This does show how a cyborg can act human besides the robot parts and it gave Alita a nice piece of innocence. I do agree with Bob that this does fit in the idea of being meant for teenage girls being in the audience even if they haven’t gotten into the anime in the first place. Heck, you see that rebellious side to Alita throughout the film even when she wanted to go against Ida in order to protect him. I did love how she acted towards the guys on the Motor Ball court and I do like that nice futuristic spin on basketball.

Rating: 4.5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! It was hard to see about giving a four or five but I met in between. This was a film to enjoy because of not only its visuals but the storytelling as well. I am glad that Cameron and Rodriguez partenred up for this project and came up with a great finished film. I am hoping this film does well at the box offices because it does a bit of sequel bait to work with and I want to see more of this movie series. If this film does become succssful that would bring more anime films to live-action. I was hoping Voltron being one of them and if that happened I think it would be interesting taking on Legendary Defender. Not only that bring that long-awaited Evangelion film since that was thrown out years ago. I think some of the studios that done the adaptations should take notes because of how well done it was put together despite the ending being clunky but of course how the characters interacted with each other. As in, Alita acting more human and how she interacted with the cyborgs, Ida, and Hugo even her hatred towards Vector. I am also thinking that Cameron and Rodriguez should keep working on more projects due to how well they cared for source material and used a big budget to create something golden. That is why I am giving this movie the Star Paw Print of Approval with how well it was made, how they used their tech to create the CGI, and so much more. Hey, can we get an Alita world next? I am just saying!

Well, that is it for this review! Man, it felt good to get back to writing movie reviews! Next will be my Omni Fandom Expo Spotlight! Stay tuned guys!

Ipsy: February 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds on a post Valentine’s Day! I am back with Ipsy!

Ipsy February 2019!

It is here and glad it was early. Well, the thing is I didn’t get any extras except for one item with my points and that’s it. Reason being is that someone used my bank card to buy stuff on Amazon and I had to get a new card and it didn’t arrive until a few days after the sneak peek happened. So, I feel like I was getting my July bag all over again but hey I was getting my bag in on time. This month had some different products and like my Boxy I didn’t get eye shadow which is new since almost every month I did. Let’s see what I got instead of eye shadow like every month?

Doucce Fierce and Fine Graphic Pen in Black: First is an eyeliner pen from Doucce and of course it’s in black. It’s been a while since I got a pen liner and glad to get another one. I did remember getting eyeliners from this brand before and haven’t used them yet. I guess I will use this one for work since there are times where I would like to do a thin line for my look. Plus, I have to test it for the review.
Marc Anthony Strengthening Grow Long Anti-Breaking Hair Mask: Yay! Another hair care product from Marc Anthony! I am, still trying to find that heat protectant but this is something that made me curious and happy to try in this month’s bag. This is from their Grow Long line where their shampoo, conditioners, and other things are made with caffeine in the product. I have used the Grow Long Spray for a while and it didn’t do much which it’s supposed to with this mask is supposed to get rid of dry, brittle hair and has the combination of caffeine and ginseng to create elasticity in the hair. It is supposed to help it grow long by repairing and protecting it. I hope this does work because I have been trying to grow my hair for years! Let’s see what it does for it because they gave me a good size deluxe sample.
Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara: Next is a mascara sample and happy about it! Ever since I have seen so many mascaras being given out for the past few months even years I was hoping for a sample of them until this one from Eyeko. I have heard good things about this brand, even when it came to the eyeliner I hear good things about. I love trying new mascaras to get a feel for the formula and this is a good way of doing so. I am glad I got this and the Too Faced one in my Boxy Charm this month. I am going to see how this little mascara works on my lashes.
Inara Cosmo Beauty Nail Polish in Pulse: Yay! Another nail polish and this time its red! Ohhh! Last month I did get a nail polish from Color Club and didn’t try it yet, I did try one of my Space Case ones and loved it even though trying out the Tap murdered them, which I will review that device in the Accessibility department soon and demo it on YouTube later. Anyways, it feels good to get a new nail polish to try because I never heard of this brand before so it’s a nice way to try them out and hoping they are good since there were times with some polishes from the two subscriptions I’ve been with have been not so lucky.
Laqa and Co. Prickly Pear PH Gloss: The final item is a lip gloss from Laqa & Co. I never heard of these guys either and I have to say is Ipsy you’re killing it with having indie brands in your bags. This is supposed to be one of those PH reactive glosses that get even pinker depending on your PH levels. It reminds me of that Frog Kiss lip gloss from Lipstick Queen except it starts off as a lighter pink. Even though I can’t see what pink it changes into but I will have some fun wearing this lip gloss anyways.

Well, that is it for this bag. It’s not bad for what they have chosen for me, heck I would probably pick these things anyways if they were the only ones left in the batch. I think I am looking forward to the eyeliner and mascara the most because of them being an important part in my routine. The hair mask feels great to receive since I do love hair masks and Marc Anthony is a fave brand of mine. I can’t wait what March brings for me since now I have the card thing straighten out and it sucks that someone would use my account to buy stuff on Amazon.

So, that is it for this post! Next will be the Omni Fandom Expo spotlight because this year will be a nice change for us since we are switching things up for the blog! Stay tuned!

BoxyCharm: February 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with my Boxy Charm!

Boxy Charm February 2019!

Another month of Boxy Charm and so far so good it’s looking good! There were two variations where you got one or the other of one product and one of the others when it comes to skin care and either a lip item or an eye item. Let’s get to it!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: First is what was sneaked peeked at the end of January and that is the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. I know this mascara has flaked on me but I think it was due to the sample doing it rather than a full size. I am wearing it on top of my lash gel I use from E. L. F. and it hasn’t flaked so I have to try this out for a full day and may sneak it onto my lashes tomorrow for work to get that full effect to see if it flakes. I think the sample is different from the full size product and will see if I was right.
Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter: Next is a product from a brand I never tried before and that is Pretty Vulgar. This brand is sold in Sephora and I heard good things about it and they have given stuff out in Boxy from this brand and was sad I wasn’t subscribed for those moments until now. If you got the other variation there was a bronzer and I hoped to get that since I am wanting to try new bronzers but having this highlighter too is even better since I get a full size product which makes it better. I am surprised that this is $32 and that is like two dollars less than Soft & Gentle by MAC and wanted to try that one for a while, at least I can try this brand in the meantime. I hope to get more stuff by these guys since they are a good brand from what I heard.
Touch & Soul No Problem Primer: Next is a face primer from Touch & Soul. I heard of this brand on YouTube and them Sephora carries them and funny enough Ipsy did have an offer on one of their products and that is their eye shadow sticks from what I have seen. This on the other hand is a face primer that I am curious about since I have been trying new primers and trying to keep my face from going crazy lately with the fluctuating weather. This is supposed to clear wrinkles and pores which I don’t have but moisturizes from what I hear since green tea is supposed to help hydrate skin. I have to see how this goes and starting tomorrow with it.
Pharmacy Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Cleanser: Nice! I heard good things about this brand and glad to get it. Instead of this product you could have gotten the Drunk Elephant Coco Cabana Cream but glad to get this even more due to my sensitive skin. It contains ingredients I never thought about like Tumarick, Licorice, and even brown sugar along with amino acids to help skin. This will be a good thing to try out throughout the month.
Trestique Lip Prime plus Lip Glaze: I was hoping to get the Nudesticks pencil but got this instead and not mad about it either. I almost bought this version of the lip glaze as well until I found out that there was a mini version. I think I got the shade in English Rose since most people had. This not only has the lip product but it also contains the lip primer in a magnetic bullet at the bottom. Even though I prefer my E. L. F. lip primer but I am glad to see what the full version of this product is like and in a different color.

Well that is it for this month’s box! I was hoping more of a full on date night box but at least there was skin care involved. The mascara is something I will have to try out since it is the Better than Sex mascara. The primer is going to be interesting because I have dry skin and hoping it moisturizes pretty well. The Pretty Vulgar highlight is great since I wanted to check this brand out for a while and glad to try something face related. While the Clean Bee, it makes me happy that a sensitive skin item in in this box. If I had that Lancôme makeover today, I would be so itching and wanting to take it off with this little face wash and I can’t wait to try it in the shower tonight!

So, there was a sneak peek for March’s box where Joe mentioned that we have to take our beauty quiz in order to help with the box next month and it is a few pallets that were shown. It would be interesting to see what they are and who gets what. So, until next time since I will also be doing my Omni Convention Spotlight and Ipsy 2019! Until next time!

Hauls: Skin Care, Hair Care, and Two Lipsticks With A Side of Hair Dryer from Ulta

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another haul!

Haul: Skin Care and Hair Stuff and Two Lipsticks from Ulta!

Yep, I did order from Ulta again and this time it’s skin care, some hair items, and two lipsticks! Let’s dive in shall we?

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks in Fire & Ice and Pink in the Afternoon: First, I wanted to get the makeup items out of the way. I haven’t picked up anything Revlon for a long time. I usually get their base and top coats for my nails but ever since I got to using more of the Sinful top and base coats I haven’t gone back to them. I also used to get their nail polishes, and did get a mascara from them a while back. Another item were the Super Lustrous Lipsticks and I still have them despite how old they are and they are Fuchsia Fusion and Iced Mocha. I loved how creamy those lipsticks were and even used one with one of my cosplays. I felt I haven’t gotten some in a long time and I decided to meet the free shipping bit with two of these and they were doing buy one get one half off on these and I got Fire & Ice and a popular one for many Pink In the Afternoon. Now I am hearing “Nine in the Afternoon” by Panic at the Disco. There were so many to choose from and figured these two would suit me the most and I have missed these. Revlon has not been too popular lately even though they get big stars to represent them. Not sure what’s going on.
Sheet Masks from Tony Moley, Mimi Box, and Yes to: Next is something I was glad to pick up and that I have gotten new skin care items. I am known for getting more sensitive skin stuff but stick to moisturizer but all thanks to trying out the Tacha Sheet Masks that came in my Boxy Charm last month I wanted to get more. I had given these a bad review all thanks to one being slimy that was in Boxy and gave a set of three away that came in my June box that same year since I didn’t like that slimy one and felt bad I didn’t give them another chance. I did give them another chance and found them awesome because of how moist my skin has gotten. It also makes sense since I have moved to a coastal town where winter is harsh on my skin, trust me the coldest that it has gotten here was 51 degrees and I stayed inside at work and home. Knowing summer won’t be better with how hot it does get on the beach side of town. Anyways, I got masks from Tony Moley after hearing getting good reviews on What’s Up In Makeup even from Vivi, Yes TO since I have really good things about them and Mimi Box which is a Korean Beauty brand and I have heard good things about K Beauty especially with skin care. I can’t wait to try these out, I am trying the Yes to Tomatoes Acne fighting one because I have gotten a zit on my chin and a few whiteheads that need to go away. Not only that, thank you Ipsy for putting a set of twelve masks for me to buy too since now I am loving sheet masks. If you’re wondering what I got in the other two brands, here they are:

Tony Moley:

I’m Real Aloe Mask
I’m Real Tea Tree
I’m Real Green Tea

Other Yes To: Coconut Hydrating Mask

Memvox (Sorry for bad spelling): I Dew Care Keep Calm Hydrate on Sheet Mask which I am excited about since I never tried Korean Beauty. I bet you’re wondering, Tacha is more of a Japanese brand from what I heard.

I hope these work out and will update on the Tomatoes Acne one when favorites come up.

ConAir Style Starters Teal Hair Dryer: I know it’s weird to hear that I got one of these since I sometimes am a little weirded out about hair dryers since my mom used to use one on my bangs every morning before school. She was so obsessed with straightening my hair early on even tried using a John Frida product that didn’t work out because she was supposed to blow dry my hair to make it work and didn’t want to listen to me when I read the packaging when I was ten. Anyways, Reason for this purchase is that I am having issues straightening my hair to full on straight. I always have major crimping after straightening on the sides, top part, sometimes at the bottom, and on one side part as well. So, asked what’s up in Make Up for answers and found out I was supposed to wash my hair then blow dry it and then straighten it with a flat iron. I did remember Walmart did this when I got it done there. I don’t get it done there because it’s pricey to do it all the time and better to just buy the items for yourself and do it at home. Plus, you can get salon quality hair hair products in drugstores now. I almost went with the orange Infinity one but saw this teal one on sale and the rating was the same rating as the Infinity one. Plus, ConAir is a pretty good company, even my mom still has a curling wand from them. I will have to try this method out and see how it goes because it’s not easy straightening your hair on your own as a blind person. I am waiting for news on straightening irons on Ipsy Offers since they used to offer them but only do curling wands at the moment. Sorry, I find it weird that I have curly hair and don’t need a curling wand in my opinion.
Revlon Perfect Round Brush: Another Revlon item and that is their perfect round brush. Remember when I got that Hot Tools one? Well, it was like this but not with the vents. I didn’t want to spend money on another Hot Tools one when I returned it. When I saw this one I noticed the ratings were pretty good and had to see how good it is and it was around $9. This thing is bigger from the classic round brushes you tend to see and still see in my mom’s drawer. I will use this with my hair dryer since this is meant to be used to help get the heat styling benefits and help smooth hair out. I can see why since my hair is a frizzy mess after washing my hair. Let’s see how it goes!
Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Blow Dry Cream: Final item is from Marc Anthony Hair Care and that is the Bye Frizz Blow Dry Cream! I think I got something similar to this in Ipsy since that is how I tried this brand in the first place. I love their products and I am still seeing about what is going on with that heat protectant I have tried since it keeps my hair so smooth after a straight, well smooth OT the touch. I decided since I am getting a hair dryer I need something to help protect my hair while doing so and found this. I hope it works out since so far so good with the Bye Bye Frizz line it has been helping my hair out. I wished this brand was around twenty years ago because it was tiring trying to get my hair straight in so many ways. Even with so many pins and a can that was empty and used as a curler, I was that tired. Hey, now I have better products and tools.

Well, that is it for this haul. I do have other products to come from Ulta and may talk about them! So, definitely will be back with my Convention Spotlight on Omni this year, hoping to get the last two Holiday Matsuri videos, also Ipsy and Boxy Charm and Favorites. Stay tuned!