Hauls: Skin Care, Hair Care, and Two Lipsticks With A Side of Hair Dryer from Ulta

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another haul!

Haul: Skin Care and Hair Stuff and Two Lipsticks from Ulta!

Yep, I did order from Ulta again and this time it’s skin care, some hair items, and two lipsticks! Let’s dive in shall we?

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks in Fire & Ice and Pink in the Afternoon: First, I wanted to get the makeup items out of the way. I haven’t picked up anything Revlon for a long time. I usually get their base and top coats for my nails but ever since I got to using more of the Sinful top and base coats I haven’t gone back to them. I also used to get their nail polishes, and did get a mascara from them a while back. Another item were the Super Lustrous Lipsticks and I still have them despite how old they are and they are Fuchsia Fusion and Iced Mocha. I loved how creamy those lipsticks were and even used one with one of my cosplays. I felt I haven’t gotten some in a long time and I decided to meet the free shipping bit with two of these and they were doing buy one get one half off on these and I got Fire & Ice and a popular one for many Pink In the Afternoon. Now I am hearing “Nine in the Afternoon” by Panic at the Disco. There were so many to choose from and figured these two would suit me the most and I have missed these. Revlon has not been too popular lately even though they get big stars to represent them. Not sure what’s going on.
Sheet Masks from Tony Moley, Mimi Box, and Yes to: Next is something I was glad to pick up and that I have gotten new skin care items. I am known for getting more sensitive skin stuff but stick to moisturizer but all thanks to trying out the Tacha Sheet Masks that came in my Boxy Charm last month I wanted to get more. I had given these a bad review all thanks to one being slimy that was in Boxy and gave a set of three away that came in my June box that same year since I didn’t like that slimy one and felt bad I didn’t give them another chance. I did give them another chance and found them awesome because of how moist my skin has gotten. It also makes sense since I have moved to a coastal town where winter is harsh on my skin, trust me the coldest that it has gotten here was 51 degrees and I stayed inside at work and home. Knowing summer won’t be better with how hot it does get on the beach side of town. Anyways, I got masks from Tony Moley after hearing getting good reviews on What’s Up In Makeup even from Vivi, Yes TO since I have really good things about them and Mimi Box which is a Korean Beauty brand and I have heard good things about K Beauty especially with skin care. I can’t wait to try these out, I am trying the Yes to Tomatoes Acne fighting one because I have gotten a zit on my chin and a few whiteheads that need to go away. Not only that, thank you Ipsy for putting a set of twelve masks for me to buy too since now I am loving sheet masks. If you’re wondering what I got in the other two brands, here they are:

Tony Moley:

I’m Real Aloe Mask
I’m Real Tea Tree
I’m Real Green Tea

Other Yes To: Coconut Hydrating Mask

Memvox (Sorry for bad spelling): I Dew Care Keep Calm Hydrate on Sheet Mask which I am excited about since I never tried Korean Beauty. I bet you’re wondering, Tacha is more of a Japanese brand from what I heard.

I hope these work out and will update on the Tomatoes Acne one when favorites come up.

ConAir Style Starters Teal Hair Dryer: I know it’s weird to hear that I got one of these since I sometimes am a little weirded out about hair dryers since my mom used to use one on my bangs every morning before school. She was so obsessed with straightening my hair early on even tried using a John Frida product that didn’t work out because she was supposed to blow dry my hair to make it work and didn’t want to listen to me when I read the packaging when I was ten. Anyways, Reason for this purchase is that I am having issues straightening my hair to full on straight. I always have major crimping after straightening on the sides, top part, sometimes at the bottom, and on one side part as well. So, asked what’s up in Make Up for answers and found out I was supposed to wash my hair then blow dry it and then straighten it with a flat iron. I did remember Walmart did this when I got it done there. I don’t get it done there because it’s pricey to do it all the time and better to just buy the items for yourself and do it at home. Plus, you can get salon quality hair hair products in drugstores now. I almost went with the orange Infinity one but saw this teal one on sale and the rating was the same rating as the Infinity one. Plus, ConAir is a pretty good company, even my mom still has a curling wand from them. I will have to try this method out and see how it goes because it’s not easy straightening your hair on your own as a blind person. I am waiting for news on straightening irons on Ipsy Offers since they used to offer them but only do curling wands at the moment. Sorry, I find it weird that I have curly hair and don’t need a curling wand in my opinion.
Revlon Perfect Round Brush: Another Revlon item and that is their perfect round brush. Remember when I got that Hot Tools one? Well, it was like this but not with the vents. I didn’t want to spend money on another Hot Tools one when I returned it. When I saw this one I noticed the ratings were pretty good and had to see how good it is and it was around $9. This thing is bigger from the classic round brushes you tend to see and still see in my mom’s drawer. I will use this with my hair dryer since this is meant to be used to help get the heat styling benefits and help smooth hair out. I can see why since my hair is a frizzy mess after washing my hair. Let’s see how it goes!
Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Blow Dry Cream: Final item is from Marc Anthony Hair Care and that is the Bye Frizz Blow Dry Cream! I think I got something similar to this in Ipsy since that is how I tried this brand in the first place. I love their products and I am still seeing about what is going on with that heat protectant I have tried since it keeps my hair so smooth after a straight, well smooth OT the touch. I decided since I am getting a hair dryer I need something to help protect my hair while doing so and found this. I hope it works out since so far so good with the Bye Bye Frizz line it has been helping my hair out. I wished this brand was around twenty years ago because it was tiring trying to get my hair straight in so many ways. Even with so many pins and a can that was empty and used as a curler, I was that tired. Hey, now I have better products and tools.

Well, that is it for this haul. I do have other products to come from Ulta and may talk about them! So, definitely will be back with my Convention Spotlight on Omni this year, hoping to get the last two Holiday Matsuri videos, also Ipsy and Boxy Charm and Favorites. Stay tuned!

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