Ipsy: February 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds on a post Valentine’s Day! I am back with Ipsy!

Ipsy February 2019!

It is here and glad it was early. Well, the thing is I didn’t get any extras except for one item with my points and that’s it. Reason being is that someone used my bank card to buy stuff on Amazon and I had to get a new card and it didn’t arrive until a few days after the sneak peek happened. So, I feel like I was getting my July bag all over again but hey I was getting my bag in on time. This month had some different products and like my Boxy I didn’t get eye shadow which is new since almost every month I did. Let’s see what I got instead of eye shadow like every month?

Doucce Fierce and Fine Graphic Pen in Black: First is an eyeliner pen from Doucce and of course it’s in black. It’s been a while since I got a pen liner and glad to get another one. I did remember getting eyeliners from this brand before and haven’t used them yet. I guess I will use this one for work since there are times where I would like to do a thin line for my look. Plus, I have to test it for the review.
Marc Anthony Strengthening Grow Long Anti-Breaking Hair Mask: Yay! Another hair care product from Marc Anthony! I am, still trying to find that heat protectant but this is something that made me curious and happy to try in this month’s bag. This is from their Grow Long line where their shampoo, conditioners, and other things are made with caffeine in the product. I have used the Grow Long Spray for a while and it didn’t do much which it’s supposed to with this mask is supposed to get rid of dry, brittle hair and has the combination of caffeine and ginseng to create elasticity in the hair. It is supposed to help it grow long by repairing and protecting it. I hope this does work because I have been trying to grow my hair for years! Let’s see what it does for it because they gave me a good size deluxe sample.
Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara: Next is a mascara sample and happy about it! Ever since I have seen so many mascaras being given out for the past few months even years I was hoping for a sample of them until this one from Eyeko. I have heard good things about this brand, even when it came to the eyeliner I hear good things about. I love trying new mascaras to get a feel for the formula and this is a good way of doing so. I am glad I got this and the Too Faced one in my Boxy Charm this month. I am going to see how this little mascara works on my lashes.
Inara Cosmo Beauty Nail Polish in Pulse: Yay! Another nail polish and this time its red! Ohhh! Last month I did get a nail polish from Color Club and didn’t try it yet, I did try one of my Space Case ones and loved it even though trying out the Tap murdered them, which I will review that device in the Accessibility department soon and demo it on YouTube later. Anyways, it feels good to get a new nail polish to try because I never heard of this brand before so it’s a nice way to try them out and hoping they are good since there were times with some polishes from the two subscriptions I’ve been with have been not so lucky.
Laqa and Co. Prickly Pear PH Gloss: The final item is a lip gloss from Laqa & Co. I never heard of these guys either and I have to say is Ipsy you’re killing it with having indie brands in your bags. This is supposed to be one of those PH reactive glosses that get even pinker depending on your PH levels. It reminds me of that Frog Kiss lip gloss from Lipstick Queen except it starts off as a lighter pink. Even though I can’t see what pink it changes into but I will have some fun wearing this lip gloss anyways.

Well, that is it for this bag. It’s not bad for what they have chosen for me, heck I would probably pick these things anyways if they were the only ones left in the batch. I think I am looking forward to the eyeliner and mascara the most because of them being an important part in my routine. The hair mask feels great to receive since I do love hair masks and Marc Anthony is a fave brand of mine. I can’t wait what March brings for me since now I have the card thing straighten out and it sucks that someone would use my account to buy stuff on Amazon.

So, that is it for this post! Next will be the Omni Fandom Expo spotlight because this year will be a nice change for us since we are switching things up for the blog! Stay tuned!

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