The Beauty Quadrant: New Subscription! Allure Beauty Box!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling it and I have a new subscription for you!

Allure Beauty Box!

I am now subscribed to Allure’s Beauty Box and I know it is weird to see me mention this magazine but I do admit I get emails from them every day. I tend to read the most interesting of the articles and they are accessible on my phone more than on my computer, which I don’t get why. I got interested in the box on my own, no YouTube personality said, and “This box is so amazing! Buy it!” This box is $15.00 a month, which if you first subscribe it will be $5 off. You get seven deluxe to full-size samples of makeup that gets mentioned in the magazine and they can range from high end to luxury items and I think some drugstore too since they have mentioned my favorite range of dry shampoo from Dove on their Top Sixteen Dry Shampoos list. Also, the samples are based on your beauty history with the box as in what you got in the past, which makes it interesting since Ipsy is basing off of profiles while BoxyCharm is starting to do profiles with a mix of random. This one is just on history alone. Let’s see what I got since I am a new subscriber I get different things from people who have been subscribed to this box for a while.

Aqure: Seriously Soothing Tansy Night Oil: First is a night oil from Aqure, sorry for the spelling. This is a moisturizing night time oil which contains sweet almond, hahoba, and Blue Tansy which is a type of chamomile. This is interesting! Apparently it can also be used on other parts of the boy like hair and dry spots before makeup and it is also good for sensitive skin. This would be perfect for my skin since I am sensitive and dry and have been watching out for stuff with SPF which sounds ironic for someone that lives in Florida especially on the coast. I can’t wait to try this out!
Emica Soulpud Nourishing Hair Mask: Next is a product from Emica which I hear good things about this company! This mask contains many hydrating oils like Hahoba Seed Oil, Pantenol, and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil and it’s easy to spread and just leave it on for five to seven minutes. I can’t wait to try this mask out since my hair does get dry in certain areas.
Model Co. Ice Fire Trio in Makinos: This is an eye shadow trio that contains a burgundy, a brown, and a pink champagne shadow. These are shimmery too which makes it more intense and they are everyday ones. I remembered trying blushes from ModelCo back in the past and it’s been a while since I got anything else from them in subscription boxes so this is a new item for me.
Wonder Beauty Mile High Club Mascara: Next is a mascara by the brand Wonder Beauty. I have not tried out this mascara before but had heard good things about it including good things about the brand themselves. I know we’re supposed to get a Wonder product in BoxyCharm but I haven’t gotten that yet. I can’t wait to try this item out.
Tanya Kreux Instatint Brow Gel: This is interesting to see a brow product and normally I go for clear gels or the Tame & Frame Brow Gel from NYX. This will be interesting for me to try since I never tried something from Tanya Kreux before and she is supposed to be a brow expert. Let’s see how it goes!
Tarte Tartist Quick Drying Lip Paint in Og: This is a bright purple liquid lipstick that came in my box this month. I rarely buy Tarte anything but this is a nice item to get in my box. I did just try it out and it does claim to be quick drying and you can hardly feel it on your lips. I will see how this product goes.
Mamond Rose Water Toner: Final item is the Mamond Rose Water Toner. It feels as though that rose is the theme this month for all the boxes this year for March and glad to see an item like this in my box. According to the claims, this is a very moisturizing toner and best to use after cleansing. The roses used for this toner are known as the Demasque Rose that is picked at dusk. Interesting! I will have to try this out since it’s been forever since I have used a toner, I used the Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Toner but it dried out my skin pretty badly over time and now with this one I think this will help.

That is it for this box! I am liking it so far since this is my first one after all. I find it pretty cool that this box for this month had picks by Allure Editors which makes it even great due to how the editors tried it first and feel that their readers would enjoy. I am glad to check out the Tarte liquid lipstick and the ModelCo shadow and finally getting to try out a product by Emica. I can’t wait to see what they put in my April box since I want to have this box for a while due to how I can try out luxury brands without clearing out my bank account.

That is it! Next will be Ipsy and Boxy, also our Omni Fandom Expo coverage starting with the review! Stay tuned!

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