The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm March 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds! I am back with another post for today! It is rare to have a twofer but this time it’s…

BoxyCharm March 2019!

It is finally here! This month there were delays in the box and I was always wondering when I was getting my tracking email, heck they said I was supposed to get it in a day when I didn’t. The head of BoxyCharm said that they did fix the issue and got boxes shipped out but I noticed some of my favorite people on YouTube got their first and some people got their boxes too but with the wrong pallet which I will get into now!

CoverFX Perfector Face Pallet: This was a bit of a drama item because they were basing it off of profiles this month. If you have been a Charmer for a long time they have added their own beauty quiz and I like this one more than the one Ipsy has done with the question about skin tone. They have finally put light to medium and glad I checked it when I subscribed to Boxy again. You would either get Light to Medium or Medium to Deep in this pallet and if you got the wrong one they alert you by email and give you charms because you can’t get it replaced due to the limited quantities of this pallet. I find it weird when I heard that because this pallet is supposed to be a BoxyCharm exclusive and they should have had backups just in case something happened and I did hear that the Light to Medium had less pallets than Medium to Deep which is a bit off. I hope this is the Light to Medium one since I did not get an email saying I got the wrong one and I had Seeing A. I. read some of the colors on the back and it sounds like it is the right one for me. Let me get into the pallet contents! This contains six face products which happen to be two highlighters, a blush, a contour shade, a brightening powder, and a finishing powder. This item retails for $45 and I heard good things about this brand especially the popular Brightening Drops that people hype about. I have to try this out because I never used CoverFX before and glad to try them out here in Boxy and can’t wait to try out the powders the most since I would probably use them as under eye powders rather than all over my face.
Wonder Beauty Purifying Peel Off Mask: Another item from Wonder Beauty I got in a box and it’s the Purifying Peel Off mask. I heard that peel off masks are a bad idea to use because after long time use your skin will lose its elasticity and well this is my first one. This mask is supposed to contain acai, goji berry, and blueberry extracts, green tea leaf extract, and litchi extract. It also supposed to help dull skin and lift off any impurities in the skin. When I heard about the harms of these masks it is supposed to be washed off with warm water. I am thinking, maybe I should just see about peeling it off first on my first use and then wash it off with warm water to see how both would work. I will get back to you guys either on Twitter or the next Favorites post. The retail price for this mask is $34!
Mode Brushes Face Powder and Highlight Kit: Next is a pair of brushes from Mode Brushes and that is their Powder and Highlight Kit. I am not sure if this is a part of a collection or not but this is supposed to retail for $29.99. I remembered getting a small kit of eye brushes from this company when they did an all eyes box a few years back and those were awesome brushes. Some people found the highlight brush in this flimsy but it feels fine to me while the powder brush is amazing! A little updates, I did go to Moda Brushes’ website which is a part of the Royal & Lannickel Beauty brand, this is a standalone face brush set. I will have to try these brushes out since they were a paint brush brand at first and now into beauty.
Ofra Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Monaco: Next is a past favorite and that is the Ofra Everlasting Liquid Lipstick! In this month’s box going with the rose gold theme, we got Monaco which is metallic rosy pink shade. I have not tried the metallic matte lipsticks they make but hoping it goes well. As you all know, these last long and they are much pigmented, heck I used my Havana Nights one during Omni! Plus, this item retails $20.00.
Mana Kadar Bloom Mascara: Final item is a variation item I believe and it’s from Mana Kadar. I have tried products by these guys through Ipsy and liked them pretty well, I do have their Lip Glossary and sometimes it’s hard to apply their glosses. I have not tried a mascara by these guys yet and I do like the bottle design. Apparently the claims are that kit lengthens and volumizes, also has a built in primer, and it would not leave clumps and can reach those hard to get lashes. Price for this is $29. I will see how this goes!

That is all of my products. I did just try the mask while writing this post but so far it’s not my favorite mask and it’s hard to peel off, it’s like alien skin and I had to wash the rest because I had a hard time peeling it off and it was easier washing it off. So, will be washing off for now on and can see why it was suggested to do that. If you want to join BoxyCharm, it’s $21.00 a month and if you live in Florida you will be taxed so you will pay $22 instead. You do get five full-size or deluxe size high end and luxury products. I would say, even though there is Boxy Lux which costs in the $50 range this is a better value in my opinion since you do get the brands in Boxy Lux in this box still minus Morphe, even though they are more drugstore.

So, that is it for this post! Next will be Ipsy since that will arrive tomorrow from what my shipping alerts say. Until next time!

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