The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy March 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post!

Ipsy March 2019!

It finally came in the mail and I am disappointed! Let me start with the add-ons!

Add-On Items: So, every month Ipsy offers some add-on items you can purchase in full size for $12 and deluxe for $3 and I got some items from both parts this time. Two of them happened to be in the Glam Bag Plus for March and they are the Huda Beauty Obsessions pallets and the F. A. H. R. A. Five Eye Brush Set. I got these two since they were available to add-on and since I have not tried any of the Huda shadows before I was interested in these pallets. Glam Plus people could get either the Mauve Obsessions, Coral Obsessions, or Smoky Obsessions and I picked Smoky because it is my favorite go to eye look the most since it’s simple for me without going too much into the shade names. This is normally $27 on the Huda Beauty website and glad to get one for $12 through Ipsy and it comes with nine shadows and in a mix of matte and shimmers. I do love the feel of the packaging since it’s very sturdy and I have heard good things about the shadows so hoping they are pigmented since I heard some others aren’t so pigmented. Let’s see how they go. While the brush set, I have a set of brushes from these guys and they are awesome and getting these brushes are a nice little add onto what I have. I know I will use these for shadows and probably setting powder for under the eyes and so on and they are really soft. I don’t get why they are $50 when they are so small. Oh well, I will see how these go. And the final add-on that ended up missing is a shadow from Space Case Cosmetics in Alien Love Child. I loved the nail polish I tried by them when I bought a set of polishes a while back and this was missing in my envelope. I did buy a set of shadows and Alien Love Child is in the set but I got this before the set went on the Ipsy Offers page. You know me and space themes I knew I wanted to try more products from this brand. I did contact Ipsy about my missing items, yes there’s more than one, to see what they can do.

Bag Products:

Yensa Foundation in Medium: First up is a foundation from the brand Yensa. This brand is the second brand that Jennifer Yen, who played Vipra on Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue, developed but it’s more of her cosmetics brand since Pur~Lisse is her skin care brand. This brand is also containing more skin care ingredients like…SPF…dun dun dun! I can’t use this foundation because of it containing SPF 50 from what I remembered. Yes I do live in Florida where the sun is terrible for the skin but I am not always in the sun and I don’t always go to the beach either since I now live on the coast. The thing is that SPF infused makeup messes up my skin since it’s so sensitive. I am going to donate this foundation to the Personal Management instructor since she does teach makeup techniques and knowing someone will benefit from this foundation more than me.
Royal & Langnickle Moda Pro Precision Angle Brush: Next is a brush from Royal & Langnickle and it’s been a while since I got a brush from them in Ipsy. I loved their paint brushes and glad they make makeup brushes. This brush is great for putting highlighter and contour and can also be used for eye shadow. I may use this for setting powder since it does fit my under eyes pretty well. Way to go Ipsy!
Ciate London Mini Lip Luster in Call Me: Next is another item from Ciate London and that is a lip luster lip gloss. I did get their setting powder in one bag and their transforming lip gloss in another and glad to get this item. It smells like cake batter and it went on very smoothly actually! This is a Vitamin E enriched gloss and non-sticky which I agree and it is a transparent rose shade which is even more nice. I hope to get more Ciate London products because I am loving them so far from what I have tried in my bags.
Pur Mini After Glow Highlighting Powder: Next is a highlighter from Pur Cosmetics. I only have one eye shadow pallet from this brand and that is from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie that was released in 2017 and didn’t get back to Boxy nor Ipsy until last year and this year. I am glad to try a highlighter from them which is in a magnetic pan. This product is made with Ceratin Complex and is made as an iridescent glowing powder and it is a gluton free formula which is pretty interesting. I will have to try this item out since I do love highlighters even if with a subtle glow.
Tarte Man-eater Mascara: Final item that did not arrive is the Tarte Man-eater mascara. I was able to pick my last product this month and I chose this because I never tried the Man-eater mascara and had heard good things about it. When I saw it wasn’t in my bag it really disappointed me since I was looking forward to it. I did email Ipsy about this issue and hoping it can be resolved. If I have to buy a tube then I would but I will see what Ipsy has to say and plus it’s been a while since I had used any Tarte products since they do release the same shades over and over in their makeup line. What happened Ipsy this month?

Well, that is it for this month’s bag. You can tell I am upset for the products being missing. I pay $10 a month for this bag and was getting all my products until now this month which made me sad. It did make me happy though that this month’s theme did deal with Women’s International History Month this month and they were featuring brands created by women such as Yensa, Pur~Lisse, Tarte, Space Case Cosmetics, and so many more. I think we should give more praise to women owning brands since we do work hard as much as anyone. Plus the bag does have a nice message, “And off she went to change the world!” Which is true where we do change the world.

So, that is it for this month’s bag. I hope next month this doesn’t happen especially when my bag was pretty delayed due to shipping from Orlando to the coast since my bag has to go through the Orlando shipping center before it gets to me and it was there for almost a week! So, let’s see what happens with April!

Next will be my review on Omni Fandom Expo! Stay tuned!

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