The Book Quadrant: Colel: Immortal Match Makers Book 5 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back but this time with a book review!

Colel: Immortal Match Makers #5 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions!

So, this book continues Mimi’s Immortal Match Makers series where we get to see Colel the Goddess of Bees take the spotlight this time. Just when love bites it also stings! Colel has bene looking for Mr. Right for 70 thousand years and when she finally meets him while trying to take care of some beehives during a longer winter he not only hates her guts but also hates her bees because he’s allergic. She tries to figure out why he hates her so much when she has the hots for him. Plus, her love for her bees doesn’t make it any better despite how he works a florist that attracts her stinging friends. What does a goddess have to do in order to get her man? Turn him into a vampire? Turn him into a demi-god? Will it be a success? Will Zack ever get over Tula?

Thoughts: I know that last bit was a bit overdramatic but this book was a really good and funny read. I was even trying to keep myself from laughing way too loud while having dinner with Gondras one night at a restaurant. I think he was looking at me weird or maybe was too distracted by his own earbuds.

I did like how this book called back to the prequel series, Accidentally [Yours] which we got to reunite with some of the other characters like the God of Time and Ashley, the Goddess of Love, Penelope who took up Kinnish’s God of Sun job, and of course Kinnish. I always wanted a book with this goddess ever since she appeared in the prequel series itself and when I found out this book was coming out I was glad to read it.

I felt like it was a bit of an awkward romantic comedy since Colel was looking for her mate for many years and once that happened she felt warm from head to toe despite how badly she was treated. When you look at it, when you’re a god or goddess you do have those awkward moments and trying to fit in modern human society. I bet you’re wondering, what about this Zack guy? Well, during the book it shown his aftermath from losing the one he fell for. In the first book, which I only read before Goddess of Forgetfulness, don’t worry I will read the second and third one, Zack met Tula who was a pure soul, in the last book she tried rescuing him and well it didn’t go well for her. Things in this book did go weird where he sees her ghost and trying to figure out how to get her back and Minky is the only one to help. I hope it gets resolved in the next book since it is supposed to be the last one from what I heard. I am hoping not because I want to see Zack see Tula again. But seeing Colel and her mate being together in the end was a cute story. I am not revealing it because you must read it yourself and if you are visually impaired and have not checked out the prequel series, it is available on Bookshare or just buy it on Kindle along with Immortal Matchmakers!

Rating: Five Star Paw Prints Out of Five! This book was a very good read and a very funny one. It did show the funny quirks for each god and I couldn’t stop laughing! I do like their interactions and hiking how the book called back to the prequels itself. I am hoping to see Zack’s tragedy have a conclusion before the series ends because I want to see how that plays out. We will see how it goes in the next one and hoping it’s not the last.

Well, that is it for this review! I know it was a last minute add on but had to do it since this book was released recently and work kept me busy. I am trying to get through my NetGalley shelf as much as I can.

What is next? My haul post! Stay tuned!
Colel Immortal Match Makers #5

The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy April 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! Since I did BoxyCharm and Allure Beauty Box, it is now time for….

Ipsy April 2019!

It arrived the same day as Allure but didn’t want to stay up all night posting about Ipsy so I waited until Easter to do it and Happy Easter to you all! So, what did I get this month? Let’s start with the add-ons!

Add-Ons: With Ipsy every month you can purchase full-size or deluxe size items to add onto your bag. Full size ones are $12 and deluxe ones are $3.I think this month’s add-ons are pretty good since some of them did come from Glam Bag Plus. The first add-on is the Laura Sanchez Moods Eye Shadow pallet which came from this month’s Glam Bag Plus. Too bad I didn’t subscribe in time for Glam Bag Plus due to the blush pallet in it but at least I was able to buy this with my regular Glam Bag. I never heard of this brand but it did catch my eye. This pallet contains eight shadows, four matte and four four metallic shades, and of course has two highlighters to make this a face pallet too. This has rich browns and muted pinks depending on the mood you’re in because this shadow and highlight pallet has an emoji in each pan. An interesting one for me to navigate. Next add-on is the Violet Voss Fun Size Holy Grail pallet! This was in Glam Bag Plus a few months back, I think when they first started from what I remembered, and got it since I have heard of this brand but never tried her stuff. This contains ten shadows and it is a mini version of the famous Holy Grail pallet from this brand. This pallet is very easy to use for any skill level and the shadows blend easily and have Hahoba Oil. I can’t wait to play with this one! And the final add-on is the Firma Beauty 103 Angled Contour Brush which did catch my eye on the deluxe pickings. I never tried this brand and figured to give one of their brushes a shot. This is meant for contour but I can feel it’s more of a blush brush. Let’s see how I would use this thing as time goes on.

Ipsy Bag:

The Balm Balmjour Creamy Lip Stain in Namaste: The first item is from the Balm. This is a really good brand if you haven’t tried anything from them which I highly recommend. This is a lip balm and a lip gloss in one and helps keep the lips moisturized and stays on all day. This shade is a berry toned pink which sounds very nice to my ears. It’s been a while since I got a lip product from this brand because when I was subscribed a few years ago they did send out liquid lipsticks that smelled like chocolate. I wonder if they still have those. I will give this one a try while at work since I have to talk all day and of course lunch where food can wipe off your lip color.
Marc Anthony 100% Virgin Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Curl Cream: Next is another item by Marc Anthony! I love this brand a lot and have been using their Bye Bye Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner and it worked out for me! I wanted to try the original curl cream but noticed that I already have R&B from Lush. I tried this one after getting my bag yesterday and it is pretty nice for having shea butter in it. I didn’t have to add anything else to my hair this morning since there are times where Gondras pulls out my hair tie and my hair goes crazy but not this time and it wasn’t tangled as much when I woke up either. On Ipsy’s website, it did say something that the coconut oil will help with hair growth so hoping it will. Let’s see how it goes!
Billion Dollar Brows Fan Brush: Next is a new brush to be added to my collection. I have heard of Billion Dollar Brows all thanks to hearing about products in this subscription but didn’t know they also made other beauty products. This brush is made with charcoal infused bristles and it can be used to dust on highlighter and setting powder, even powder foundation. I will have to use this for highlighter and see how it goes!
Tarte Double Duty Beauty Hydrating Primer: Next is a product from Tarte Cosmetics and it’s their double Duty Beauty Hydrating Primer. I have gotten back into Tarte because of the 21 Days of Beauty Event this time around which I will be doing that haul post next. This is a brand new product actually and it has hahoba and grape seed extracts and coconut oil to help with moisturizing. I have to try this primer out and see how it goes during work because I do work forty hours a week.
Pretty Woman Nail Polish in Berry Wild: Final product for this bag is a nail polish by Pretty Woman and it’s in the color Berry Wild. I am glad to get nail polishes in this bag since I rarely do purchase any and when I do it is with mostly Sinful due to how that was my very first nail polish brand I ever purchased and have been for years. This shade is a dark plum shade and loved it when I first found out about my items. It is supposed to be quick drying and chip resistant. I did get a lilac shade in an Ipsy Offer that came with different items from different brands and this brand was one of them. It does start chipping slightly but if you do a ton of things like typing which I am a speedy typist and that is what I do at work, the quick drying between coats is kind of a false claim because it did stay tacky while putting on my top coat the last time. I will see how this goes since I think they have improved their formula slightly from when I used polishes in the past by these guys where it chipped by next day or was that a different brand, I forget!

Project Pan Update: Here are some items I did finish that were Ipsy items!

Hempz lip balm: I did use this up recently and well it kind of had my lips dry slightly even after putting on lipstick or something else. I feel that this was an okay product but won’t purchase or get it as a point’s item because I do love my tried and true Lip Smackers.

Trestique Mini Lip Glaze in Mumbai Magenta: I was using this during work and did finish it up. I did love the formula and picked up one of these and another shade in the same Mini Lip Glazes from their website. I definitely like this brand and how they have their stuff in sticks and it can be easily applied and controlled than a powder product and a liquid one. I did pick up their blush and bronzing sticks in Bora Bora Coral and Brazilian Bronze and those are amazing too. I highly recommend them and would rather get the mini versions of the Lip Glazes because they do apply better without the lip primer in my opinion.

That is it for this month’s bag! The bag is so cute which has lemons printed across it but wishing it was not one of those bags with the zippers on the front. I did like the items picked for me this month and can’t wait to see what gets picked next month since they did change up one part of their survey. I will see how the Marc Anthony product works with my hair since I am enjoying it slightly at the moment. I will also be using the face primer from Tarte and see how it goes. I am mainly excited for the Balm lip stain since I can use that easily for work. And I can’t wait to see what will be my starting bag for Glam Bag Plus! So stay tuned for that!

What is next? My haul from 21 Days of Beauty Spring 2019!

The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box April 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! I am back with another post today and that is…

Allure Beauty Box April 2019!

It arrived in the mail today, well found on my doorstep by my dad when he visited today. I am happy because this month’s box is a collaboration with Carly Bible from YouTube. They have teamed up with Nikkie Tutorials months ago and this time they Have Carly pick brands and products based on her favorites that she has mentioned on her channel, which they are cruelty free. I did see her video and I do love her cats by the way but some items are nice while one I did mention last post I won’t use, let’s get into it!

Was happy they carry this brand online. Let’s see how this goes!
Juvia’s Place Custom Eye Shadow Pallet: I heard so many good things about this brand and was surprised to find them in this box when we were supposed to get a shadow already from another brand. I thought it was a blush pallet but nope I did scan the little magazine thing that came with the box and was happy about it. This pallet has six shades and this is a custom pallet that Allure had made after swatching so many shades. I can’t wait to play with this pallet because you can get the Nubian 2 pallet for $20 which is a good price for this brand.
Briogio Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Protectant: Yay! Another Briogio item! This month with Carly’s collaboration you would either get a Briogio spray or a blow dry protectant and I got the protectant. I did just get a blow dryer for myself since I did get suggestions for how to straighten my hair out better. I did enjoy the Rizarko Milk Spray but I think accidentally left it at the Florida Hotel last month. Boo! At least I get to try something new!
Vida Liborada Tanning Cloth: This is the product I won’t be using because I don’t self-tan at all. To me it’s an unnecessary item since I have light to medium skin tone and I don’t really go out in the sun as much. So goodbye!
Natasha Denona Eye Shadow Single: Well, since Carly is the pro with smoky eyes she chose eye shadows by Natasha Denona and you could get one out of three. I was actually excited about this because a good thing about beauty boxes is that you get luxury brands in a box to try out without paying the price and I hear that the brand’s shadow pallets are a hundred plus in price range. I guess having the single shadows make it better since they are $20 so the same price as an Urban Decay single. Not sure what color I got but Inspector says it’s a brown.

Morphe brush: I closed Open Book before I got a chance to get the name of this brush but it is from Morphe. You get a different brush from three brands and I ended up with a Morphe brush and I think it’s a small tapered one. Not bad but I do find their brushes kind of meh. I do hear from people their single brushes are good. I will see how it goes.

Laura Gellar liner: Last item is an eye product in my box and that is a Laura Gellar pen liner. I am not sure what color I got but I am glad to get another eyeliner. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the pamphlet though but if you didn’t get this you would get an Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick. Even though Carly’s video said you would get the lipstick. I think it’s due to me being a new member that I got different products from everyone else that I would get a few items from what she picked. Hey, another eyeliner for my collection or for work.

Project Pan Update: I will be putting any Project Pan items I have finished up from subscriptions since I am planning to finish items I have received in boxes.

Momon Rose Toner: First I finished the rose toner I got in my box last month and I did enjoy it. It did get me back into toners again since it’s been years since I stopped using the Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Toner I always bought. Unfortunately it made my skin dry like crazy but this rose one made my skin Dewey and decided to take a try at others even though Ulta sells this one and it does retail for $23. I am using the Fair’s Witch Hazel & Cucumber one and it smells awful but it does work well for my sensitive skin. I do have the rose one from that company since I did order it from Ulta with my 20% off coupon. I am glad to get more into skin care as time goes on but I may buy this at a different point in time.

Tanya Kreux Brow Gel: Next is the Tanya Kreux Brow Gel I also received in last month’s box. It was a decent product and it did help my brows stay in place before I placed my NYX Tame & Frame Pomade. I did pick up my NYX Control Freak Brow Gel again since this did make me love put clear brow gel before my Pomade step. Thank you Tanya Kreux!

Well, that is it for this box and glad to try new items and hoping May’s box will be even better. I am enjoying this box so far since I get to try out brands mentioned in the magazine. I do read articles that get sent to me in email and even read the article how someone got their Micro blading botched.

What is next? My Ipsy since I also received it today!

Beauty: Unnecessary MakeUp Steps According to Me!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back to my blog! Sorry for the wait but have been busy lately. So I am back with this!

Unnecessary Makeup in Routines!

I was inspired by a post on what’s up in Makeup that talked about unnecessary steps in makeup routines. I did put in a comment myself and this is based on opinion not fact when it comes to what I see in makeup videos.

False Lashes: First up is false lashes. I find these unnecessary because they can be harmful to your natural lashes. Over time these can damage your natural lash follicles and cause them to fall off. I am glad I see some people on YouTube that don’t wear false lashes since we already have mascaras in drugstores and luxury brands that already do that same thing. Plus a lot of commercials, for a little while, have been fooling us by having their models wear these things to “show” the effects of the mascara that is being advertised and when people get it it doesn’t do what it shows. For instance, I tried the L’Oréal Feline Noir mascara and did nothing to my lashes and it was claimed to be a replacement for the Miss Manga that got discontinued. Still mad about that. Anyways, these are so unnecessary and plus I do yell at the YouTube video that the person doesn’t need them.
Lash Extensions: I hear some people on YouTube get these and well like false lashes they can also cause some damage plus allergic reactions. I read someone when I researched false lashes that they told their story about their lash extensions causing them eye allergies. Plus, they can also cause Conjunctivitis where it infects the membrane that covers the eye known as the Conjunctiva. Even though eye doctors suggest to visit a reputable salon but also ask what glue do they use to prevent the allergies from happening but to me I think mascaras that have the lengthening affect still does the same thing.
Fake Freckles: I have heard so many people on YouTube do this and it was what I put in my comment. Yes, people do find freckles cute but making them on your face is really not necessary and it can look weird. Plus with most people when it comes to freckles they don’t look like little stand-alone dots either. Natural freckles tend to look like you stippled with a marker or oil pastel crayons but in reddish brown. When it comes to making these people do have different techniques and there are times where there are warnings to set them right away since they can run all over. I can imagine how long it takes to make them look real and natural and that is why I don’t get it.
Self-Tanning: This is one step in a long time routine where people do self-tan. Reason why it’s on this list because I found out in the new Allure box for this month since it’s a collaboration with Carly Bible there are tanning mats in this box and well I won’t be using them. Yes the sun is harmful to us but at the same time it’s our Vitamin D we get and yes the self-tanned look is the better way to go if we want to look tanned and beautiful but you’re using chemicals on your skin to get that glow. Plus, I see the upkeep of this tedious even more tedious with the before spraying or putting it on where you have to exfoliate and other steps before putting it on. Plus, some self-tanners can be a bit pricey. So, no thanks.
Contouring the Forehead and Hairline: Another unnecessary part to makeup is contouring your forehead where your hairline lays. Apparently this has been a big trend even back in 2017 and so many girls wanted to even copy Jennifer Lopez when it came to her hairline being contoured. Wayne Goss did talk about this on his channel around that time where when it comes to contouring we have to understand the framework of our face. Like in anime and life drawing classes we always shade in where light hits the most in order to create a shadow and that is what using bronzer is when it comes to that purpose. With the forehead, according to Goss, if you put two fingers on your forehead and if your hairline touches the second finger then don’t contour, then try three fingers and if it does the same thing then best to do it around the temples to make it a softer look since contouring the forehead would make it smaller than it looks but when you have four or five fingers then it would be necessary. I only contour my cheeks near my ears to give a prominent look with my cheek bones before blush so forehead is not for me since my fingers do touch my hairline.
Baking the Face: Even though Drag Queens do it but it is not seen as much anymore. Baking is referred to where you dust your face with translucent powder and let it stay on for five to ten minutes so the heat from your skin help set the foundation and concealer and then brush it off to reveal a creaseless makeup look. To me when this was big it felt like an annoying step, heck most of the responses on he’s up in Makeup post talked about it being unnecessary. One interesting thing is that I think it was either Samantha Ravendal or Raw Beauty Christie did a video where she did one half of her makeup routine now and the other what it was back then and she talked about how she doesn’t bake her face anymore and powders it and just leaves it because of how more blended it looks. I even heard how people with more drier skin has it look more crepe like rather than natural and glad I don’t do it. I just use my usual NYX Translucent to just set my under eye concealer and go to go for the rest of the day.

Well guys that is it for this post! If there are any other unnecessary steps you think of that aren’t on this list just comment them below! I would appreciate it! What is next? I am still waiting on my and Allure Beauty Box but I do have a post idea where I talk about different brands I have not cancelled entirely. Also, want to do a Top Five Bottom Five with beauty brands and of course I do have my favorites post coming up. Sorry for not posting the Omni stuff yet and still trying to get the last videos from Holiday Matsuri up, still need to have Gondras do that or should have them placed on Drive so I can do it. Anyways, until next time!

The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm April 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Guess what came in the mail?

BoxyCharm April 2019!

Oh yeah! It came! I didn’t really have any tracking info because it shown up in my mailbox today. I am so glad it came early this month after the delays last month even with my box. Now it came and here is what I got!

PUr The Complexion Authority Eye Pallet Festival Edition: First is a pallet from PUR Cosmetics. I only have one pallet by these guys and it’s their My Little Pony pallet which was based on the Friendship Is Magic movie and still have it by the way and still love it. I am glad to try out another pallet by them in this box and it’s in time for Festival Season which we have Cocella coming up and Electric Daisy Carnival down the line too. This is a twelve piece pressed pigment pallet and its limited edition too. If you see this pallet in a store, I would pick it up. This does have the mattes, metallics, and shimmers, and it is cruelty free. The retail price is $36 when it comes out.
Luxie Eye the Summer Collection Three Piece Brush Set: Next is another set of brushes this month and they are from Luxie Beauty. It is from their new summer collection for this year and it features three brushes. It features a small contour brush which is the 512 Small Contouring Brush and two eye brushes and they are the 245 Small Shader and 209 Large Shader. This is a perfect three piece set to start someone into Luxie since they are really good brushes. I have a face brush set from them and a few single ones all thanks to Ipsy. Perfect choice for this box even with new summer items coming. Retail price is $28.
Artist Cooter Diamond Glow Powder: Next is an item by a brand I never tried and that is Artist Cooter. I heard of these guys on YouTube back in the day and was surprised to see them in BoxyCharm. I thought they were more luxury and elegant but they apparently get items placed into the box. This is a loose highlighting powder that can be used on the body, lips, and eyes, even face. It also is suitable for a lot of skin types. Retail price is $27 which is not bad.
Appeal Holographic Lip Gloss: I wanted this item ever since I heard it was going to be in the box this month. I heard of the name of Appeal but never tried them and glad to do so with this box. This is a holographic gloss that can be worn alone or on top of lip products for an added glow, this is also made with argon oil which makes it even better. Retail price is $21.
Bodyography Eye Pencil: This is a coconut oil infused pencil that doesn’t tug which is a good thing. I never tried this brand either and glad I got it. If you didn’t get this pencil, Star Lux was the other brand but glad I didn’t get their eyeliners this time since they are okay. I mean that star stamp on that one pen didn’t work out. I can’t wait to see how this pencil works. $14.

So, that was all that I got in this box. I think this was a better box this month because it was all makeup rather than a skin care item. They are releasing a skin care box for May so you can also buy that but I am skipping out on that one since I am a bit iffier on Glam Glow. I have tried stuff through sampling from Sephora and was not too happy with how bad it made my skin tingle. Even Gondras thought I was getting an anti-aging item in this box for this month since he overheard one of the sneak peeks but it was actually for the limited edition box next month. All I have to say is that I am impressed with this box and what I received this month, I can’t wait to try out the PUR pallet due to not getting another PUR product and this is the box to get them more. I did get that highlighter in Ipsy but lost it unfortunately. So glad I got this pallet. The brushes will be fun to use. I am really excited about the lip gloss though! Can’t wait what May brings!

So, that is it for this one! I am waiting on Ipsy and Allure for this month and well I did sign up for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. The thing was that they opened up their list even though I got the email saying, “You were chosen!” I decided why not go for it since I have Ipsy and well it’s like BoxyCharm anyways where there are more higher end and luxury products and full size ones. Plus, you get these items in Glam Bag Plus not the regular bag. Don’t worry, I am getting my Glam Bag as well because I pressed, “I want both.” Due to how I still get pretty good stuff in my regular bag. Can’t wait for my Ipsy and Allure this month! Until next time guys!

The Book Quadrant: The Duke With the Dragon Tattoo by. Kerrigan Byrne

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Taking a small break from beauty to do this!

The Duke with the Dragon Tattoo by Kerrigan Byrne

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this work of art.

We meet the Rook who has no name, nor past, but all he has left is a dragon tattoo on his arm. After being injured almost to death, he gets rescued and nursed back to health by the young Lorelei.

Lorelei was promised that her long lover, Ash, would return after leaving when she was fourteen when she had nursed him back to health. When she was arranged to marry all thanks to her brother, she gets whisked away after someone by the name of the Rook murdering him in front of her eyes. While traveling with this mysterious man, she starts learning about the true man that lives inside.

Thoughts: I like this book better than the Scott Beds His Wife. Even though the last one did kind of linked this one but I felt like this should have been book five instead. I felt like I couldn’t close it up due to how it took on the idea of the Duke where we meet the woman of the story and how she would fall in love later but also the man that ends up being in love with her later except it was more of a masked man. I had a feeling Lorelei and Ash would end up together even though the story was kind of heartbreaking. First you meet innocent Lorelei who has an abusive brother who also treated his wife badly by giving her a miscarriage but she does become stronger within the story emotionally after realizing how bad her brother was and that he did deserve being killed. Trust me, I wanted to kill the guy myself! I do like how Ash and her interact with each other even when he was the Rook since she wants to know who is and why didn’t he come back for her as he promised. All in all that this was a better book and it did give more of a sense of adventure and how the couple interacted with each other on top of it. I feel like this could have been after The Duke despite the Rook did appear towards the end of the last one but I felt like it was filler in between.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This one definitely deserves it because it was better and the story was not lacking personality either. The last one I felt like Samantha needed a better character story even with how she interacted with her husband while Lorelei and the Rook or Ash had a better chemistry and better character quirks to work off of each other. I do like how in the beginning it gave off the Duke almost since in that one Imogen did have to take care of her guy in the beginning except he became a raging jerk over time even after he was healed, here it started the romance. I think I prefer this one over the three I have read in the series since I did not read the first three and couldn’t find them on Bookshare. I am not sure if there will be another book but if there is who knows what Byrne would do since this did have a pretty solid ending from what I read. Again, I did enjoy this book and hope you guys check out the link while you’re at it.

Well, that is it for this book review! Next will be the Unnecessary Beauty Steps post.
THe Duke With the Dragon Tattoo

The Beauty Quadrant: Trying Out the New Jeffree Starr Blue Blood Pallet and Lipsticks!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! Bringing another video here since it’s been a while!

Trying Out the Jeffree Starr Blue Blood Pallet and Liquid Lipsticks!

Yes, I finally bit the bullet and bought from Jeffree Starr’s makeup line. I wanted to try out his brand for a while now, heck even mentioned in my last Project Pan, which I should update by the way, ever since I added some items to it.

When this collection went online, I had a feeling the pallet would sell out first and well I did hear so many people were having issues just getting that on Beautylish, the official website for Jeffree’s brand, and Beauty Bay. I was glad to get the pallet and liquid lipstick bundle even though it was a little over a hundred but it was worth it due to not only getting the pallet but getting eight lipsticks in a mini set with six existing shades and two new ones. I did not know that he released so many blue shades until I got this and blue does go well with my skin tone. I did try Medusa out which was one of them and my thoughts were that I could hardly feel it on my lips as in these lipsticks are not only lightweight but it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing it. I did try out an ombre lip for my first time in my video by using Titanic and Drug Lord for an icy effect but my camera did not take the pic so young et to see me try it out. I did wear Jaw Breaker in my retakes though to see how another one was like. With the pallet, this thing is SUPER pigmented so be careful even dipping your brush. I did have some fallout with Ocean Ice which I used in my definer area while I used Celebrity Skin as my transition, even used Power to blend with it in my crease, Blue Blood all over my lid, I’m Cold in my brow bone, and Crystal Flesh in my inner corner. I would say tap the shadows lightly or swipe lightly if you can because when Graveyard Girl used the pallet she did say the shadows are pretty soft and she had some excess on the bottom of it. So, don’t go ham which I just went lightly with mine due to how well this pallet performs.

If you’re wondering, yes I will be purchasing from his brand. I did go back on Beautylish for a Skin Frost and one of the full size Liquid Lipsticks and it happened to be Unicorn Blood since I do love unicorns and well the shade sounds really nice. Yes, there has been drama with Jeffree in the past but I have seen the changes that he has gone through. Yes he does speak his mind on Twitter but a lot of people do anyways and I have noticed he is focusing more on his brand rather than causing trouble. The only trouble I have seen with him is the heist of over 2 million dollars in makeup being stolen from him recently and he has been working to catch the people behind it since they did sneak peek his new concealer by stealing one of the shades. What the heck? I would take the time and do the same if it was my brand because not only I would want the stuff back but I want the people who have taken it in jail because selling makeup on the Black Market is not a good thing and I heard the same thing happened to Anastasia’s brand last year where people did the same thing by taking her pallets too. I wish him all of the best and even with his new release soon.

So, that is it for this post, I hope you enjoy the video because I did have fun using this pallet and will be doing it more since I do love blue shadows and of course it was something new and hoping more brands bring more blue shadows since they are coming back.

What is next? I am doing a post on the most unnecessary items in makeup routines in my opinion by the way. Stay tuned!

The Convention Quadrant: Omni Fandom Expo Year 6!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe from traveling the vast universe! Sorry for taking so long for doing this!

Convention Impossible: Omni Fandom Expo 2019!

I was ill during the end of March with a Bronchial Spasm, how it happened was that after Omni I was feeling a bit exhausted since I was going to bed around midnight during the convention and had to wake up early for work afterwards and by Thursday of that week that was when I got sick. I could not breathe that evening after work and Sunday night so Gondras took me to the Urgent Care twice and that was when I found out I had borderline Bronchitis. I am healing still, I even did a video Tuesday unboxing the new Jeffree Starr pallet which you get to see me use on YouTube this weekend.

So, since Omni passed and all I have to say is that I had a blast this year and let’s get to it!

Hotel: First was a first for us at the convention and that is staying at the Florida Hotel. As you guys know that this is the hotel that is attached to the Florida Mall in Orlando and a lot of tourists from all over stay at this place every year throughout the year. It is a huge tourist trap. I can see why this is a popular place because not only the hospitality is the best but the rooms are amazing! For the convention discount you get a pretty big room and we got a room with two queen size beds, a couch, and an easy chair. We also got a pretty good sized fridge and bathroom. Plus, our room did have a nice view of M & M World which is also an awesome place.

The convention was pretty much the same layout except Panel Room 1 was changed up where it was slightly smaller this year but I did get to the room very easily since I got to explore the night events on my own instead of waiting for Nerdy Shirts and Gondras to take me down to it. I do love how the hotel hallways are very shoreline friendly with my cane. And in case if anyone is wondering, no worries my cane survived this convention without incident. Since I mentioned events…

Events: This year it was mostly going to evening events since our day was packed with the Press Booth and of course we had interviews on Sunday during the convention. I did go to Derek Steven Prince’s panel Shino & Friends since I didn’t get to check it out last year along with Nobu’s and Sawa’s Q & A Panel since they were both guests and did perform during the convention, which we did catch some of that on Saturday and they know how to work with each other. Didn’t know Nobu was a metal fan either since he was starting to sing “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns & Roses or I give him props for good taste.

We did check out one of the big shows and that was the Marvel Parody Show. One thing I will admit is that I am a fan of musicals and my z musicals are still Rent, Grease, the one with Travolta and Newton-John, and Repo the Genetic Opera. This was one of those Broadway looking musicals with a contemporary feel with the Marvel Heroes and Villains! It was amazing and entertaining! The only issue I had was Ant Man because he had the song dealing with “All the Small Things” by Blink 182 which is a hard song to sing and the person had bad timing from what I seen. Everyone on the other hand did really awesome and the best songs from it happened to be the one Black Panther did to “Roar” by Katie Perry, Dead Pool doing “Thomas the Tank Engine,” and of course Captain Marvel doing “Immortals” and perfect timing for the newest Captain Marvel film. Hoping this group does another musical like this for next year because they did a really good job with this one. I also did attend the script reading again and it was still entertaining. All thanks to this year’s reading I want to watch Zootopia due to how well Paul St. Peter and Derek Steven Prince reading their parts. Plus, Tia Ballard being a part of it as well. Speaking of which!

Guests: This year’s guests were great again! We still got Bruce doing his balloon creations, heck Gondras even challenged him with one of the many key blades from Kingdom Hearts and had it hung on our wall for a little while. Paul St. Peter still remembers us as usual and we did hand him over our pamphlets which I will get to later. It felt great to meet Tia Ballard since of course she played Happy and glad to get to interview her for the channel. We also got to sit down with Sawa since we didn’t get to last year. We also had Nobu with her which a lot of you may not know this is our FIRST Japanese recording artist interview to date. Yay! Stay tuned everyone we will get those videos up since I was sick after all. What was also awesome was meeting Hisashi Yakawa in person. He was the one who did the art for Pokémon when it came out in 1997 and the first four seasons of Sailor Moon. I have been a major fan of both when I was a pre-teen and still remembered not only reading Teen People, Pop Star and other teen magazines I also collected Pokémon cards and Sailor Moon cards and stickers. I did bring my box set of the first twenty six episodes of Pokémon that got signed by Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart and now Mr. Yakawa and of course on our wall in our apartment are pictures of Sailor Moon he has drawn to give to people. Did we get stuff signed by Tia in case if you’re wondering, we did get Cat Planet Cuties and a part of Fairy Tail with Happy and Natsu on it? Gondras did bring our Kingdom Hearts 3 art book to get signed by Paul and Derek since they are in the game as well.

Vendor Room: Finally, I have to include the Vendor Room. I felt this year it was more organized and sectioned off with Bruce doing his work in his corner, long with anything on display, then of course we had the guests along one side of the wall, the cosplay guests in one box, and then the vendors selling items in another. I only bought a few items in the room since we were busy all weekend and did go into the mall for food and I did have to drop by the NYX store for some stuff.

First off is the Tyaki stand! I loved this girl’s little cakes and glad she came back. Funny thing was while being in the Press Booth, we found one and Gondras thought it was our Japanese Snacks friend who brought it and we took it and when I ate it I felt the familiar taste since it was cookies and cream. On Sunday, I found her stand and happy I did since I got a sample pack this time where I got to not only have her classic flavors but also two new ones which were white chocolate caramel and the breakfast delight. I still love the chocolate peanut butter one as usual since I am a Reese’s lover and of course the chocolate chips in these are really good. I did buy from the shirt stand that helped us during Holiday Matsuri with my cane. I did get the United States of Smash shirt since that was All Might’s most epic battle in My Hero Academia and the guy at the stand remembered I loved Steven Universe and had a new one where Steven is Dr. Strange and made sense, I even worn it when Daddy Blue Cat visited me last month. I did thank them for the help during Matsuri by the way and did mention how I posted my story time video about it and used it on the Omni group to say, “Hey! This happened so watch out!” And finally, Japanese Snacks Guy was around yet again and picked up some new snacks. One of them happened to be takoyaki chips. If you guys don’t know what this little dish is its octopus dumplings and they are delicious! I had them during a Japanese culture festival in Orlando years ago and squid is one of my favorite seafood of all time since I do love Calamari. These chips to me tasted like plain Lay’s since I felt like I didn’t taste anything. I was hoping to be hit by a slight touch of fish flake and octopus mixed in or at least seaweed but nothing. Another item was melon flavored Kit Kats which was interesting to say the least. I was dying down a bit on Kit Kats since I have so much chocolate to eat still but ever since I moved I haven’t eaten it much due to how mellow I’ve been. I did try one and it felt like I was eating cantaloupe covered wafers and it was a light chocolate taste mixed in. Not bad in a way. I haven’t tried the gummies I bought in apple and peach since it’s been forever since I had Japanese gummies. I hope he will be at Ranger Stop since that is the next con we will be aiming for!

Verdict: CONVENTION ACCOMPLISHED! I have to give it an Accomplished because I felt like we have accomplished some things and that includes getting some new things made to promote ourselves and they are shirts and pamphlets. Yes, ever since Holiday Matsuri last year I had an idea to get pamphlets made to show our work even to handlers since it feels like our work is not being taken seriously. Gondras did say it was a good idea to do and it worked out well since we had them made at FedEx and he did the design with a template and got them done in time for the convention that weekend. FedEx has pretty good prices so will be printing with them instead of Staples. And now onto shirts which people did like. Last year while doing the Customer Service Basics class, the teacher told me that we do cosplay and enjoy it but should dress the part of representing a blog and looking back on it I do agree with that. So, for a few months I looked into Vista Print and even Custom Ink for shirts and all thanks to the excellent customer service that Custom Ink has done even helped with the design after understanding that I am blind that the shirts came out amazing! Even had a sample for GOndras to try in his size because we have to make sure he could fit in their shirts and he did. Definitely will be having these shirts with us and I will be going back to Custom Ink for anything else because they do other items too and I have some ideas. Also, we still have our lovely business cards to pass out to attendees too. So hoping our new promo material keeps going.

Also, we did get to stay in the hotel finally since it would be hard commuting back and forth between Daytona and Orlando and the Florida Hotel has some of the best hospitality I’ve ever seen. Better, or shall I say way better than the World Center because I even had text messages sent asking about my stay and the guy who helped at check out even gave ideas on breakfast when I asked him. And not only that, some tourists even helped me when it came to finding the Starbucks and a bathroom too. And I think the hospitality also spreads through the mall since it is attached to it, I got amazing service at the NYX Store too since some of the store attendants, Gondras, and I did talk about how NYX;s complexion items are hypoallergenic and did mention that the primer, Hydro Touch, works out for me. And anyone who wants to know, the location is nice since it’s a lot more roomy than the other one I’ve been to since it fit all the displays and makeup stations very well.

And one last accomplishment would probably be finally getting to interview Sawa and Nobu because we wanted to interview Sawa since last year and due to scheduling we couldn’t get that chance until this time around.

Needs for Improvement: Even though the convention was a success but I do have one thing to talk about that needs to be improved and that is the Press Booth. This year press teams get to have time blocks to promote themselves, even play recordings, and even interview attendees if they wanted and well…I felt…this was a bust! How so? Sorry to say, forgot to disclaim but this is a review based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer after all and well due to the location of the booth people didn’t stop by. I am a very quiet observer despite my extrovert personality and from what I heard most of the attendees were either with the cosplay guests, the industry guests, or even in Artist’s Alley and the Press Booth was a small alcove in the back of the vendor’s area and it felt hidden away. Heck, even when we played one of our interviews from Omni Fandom Expo past no one paid attention. To me this should have been in an easier to spot area rather than a tiny alcove. We are press and we promote our work and we should be loud and be seen rather than be hidden. Heck, we used the last hour or so of the convention to use for interviews which is another thing which I have noticed where one press team did use the booth to interview Tia Ballard when we did our interview upstairs with her which I think the Press Booth should have been used better as the interview spot rather than upstairs. Which that does draw attention to an audience where people could be like, “Hey, someone’s talking to someone, let’s watch!” I even watched the Tia interview myself at the end. Not only that there was supposed to be a press conference thing with Hisashi and Mamoru but that didn’t happen unfortunately at the Press Booth. If this was used again, I would say just use it for all guest interviews and place it in an easier to see spot because we want to show our work and sucked that not a lot of people paid attention to do so.

And another thing, which I didn’t realize until our buddy Evan said it, guest autograph times should be posted on the booths for them somewhere because there were times where we wondered what time some people would show up and conventions tend to put a small display board saying, “Person Will Be Here At…” Heck, even Holiday Matsuri does it. So, why not have poster board saying it? Thinking about it now…as a joke maybe…maybe I should be in the creative team for this convention. Just saying!

Well, that is it for this review! I am glad we got to do another year of Omni Fandom Expo and this has been the only convention that keeps us coming to do our work every year. I still remember 2014 and how it was a small and very ambitious convention and it has morphed into what we attend today. I would say this has been the best year besides 2014 and 2015 combined. Plus, it is always blind people friendly because my cane is still in one piece and I don’t feel invisible either as in just an attendee with a prop. Which for the record my cane is not a prop! Anyways, hoping next year will bring many more people and there is one guest that should come back and he misses Orlando since I have gotten back in touch with him and that is Neil Kaplan! Reason why I got back in touch is that recently the NFB did a news story talking about the CWB not hiring a blind actor to play a blind character and I remembered Neil having a class teaching students at the Braille Institute in California how to do voice acting. He no longer does it but still stays in touch with students and did mention Omni Fandom Expo and he wants to be a guest. So Omni, if you are reading this, please get Neil! He is one of the biggest sweethearts and he has been on Digimon and of course he did say he wants to sit down with us for an interview which is even more awesome.

So, what is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, my video trying out the new Jeffree Starr Blue Blood pallet tomorrow! Yes, I jumped the gun and picked up one of his bundles from his collection to bring it to you all on the YouTube Quadrant and I will also post the video here for anyone who may be curious little space kitties as well. Of course we have our interviews from Omni Fandom Expo, I am sorry for not getting any events recorded. First, the Marvel musical was not allowed to be recorded, also went to night events that would kick you out if you did record it, and plus I was enjoying attending things by myself since I rarely got to do it. Yes I could have done it at Matsuri but after the cane breaking I would have gotten hurt if I tried. Also Press Booth did keep us pretty busy. Again, sorry about that! And I have more posts to come!