The Beauty Quadrant: Trying Out the New Jeffree Starr Blue Blood Pallet and Lipsticks!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! Bringing another video here since it’s been a while!

Trying Out the Jeffree Starr Blue Blood Pallet and Liquid Lipsticks!

Yes, I finally bit the bullet and bought from Jeffree Starr’s makeup line. I wanted to try out his brand for a while now, heck even mentioned in my last Project Pan, which I should update by the way, ever since I added some items to it.

When this collection went online, I had a feeling the pallet would sell out first and well I did hear so many people were having issues just getting that on Beautylish, the official website for Jeffree’s brand, and Beauty Bay. I was glad to get the pallet and liquid lipstick bundle even though it was a little over a hundred but it was worth it due to not only getting the pallet but getting eight lipsticks in a mini set with six existing shades and two new ones. I did not know that he released so many blue shades until I got this and blue does go well with my skin tone. I did try Medusa out which was one of them and my thoughts were that I could hardly feel it on my lips as in these lipsticks are not only lightweight but it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing it. I did try out an ombre lip for my first time in my video by using Titanic and Drug Lord for an icy effect but my camera did not take the pic so young et to see me try it out. I did wear Jaw Breaker in my retakes though to see how another one was like. With the pallet, this thing is SUPER pigmented so be careful even dipping your brush. I did have some fallout with Ocean Ice which I used in my definer area while I used Celebrity Skin as my transition, even used Power to blend with it in my crease, Blue Blood all over my lid, I’m Cold in my brow bone, and Crystal Flesh in my inner corner. I would say tap the shadows lightly or swipe lightly if you can because when Graveyard Girl used the pallet she did say the shadows are pretty soft and she had some excess on the bottom of it. So, don’t go ham which I just went lightly with mine due to how well this pallet performs.

If you’re wondering, yes I will be purchasing from his brand. I did go back on Beautylish for a Skin Frost and one of the full size Liquid Lipsticks and it happened to be Unicorn Blood since I do love unicorns and well the shade sounds really nice. Yes, there has been drama with Jeffree in the past but I have seen the changes that he has gone through. Yes he does speak his mind on Twitter but a lot of people do anyways and I have noticed he is focusing more on his brand rather than causing trouble. The only trouble I have seen with him is the heist of over 2 million dollars in makeup being stolen from him recently and he has been working to catch the people behind it since they did sneak peek his new concealer by stealing one of the shades. What the heck? I would take the time and do the same if it was my brand because not only I would want the stuff back but I want the people who have taken it in jail because selling makeup on the Black Market is not a good thing and I heard the same thing happened to Anastasia’s brand last year where people did the same thing by taking her pallets too. I wish him all of the best and even with his new release soon.

So, that is it for this post, I hope you enjoy the video because I did have fun using this pallet and will be doing it more since I do love blue shadows and of course it was something new and hoping more brands bring more blue shadows since they are coming back.

What is next? I am doing a post on the most unnecessary items in makeup routines in my opinion by the way. Stay tuned!

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