The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm April 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Guess what came in the mail?

BoxyCharm April 2019!

Oh yeah! It came! I didn’t really have any tracking info because it shown up in my mailbox today. I am so glad it came early this month after the delays last month even with my box. Now it came and here is what I got!

PUr The Complexion Authority Eye Pallet Festival Edition: First is a pallet from PUR Cosmetics. I only have one pallet by these guys and it’s their My Little Pony pallet which was based on the Friendship Is Magic movie and still have it by the way and still love it. I am glad to try out another pallet by them in this box and it’s in time for Festival Season which we have Cocella coming up and Electric Daisy Carnival down the line too. This is a twelve piece pressed pigment pallet and its limited edition too. If you see this pallet in a store, I would pick it up. This does have the mattes, metallics, and shimmers, and it is cruelty free. The retail price is $36 when it comes out.
Luxie Eye the Summer Collection Three Piece Brush Set: Next is another set of brushes this month and they are from Luxie Beauty. It is from their new summer collection for this year and it features three brushes. It features a small contour brush which is the 512 Small Contouring Brush and two eye brushes and they are the 245 Small Shader and 209 Large Shader. This is a perfect three piece set to start someone into Luxie since they are really good brushes. I have a face brush set from them and a few single ones all thanks to Ipsy. Perfect choice for this box even with new summer items coming. Retail price is $28.
Artist Cooter Diamond Glow Powder: Next is an item by a brand I never tried and that is Artist Cooter. I heard of these guys on YouTube back in the day and was surprised to see them in BoxyCharm. I thought they were more luxury and elegant but they apparently get items placed into the box. This is a loose highlighting powder that can be used on the body, lips, and eyes, even face. It also is suitable for a lot of skin types. Retail price is $27 which is not bad.
Appeal Holographic Lip Gloss: I wanted this item ever since I heard it was going to be in the box this month. I heard of the name of Appeal but never tried them and glad to do so with this box. This is a holographic gloss that can be worn alone or on top of lip products for an added glow, this is also made with argon oil which makes it even better. Retail price is $21.
Bodyography Eye Pencil: This is a coconut oil infused pencil that doesn’t tug which is a good thing. I never tried this brand either and glad I got it. If you didn’t get this pencil, Star Lux was the other brand but glad I didn’t get their eyeliners this time since they are okay. I mean that star stamp on that one pen didn’t work out. I can’t wait to see how this pencil works. $14.

So, that was all that I got in this box. I think this was a better box this month because it was all makeup rather than a skin care item. They are releasing a skin care box for May so you can also buy that but I am skipping out on that one since I am a bit iffier on Glam Glow. I have tried stuff through sampling from Sephora and was not too happy with how bad it made my skin tingle. Even Gondras thought I was getting an anti-aging item in this box for this month since he overheard one of the sneak peeks but it was actually for the limited edition box next month. All I have to say is that I am impressed with this box and what I received this month, I can’t wait to try out the PUR pallet due to not getting another PUR product and this is the box to get them more. I did get that highlighter in Ipsy but lost it unfortunately. So glad I got this pallet. The brushes will be fun to use. I am really excited about the lip gloss though! Can’t wait what May brings!

So, that is it for this one! I am waiting on Ipsy and Allure for this month and well I did sign up for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. The thing was that they opened up their list even though I got the email saying, “You were chosen!” I decided why not go for it since I have Ipsy and well it’s like BoxyCharm anyways where there are more higher end and luxury products and full size ones. Plus, you get these items in Glam Bag Plus not the regular bag. Don’t worry, I am getting my Glam Bag as well because I pressed, “I want both.” Due to how I still get pretty good stuff in my regular bag. Can’t wait for my Ipsy and Allure this month! Until next time guys!

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