Beauty: Unnecessary MakeUp Steps According to Me!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back to my blog! Sorry for the wait but have been busy lately. So I am back with this!

Unnecessary Makeup in Routines!

I was inspired by a post on what’s up in Makeup that talked about unnecessary steps in makeup routines. I did put in a comment myself and this is based on opinion not fact when it comes to what I see in makeup videos.

False Lashes: First up is false lashes. I find these unnecessary because they can be harmful to your natural lashes. Over time these can damage your natural lash follicles and cause them to fall off. I am glad I see some people on YouTube that don’t wear false lashes since we already have mascaras in drugstores and luxury brands that already do that same thing. Plus a lot of commercials, for a little while, have been fooling us by having their models wear these things to “show” the effects of the mascara that is being advertised and when people get it it doesn’t do what it shows. For instance, I tried the L’Oréal Feline Noir mascara and did nothing to my lashes and it was claimed to be a replacement for the Miss Manga that got discontinued. Still mad about that. Anyways, these are so unnecessary and plus I do yell at the YouTube video that the person doesn’t need them.
Lash Extensions: I hear some people on YouTube get these and well like false lashes they can also cause some damage plus allergic reactions. I read someone when I researched false lashes that they told their story about their lash extensions causing them eye allergies. Plus, they can also cause Conjunctivitis where it infects the membrane that covers the eye known as the Conjunctiva. Even though eye doctors suggest to visit a reputable salon but also ask what glue do they use to prevent the allergies from happening but to me I think mascaras that have the lengthening affect still does the same thing.
Fake Freckles: I have heard so many people on YouTube do this and it was what I put in my comment. Yes, people do find freckles cute but making them on your face is really not necessary and it can look weird. Plus with most people when it comes to freckles they don’t look like little stand-alone dots either. Natural freckles tend to look like you stippled with a marker or oil pastel crayons but in reddish brown. When it comes to making these people do have different techniques and there are times where there are warnings to set them right away since they can run all over. I can imagine how long it takes to make them look real and natural and that is why I don’t get it.
Self-Tanning: This is one step in a long time routine where people do self-tan. Reason why it’s on this list because I found out in the new Allure box for this month since it’s a collaboration with Carly Bible there are tanning mats in this box and well I won’t be using them. Yes the sun is harmful to us but at the same time it’s our Vitamin D we get and yes the self-tanned look is the better way to go if we want to look tanned and beautiful but you’re using chemicals on your skin to get that glow. Plus, I see the upkeep of this tedious even more tedious with the before spraying or putting it on where you have to exfoliate and other steps before putting it on. Plus, some self-tanners can be a bit pricey. So, no thanks.
Contouring the Forehead and Hairline: Another unnecessary part to makeup is contouring your forehead where your hairline lays. Apparently this has been a big trend even back in 2017 and so many girls wanted to even copy Jennifer Lopez when it came to her hairline being contoured. Wayne Goss did talk about this on his channel around that time where when it comes to contouring we have to understand the framework of our face. Like in anime and life drawing classes we always shade in where light hits the most in order to create a shadow and that is what using bronzer is when it comes to that purpose. With the forehead, according to Goss, if you put two fingers on your forehead and if your hairline touches the second finger then don’t contour, then try three fingers and if it does the same thing then best to do it around the temples to make it a softer look since contouring the forehead would make it smaller than it looks but when you have four or five fingers then it would be necessary. I only contour my cheeks near my ears to give a prominent look with my cheek bones before blush so forehead is not for me since my fingers do touch my hairline.
Baking the Face: Even though Drag Queens do it but it is not seen as much anymore. Baking is referred to where you dust your face with translucent powder and let it stay on for five to ten minutes so the heat from your skin help set the foundation and concealer and then brush it off to reveal a creaseless makeup look. To me when this was big it felt like an annoying step, heck most of the responses on he’s up in Makeup post talked about it being unnecessary. One interesting thing is that I think it was either Samantha Ravendal or Raw Beauty Christie did a video where she did one half of her makeup routine now and the other what it was back then and she talked about how she doesn’t bake her face anymore and powders it and just leaves it because of how more blended it looks. I even heard how people with more drier skin has it look more crepe like rather than natural and glad I don’t do it. I just use my usual NYX Translucent to just set my under eye concealer and go to go for the rest of the day.

Well guys that is it for this post! If there are any other unnecessary steps you think of that aren’t on this list just comment them below! I would appreciate it! What is next? I am still waiting on my and Allure Beauty Box but I do have a post idea where I talk about different brands I have not cancelled entirely. Also, want to do a Top Five Bottom Five with beauty brands and of course I do have my favorites post coming up. Sorry for not posting the Omni stuff yet and still trying to get the last videos from Holiday Matsuri up, still need to have Gondras do that or should have them placed on Drive so I can do it. Anyways, until next time!

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