The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box April 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! I am back with another post today and that is…

Allure Beauty Box April 2019!

It arrived in the mail today, well found on my doorstep by my dad when he visited today. I am happy because this month’s box is a collaboration with Carly Bible from YouTube. They have teamed up with Nikkie Tutorials months ago and this time they Have Carly pick brands and products based on her favorites that she has mentioned on her channel, which they are cruelty free. I did see her video and I do love her cats by the way but some items are nice while one I did mention last post I won’t use, let’s get into it!

Was happy they carry this brand online. Let’s see how this goes!
Juvia’s Place Custom Eye Shadow Pallet: I heard so many good things about this brand and was surprised to find them in this box when we were supposed to get a shadow already from another brand. I thought it was a blush pallet but nope I did scan the little magazine thing that came with the box and was happy about it. This pallet has six shades and this is a custom pallet that Allure had made after swatching so many shades. I can’t wait to play with this pallet because you can get the Nubian 2 pallet for $20 which is a good price for this brand.
Briogio Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Protectant: Yay! Another Briogio item! This month with Carly’s collaboration you would either get a Briogio spray or a blow dry protectant and I got the protectant. I did just get a blow dryer for myself since I did get suggestions for how to straighten my hair out better. I did enjoy the Rizarko Milk Spray but I think accidentally left it at the Florida Hotel last month. Boo! At least I get to try something new!
Vida Liborada Tanning Cloth: This is the product I won’t be using because I don’t self-tan at all. To me it’s an unnecessary item since I have light to medium skin tone and I don’t really go out in the sun as much. So goodbye!
Natasha Denona Eye Shadow Single: Well, since Carly is the pro with smoky eyes she chose eye shadows by Natasha Denona and you could get one out of three. I was actually excited about this because a good thing about beauty boxes is that you get luxury brands in a box to try out without paying the price and I hear that the brand’s shadow pallets are a hundred plus in price range. I guess having the single shadows make it better since they are $20 so the same price as an Urban Decay single. Not sure what color I got but Inspector says it’s a brown.

Morphe brush: I closed Open Book before I got a chance to get the name of this brush but it is from Morphe. You get a different brush from three brands and I ended up with a Morphe brush and I think it’s a small tapered one. Not bad but I do find their brushes kind of meh. I do hear from people their single brushes are good. I will see how it goes.

Laura Gellar liner: Last item is an eye product in my box and that is a Laura Gellar pen liner. I am not sure what color I got but I am glad to get another eyeliner. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the pamphlet though but if you didn’t get this you would get an Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick. Even though Carly’s video said you would get the lipstick. I think it’s due to me being a new member that I got different products from everyone else that I would get a few items from what she picked. Hey, another eyeliner for my collection or for work.

Project Pan Update: I will be putting any Project Pan items I have finished up from subscriptions since I am planning to finish items I have received in boxes.

Momon Rose Toner: First I finished the rose toner I got in my box last month and I did enjoy it. It did get me back into toners again since it’s been years since I stopped using the Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Toner I always bought. Unfortunately it made my skin dry like crazy but this rose one made my skin Dewey and decided to take a try at others even though Ulta sells this one and it does retail for $23. I am using the Fair’s Witch Hazel & Cucumber one and it smells awful but it does work well for my sensitive skin. I do have the rose one from that company since I did order it from Ulta with my 20% off coupon. I am glad to get more into skin care as time goes on but I may buy this at a different point in time.

Tanya Kreux Brow Gel: Next is the Tanya Kreux Brow Gel I also received in last month’s box. It was a decent product and it did help my brows stay in place before I placed my NYX Tame & Frame Pomade. I did pick up my NYX Control Freak Brow Gel again since this did make me love put clear brow gel before my Pomade step. Thank you Tanya Kreux!

Well, that is it for this box and glad to try new items and hoping May’s box will be even better. I am enjoying this box so far since I get to try out brands mentioned in the magazine. I do read articles that get sent to me in email and even read the article how someone got their Micro blading botched.

What is next? My Ipsy since I also received it today!

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