The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy April 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! Since I did BoxyCharm and Allure Beauty Box, it is now time for….

Ipsy April 2019!

It arrived the same day as Allure but didn’t want to stay up all night posting about Ipsy so I waited until Easter to do it and Happy Easter to you all! So, what did I get this month? Let’s start with the add-ons!

Add-Ons: With Ipsy every month you can purchase full-size or deluxe size items to add onto your bag. Full size ones are $12 and deluxe ones are $3.I think this month’s add-ons are pretty good since some of them did come from Glam Bag Plus. The first add-on is the Laura Sanchez Moods Eye Shadow pallet which came from this month’s Glam Bag Plus. Too bad I didn’t subscribe in time for Glam Bag Plus due to the blush pallet in it but at least I was able to buy this with my regular Glam Bag. I never heard of this brand but it did catch my eye. This pallet contains eight shadows, four matte and four four metallic shades, and of course has two highlighters to make this a face pallet too. This has rich browns and muted pinks depending on the mood you’re in because this shadow and highlight pallet has an emoji in each pan. An interesting one for me to navigate. Next add-on is the Violet Voss Fun Size Holy Grail pallet! This was in Glam Bag Plus a few months back, I think when they first started from what I remembered, and got it since I have heard of this brand but never tried her stuff. This contains ten shadows and it is a mini version of the famous Holy Grail pallet from this brand. This pallet is very easy to use for any skill level and the shadows blend easily and have Hahoba Oil. I can’t wait to play with this one! And the final add-on is the Firma Beauty 103 Angled Contour Brush which did catch my eye on the deluxe pickings. I never tried this brand and figured to give one of their brushes a shot. This is meant for contour but I can feel it’s more of a blush brush. Let’s see how I would use this thing as time goes on.

Ipsy Bag:

The Balm Balmjour Creamy Lip Stain in Namaste: The first item is from the Balm. This is a really good brand if you haven’t tried anything from them which I highly recommend. This is a lip balm and a lip gloss in one and helps keep the lips moisturized and stays on all day. This shade is a berry toned pink which sounds very nice to my ears. It’s been a while since I got a lip product from this brand because when I was subscribed a few years ago they did send out liquid lipsticks that smelled like chocolate. I wonder if they still have those. I will give this one a try while at work since I have to talk all day and of course lunch where food can wipe off your lip color.
Marc Anthony 100% Virgin Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Curl Cream: Next is another item by Marc Anthony! I love this brand a lot and have been using their Bye Bye Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner and it worked out for me! I wanted to try the original curl cream but noticed that I already have R&B from Lush. I tried this one after getting my bag yesterday and it is pretty nice for having shea butter in it. I didn’t have to add anything else to my hair this morning since there are times where Gondras pulls out my hair tie and my hair goes crazy but not this time and it wasn’t tangled as much when I woke up either. On Ipsy’s website, it did say something that the coconut oil will help with hair growth so hoping it will. Let’s see how it goes!
Billion Dollar Brows Fan Brush: Next is a new brush to be added to my collection. I have heard of Billion Dollar Brows all thanks to hearing about products in this subscription but didn’t know they also made other beauty products. This brush is made with charcoal infused bristles and it can be used to dust on highlighter and setting powder, even powder foundation. I will have to use this for highlighter and see how it goes!
Tarte Double Duty Beauty Hydrating Primer: Next is a product from Tarte Cosmetics and it’s their double Duty Beauty Hydrating Primer. I have gotten back into Tarte because of the 21 Days of Beauty Event this time around which I will be doing that haul post next. This is a brand new product actually and it has hahoba and grape seed extracts and coconut oil to help with moisturizing. I have to try this primer out and see how it goes during work because I do work forty hours a week.
Pretty Woman Nail Polish in Berry Wild: Final product for this bag is a nail polish by Pretty Woman and it’s in the color Berry Wild. I am glad to get nail polishes in this bag since I rarely do purchase any and when I do it is with mostly Sinful due to how that was my very first nail polish brand I ever purchased and have been for years. This shade is a dark plum shade and loved it when I first found out about my items. It is supposed to be quick drying and chip resistant. I did get a lilac shade in an Ipsy Offer that came with different items from different brands and this brand was one of them. It does start chipping slightly but if you do a ton of things like typing which I am a speedy typist and that is what I do at work, the quick drying between coats is kind of a false claim because it did stay tacky while putting on my top coat the last time. I will see how this goes since I think they have improved their formula slightly from when I used polishes in the past by these guys where it chipped by next day or was that a different brand, I forget!

Project Pan Update: Here are some items I did finish that were Ipsy items!

Hempz lip balm: I did use this up recently and well it kind of had my lips dry slightly even after putting on lipstick or something else. I feel that this was an okay product but won’t purchase or get it as a point’s item because I do love my tried and true Lip Smackers.

Trestique Mini Lip Glaze in Mumbai Magenta: I was using this during work and did finish it up. I did love the formula and picked up one of these and another shade in the same Mini Lip Glazes from their website. I definitely like this brand and how they have their stuff in sticks and it can be easily applied and controlled than a powder product and a liquid one. I did pick up their blush and bronzing sticks in Bora Bora Coral and Brazilian Bronze and those are amazing too. I highly recommend them and would rather get the mini versions of the Lip Glazes because they do apply better without the lip primer in my opinion.

That is it for this month’s bag! The bag is so cute which has lemons printed across it but wishing it was not one of those bags with the zippers on the front. I did like the items picked for me this month and can’t wait to see what gets picked next month since they did change up one part of their survey. I will see how the Marc Anthony product works with my hair since I am enjoying it slightly at the moment. I will also be using the face primer from Tarte and see how it goes. I am mainly excited for the Balm lip stain since I can use that easily for work. And I can’t wait to see what will be my starting bag for Glam Bag Plus! So stay tuned for that!

What is next? My haul from 21 Days of Beauty Spring 2019!

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