The Convention Qudrant: Holiday Matsuri 2018 Guests Q&A Panel!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another Holiday Matsuri video!

Okay guys, the last video from last year’s Hol Mat is here.
Voice Actors Q&A Panel at Holiday Matsuri. Like the past few years we have done press, we have recorded another year. Well, more like Nerdy Shirts. SO, me and Gondras were on our way to this panel since he forgot the tripod in our room and as we got closer that was when my cane incident. Trust me, when we told him the news about what had happened he was surprised. I will talk about that later.

Anyways, this panel apparently while Nerdy Shirts was recording, Todd noticed him and asked about it which you will hear from that moment. We did make it for the end which was good and glad we did despite being late and my cane being broken which I will go tint next!

Like with the last post, this will also be the last Guests Q&A thing we will record because this is our last Holiday Matsuri we will be covering press for. I know we should come back for it as attendees but press has been a big thing for us for many years and still remembering doing it for MetroCon many years ago and we missed going to that one. We would go to it this year but this July will be getting my eyes checked so may stay in a hotel Friday night. Anyways, we have appreciated the work and we have done really great work and gotten awesome opportunities at Hol Mat during the years we have attended and covered even with how we interviewed Steve Blum which was amazing. What got us not to cover anymore is that last year’s press staff was disorganized. The past years before that as in 2015 through 2017 they were really organized as in making sure we have events to cover and also Google Hangouts to do with the teams, heck I did love 2017 Hangouts when there were more than one press teams in the chat! Having that time to meet was a good thing and gives us time to work together and say, “I will cover this event!” “We will cover this.” And so on, last year that didn’t happen. It felt like we were dismissed and it did take almost close to the convention for any word about us getting the passes when we did reserve our room. Vivi was mad that Tobi and him didn’t get any word about not getting approved either. I did get the message that they were overwhelmed with so many people signing up for it but smaller conventions have gotten a high demand, even Omni, on press and they were able to handle it by doing what they need to do and schedule what they can. Heck, even Barbara Goodson at last year’s RangerStop told me that she was already packed with interviews and understood. I think the high demand last year was due to the guests they were getting since we did tot that chance to interview Jennifer Hale which made me happy despite losing my cane, which I will get to next. So, in the end, I feel like the Press Staff could have handled it better last year and I know we have brought great publicity to the convention but seeing how disorganized it was who knows what would happen for this year and I am really grateful for what we have done and the opportunities presented to us. I hope you have enjoyed we have brought to you guys and this year we are hoping for RangerStop 7 since I had a blast and hoping Gondras will join me for it too since we have been Power Rangers fans for years!
Another reason is that my cane was broken at Holiday Matsuri and I never experienced that at bigger conventions. Plus, I felt like blindness is overlooked when becoming accessible. For one thing, last year, on the group I posted an idea where town criers would call out where certain events would be and where other rooms like Vendor’s Hall and Game Room, even someone came up with an idea of playing certain music to show the different areas are. I also liked that idea but it can be drowned out. What ticked me off though was a guy out of nowhere saying it was a completely bad idea because of people with sound sensory issues can have problems. I can see where he is coming from but the Manga Library was actually considered a quiet place and of course some panels are pretty quiet too. Not only that, I did reply to his comment saying, you know you can either be in a different spot or just wear ear buds, I mean Electric Daisy Carnival even sell them in their store on site for anyone who needs them and there is an electronics store in the World Center if need be. I did appreciate one staff member who was in charge of some of the set up for the convention did ask me to message her with my ideas and I did write my post about making conventions more accessible to the blind and sent that link and unfortunately no reply nor anything happened. I felt like it was not looked at. To me blindness does get overlooked and not considered as much nowadays, it was earlier when I did do the Blind Experience back in 2013 but now I feel like accessibility should not only consider the people with sound issues but also visual issues and what is interesting I found out I was not the only blind person going to this thing and it’s not easy when so many people are in one place and you need to get to somewhere and don’t have an idea of where you’re going. Not only that, there are times where people get distracted by their friends and what’s in front of them or even by the phone in hand which can cause an accident like my cane breaking, I am still sad about that, I think people should be more aware about that too. Not only that, not sitting in the middle of walkway either, saw that on the ramp in the hotel heading towards the rooms.

I think that is it guys! I know I rambled a bit but wanted you guys to understand what I have experienced and why we made our decision, on this. Not sure about attending as attendees since I felt like some of the stuff was a bit disorganized outside of Press. Even I heard the Christmas Tree Ornament thing didn’t happen. I know I always look forward to this convention every year with the Convention Spotlight but after last year it is now aborted for me in my mind. Hoping we do go back to MetroCon since I have missed that for many years and they were our first Press Experience so we will see for next year.

Well, that is it for the Hol Mat posts. So, what is next? Our interview with Tia Ballard from Omni Fandom Expo!

The Convention Quadrant: Holiday Matsuri 2018 Opening Ceremonies!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a post that was supposed to be up a while back!

Holiday Matsuri 2018 Opening Ceremonies!

I know, why am I doing this close to the end of May? Well, life did get in the way! Ever since Gondras and I moved into our own place, took place during the Volcano Bay hang out when there should have been a Google Hangout for Press, things have happened since. As in me starting my job, getting unpacked, doing groceries, getting things for our living room and well during January the both of us got sick except me it was serious with a sinus infection! We weren’t able to upload the last two videos which one was the Opening Ceremonies. While doing groceries for the weekend on the day the convention started, Nerdy Shirts texted me about recording the Opening Ceremonies and said, “Yes but not the dancing parts!” The past years we did record them we got claimed for the music being in the shot. Anyone doing press at any convention, just record the important parts and not any performances because YouTube loves to claim everything for Copyright even if it’s overseas. Heck, I did warn the Press Staff at Matsuri about Idol Fest, this is one good reason for a Hangout to mention.

Anyways, hope you guys have enjoyed these videos. Sorry for the wait due to life getting in the way and this will be our last Opening Ceremonies at Holiday Matsuri we will ever record. I will explain in the next post which is the voice actor’s panel that Nerdy Shirts also recorded! Stay tuned!

The Beauty Quadrant: Thoughts on Beauty Community Now

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe, it’s time for something serious!

My Thoughts on the Beauty Community Now!

I wasn’t expecting myself to travel down this dark nebula but I think it’s time to talk about it. If you guys have not been on YouTube for two weeks or so, Tati, James Charles, and Jeffree Starr had a bit of a Dramagedon! First, James was sponsored by Sugar Bear Hair for sleeping pills which Tati got upset since she has Halo and he has been a huge friend of her’s and she couldn’t believe what he did. Then Jeffree ended up in the mess after sending text messages and plus there were videos made and things went crazy! If you have been on YouTube and tired of this, I think everyone has because it feels like we’re losing focus on the Beauty Community as a whole. I am glad that Jacklyn Hill decided to bring focus back by advertising her own makeup brand she has been working on and people got excited and what made me happy is that she was bringing focus back to what brought the community together.

When I first got into makeup, I remembered watching YouTube around 2009 when I was graduating with my A. A. and soon to go to get my Bachelor’s and I remembered getting into watching hauls by people like Makeup By Tiffany D. and Dulce Candy and other smaller people. Back then I didn’t know who Tati was, nor Jeffree, not even Jacklyn, I only watched other people doing huge hauls from CVS, Target, even Sephora and heck Ulta was started being mentioned and I even wondered if there were locations near me i9n my part of Orlando when I lived back there. I still remembered even going to Kmart when it was still open and got my very first lip glosses from Wet N Wild and it went from there and I got into Almay, Maybelline, L’Oréal, and even NYX later on because of YouTube. Now it feels like that’s lost because of the drama. I may have mentioned that I do like watching drama channels but to see what is in the news since I am hardly subscribed to some of the people that get mentioned, wait I am subscribed to Jeffree myself sorry, but I used to like Jacklyn but I felt like as time went on since around 2016 since that thing between Jeffree and KVD happened that is when it felt like the focus from makeup shifted. As in, we kind of lost the makeup aspect that made this community thrive.

Should We Cancel?

Not exactly! The thing is like reality t. v., we always love to watch some of the drama and sometimes we want to either keep up with it or like me be more informed about what’s going on with some of the stuff taking place and if I get bored then I will watch some of my favorite beauty people talk about stuff they want to get or what they picked up that may catch my eye, heck I still enjoy What’s Up In Makeup when I am not a convention for a weekend. I would say if you’re just bored with the drama then watch someone else doing something else. Heck, I watch Anime Abandoned and What the F Is Wrong with You two take a small break.

My Advice: I would say if you don’t like the idea of supporting problematic makeup influencers I would say follow the smaller ones that aren’t getting much notice and not just me but other people. I do have makeup videos and have two coming up this weekend. It’s only fair that paying attention to some people who love makeup as most of us do should be watched more. Who would I suggest?

Danielle Schmidt
Kirsten Leigh Ann
Nicole Quinn
Angelica Nyquist
That Girl Shea XO
Leisha who as also known as Ssparkedge
Head to Toe
Makeup by Tiffany D.
Jessica Braun
And That’s Jacob
And so many more but I highly recommend these people and should get more views despite how famous of some influencers. Heck, even Samantha Ravendal and Raw Beauty Christy are getting up there but still down to earth!

In the end, really it comes down to is really who we watch and also getting that focus back to makeup since this is supposed to be for beauty and beauty’s sake.

I know this post didn’t make much sense but I felt like I should say some of my thoughts. I am missing the joys of makeup on YouTube and heck it even brings new people in like we have Molly Berk who is blind and loving makeup despite her challenges like me. Again with all the drama, I feel like the focus has shifted from “Check out what I bought!” To pretty much something toxic and hoping things do get better. Since we are the audience we should pick the stuff we want to watch and who to support and hoping we can bring that makeup focus back to YouTube rather than just focusing on the drama. Now next will be the convention stuff!

The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box May 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another subscription!

Allure Beauty Box May 2019!

Well, it’s another month for Allure Beauty Box and all I have to say that this box is pretty good so far and this month I am not sure about. Let’s see what I got!

St. Tropes Self-Tanning Mist: This is one item I won’t be using since I don’t self-tan myself and not planning on it. So goodbye!
Amore Pacific Youth Revolution Mask: Next is a product from a very luxury brand that costs more than my usual skin care and that is Amore Pacific and I got the Youth Revolution Mask. This is a variation item and man there was a lot of it this month and glad to get this one since it’s a moisturizing mask. I do need more moisture in my skin due to it being so dry but hoping it doesn’t cause any other affects by that and this item retails for $200. Ow! Can I just get my usual moisturizer from the drugstore or Lush?
Modelco Eye Lights Eye Shadow in St. Barts: Yay, I love getting eye shadows and this is a liquid eye shadow that is a bronze shade and is supposed to deposit the right amount of shadow while doing so. Once applied it does dry down very quickly. Plus you can either keep it as is or just blend the edges for a blurring effect. This costs $12 which is not bad.
Loretzy Lip Gloss: Unfortunately this is missing from my box. It should have been in the box part like everyone else’s but it didn’t show up in mine. I did contact Allure about it and hoping to get a replacement for it.
Bonseny Expholiating Powder: This is an interesting powder which is made with milk and oats and you combine it with water and place it on the skin by rubbing it in. Supposed to wait a minute and rub it away and it will clear pores and other parts of the face. Hmmm, I definitely should try this out since I never heard a product like this before and it will be interesting to see how it works. I still love my Three Times Sublime by Formula 1006 though. This product is $15.Lenege Face Cream: Finally is a product from Lenege and it’s a moisturizer. I heard good things about their lip mask but trying out something like this is something new. I think this is very luxury when it comes to their brand and can’t wait to use this.

Well, to me this month’s box feels more like an Ipsy bag. I got so much skin care in this one it’s not even funny. I think April and March were better since I got more makeup in those boxes this one. I think they should have more makeup items and it sucks that I didn’t get the Loretzy lip gloss since it was missing. Way to go Allure, what happened? Let’s see if the expholiating powder doesn’t brake me out and same with the moisturizing mask and the moisturizing cream from Amore Pacific and Lenege. The shadow from Modelco which is pretty cool and hoping the claims are good.

What is next? Our Opening Ceremonies videos from Holiday Matsuri. I know it’s been a long time waiting but we finally have them up! Stay tuned!

The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus May 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! It is time for a new subscription!

Ipsy Glam Bag plus May 2019!

Well, I did jump in and got the Glam Bag Plus. If you have been a member of the Glam Bag like me there is at some point where you could either upgrade to it or get it alongside your regular Glam Bag and this version has more full size and from higher end brands to luxury ones and they go up to $100+ in value. I did get May’s box and decided why not try it out and this month has been a great one so far. By the way, why didn’t I have add on with my regular bag? I will explain!

Add-Ons: I didn’t get to do these with my Glam Bag because the app was acting weird so I decided to have them here and both bags did ship, or shall I say box which they should name it the Glam Box instead of Glam Bag Plus. That’s my opinion. The items I added on are more of the full-size items which I am happy about. First is the Smashbox Cosmetics Cover Shot Eye Shadow Pallet in Major Metals! I have heard mixed reviews about the Cover Shot pallets and when I saw this I decided why not try it out since I was curious about these. These come with eight shadows where you have two as your base ones and the rest are with your looks and this one is nothing but metallic shades which makes it very interesting. If I like this one then I will try more of them. Another item is the Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Enchanting. I don’t know if I got this one in a previous Glam Bag but I did love how it felt and it does smell good. I did say I didn’t cancel Huda’s brand since I have been getting the products and they are so good so far! And final one is the Love Craft Beauty Blush Pallet that came in last month’s box! Trust me, I was sad when I found out I was getting May’s instead of April’s and was hoping they would do what they did with my first bag last year by having an extra bag. Oh well! This pallet came with three blushes and I never heard of this brand until Glam Bag Plus and thought why not get it since it is a leftover from last month? Let’s see how this one goes!

Purlisse Butter Me up Body Butter in Orange Creamsicle: First up is a product by Purlisse and that is their collaboration with Candee Johnson and it’s the Butter Me up Orange Creamsicle body butter. One good thing about Glam Bag Plus if you marked down certain items on your quiz and you don’t get them in the bag you get them here. I do love lotions and body butters and hardly get them in my regular bag but in this I did get this body butter. I do love Jennifer Yen and I am loving that Ipsy is mentioning that she was a former Power Ranger villain since of course we do have nerds in the makeup community and nerd related brands and of course I do have my videos putting on makeup. I was so excited to get this because my legs have been so itchy lately and don’t know why but I did slather this one before I hopped on here to write the post and man it smells so good! It has that classic creamsicle scent that we know and love since I have had creamsicles before in the past. This brings back memories and it does have a slight almond smell. I hope my legs get better with this cream and hoping Jennifer does come out with more body butters like this because they smell so good and plus this brand is sensitive skin friendly because Jennifer has the same skin type as me and she created the brand after the heavy makeup on set broke her out. I want to still interview her and I am hoping RangerStop gets her as a guest because skin care is important even for us nerd folk when it comes to acne, trust me I have gone through that major phase and still get some break outs but I am working on calming it down because I am planning a post talking about brands I do buy that I have gotten in my boxes. Stay tuned for that!
Glam Glow Oxygenating Bubble Mask: Next is another Glam Glow product and was surprised by this because for a while I wanted sheet masks in my Ipsy but didn’t get them. I did buy the sets from their Offers page and man I have a lot and stopped! I was glad to get some in this box and it’s from Glam Glow. So far so good with the face wash from BoxyCharm I am not breaking out and I am enjoying getting my makeup off with it. It has been helping with one stubborn pimple! Anyways, so this mask is supposed to start to bubble up once you have it on and the bubbles cause a tingling sensation to tell you its working. This mask is supposed to help with removing dirt and oil and even traces of makeup. It also has charcoal to leave your skin very nice and clean even the pores. I hope this does give me lasting results so will be trying it while writing the rest of this post!
Elmakiage Icon High Intense Curl Mascara: Next is a mascara and glad to get it here since I rarely get this item in my other bag. I never heard of this brand before which is good to try new brands out and this is one of them. I do love curling mmascarasThis is supposed to be a creamy formula that doesn’t clump but makes the lashes curl, lengthen, and volumize! I can’t wait to try this one out! I wish Ipsy would give me more mascaras since I did put “Often” on the quiz.
Illumasqua Lip Coloring Duo in Lust and Media: Next is another item from Ilumasqua and that is their lip coloring pencils in Lust and Media. These help with feathering of lip products and can use them with lighter colored lip colors to give extra dimension. Lust is a coral pink while Media is a cranberry. People said these two look alike and not sure about that since I can’t see it. I remembered that I marked I was not a fan of these items but it did say they don’t skip, so I will have to see how they perform.
Wonder Beauty Wondrous Seascape Eye Shadow Pallet: Finally is something from Wonder Beauty. I am finding these guys everywhere in my subscriptions and glad to get them minus that peel off mask. This is a six pan shadow pallet that contains beachy like shades that include corals, gold, and seafoam green. People say the green is more like a blue which when you look at the color seafoam it’s kind of a bit of an aqua. I used to use the crap out of that crayon when I was a kid. So far I have been liking Wonder Beauty and can’t wait to use these shadows on my eyes.

Well, that’s it for this post! I am so happy to get Glam Bag Plus because I get to explore more brands I really get to buy from and also let me try different items I have not used before. I can’t wait to see what June brings because I am staying with this one. It does give me the deluxe side with Ipsy and then the more full size items that people were kind of whining about years back when I saw a ton of posts from people complaining and now that this part of the Glam Bag exists then we have more stuff to enjoy. And about the mask, oh man that thing does bubble up! It can be hard to remove that much of a bubble item so be careful when using it and the claim of it tingling to show it works is not wrong either. Please sell this on your page Ipsy, I am liking it so far!

That is it! So, next post will be the Holiday Matsuri Opening Ceremonies video. Sorry for the long wait but things did come up since then. So until next time!

The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy May 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another subscription!

Ipsy May 2019!

I know that I was supposed to post my Allure Box but I need sighted help with it. I will get it up during the weekend. I would say is follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy SHique for that update! Now onto Ipsy! As you guys know is that this subscription is $10 a month and you get five samples and sometimes six, sometimes they’re full size and most of the time deluxe! Let’s see what I got!

Nature’s Cartel Multi-Purpose Stick in Global Awakening: First up is a brand I never heard of before and they are known as Nature’s Cartel. This is a multi-purpose stick that can be used as a highlighter, lip color, and even a shadow if you want. It also blends very easily. Even though this is pink in the tube it does come out golden. I can’t wait to try this out actually as a highlighter.
F. A. H. R. A. Brushes 22 E Shade & Blend Brush: Next is a brush from F. A. H. R. A. Brushes and this time it’s a double ended shadow brush. It’s been a while since I got a double ended shadow brush and this one is so soft! I love this brand when it comes to brushes and the sets I have gotten so far and this will be a nice brush to use since I can do a lot with this one can blend shadows, contour, and highlight and so much more. The flatter end can put on under eye concealer if you want. I will definitely use this for shadow!
Lord & Berry 20100 Maximatte Lipstick Crayon in Here & Now: Next is an item from Lord & Berry which has been a while. This time it’s a lip product. In the past I did get eye pencils and getting this is a nice change. This is supposed to look like a crayon but to me it’s more like a lip pencil rather than a crayon. Plus it’s nice and small so it’s easy to travel. I did try it out and it’s pretty soft!
Pixie by Petra H2O Skin Drink: Yay! Another Pixie product! This time it’s the H2O Skin Drink. This is moisturizing gel that has healing ingredients which include green tea extract, aloe vera, rosemary extract, and Glycerin. This can also be worn under makeup so I will try that since I do moisturize before putting on makeup.
Blossom Eye Shadow Compact in Dusty Miller: Next is an eye shadow and it feels good to get one after a while and it’s from a brand called Blossom! Another one I haven’t heard before and glad to try. I saw people on YouTube get this shadow and it’s it’s a gray shade which I hear some people say that it also has a purple undertone. I will have to try this out since it’s good to try new brands.

Well, that’s it! There were two new brands in my bag this month and the other three I heard about before. I am glad to try a new moisturizer and this time from Pixie, a new item from Lord & Berry, and a new brush from F. A. H. R. A. And getting to try out Nature’s Cartel and Blossom in this bag.

Next up guys will be my first Glam Bag Plus and I was really excited since this is like BoxyCharm but you kind of get a more high end version of Ipsy so stay tuned!

The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm May 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Finally one of my subscriptions came!

BoxyCharm May 2019!

My BoxyCharm arrived well last week but it was dropped off at the main office. I don’t get why my mailman just did that when the box just fits on the mailbox. Oh well! This month had a lot of variations with products whether it’s one item over the other or just the shades. Let’s see what I got!

Glam Glow Glam Glow Gentle Bubble Cleanser: First item is my very first full size item from Glam Glow and it’s the Gentle Bubble Cleanser that retails for $28! This was a variation item where you could get this or the First Aid Beauty Coconut Cream. I was hoping for the First Aid Beauty item since I wanted to try more products by them to see how my skin would react when my skin felt weird with one moisturizer from Ipsy. I was sad when I first heard this cleanser was not meant for sensitive skin but it is because in the description of this product on the card that all skin types approve because this is a gentle gel cleanser. I did try it since it is supposed to help with getting impurities and able to dissolve makeup and it has apple extract and green tea extract and it’s also fragrance and SLS free. It is very gentle since I have used it twice to clean my makeup. No real irritation, it did leave that clean tingle after I use any of my other skin care since it is very clean and does help get all the impurities out, which I can see how since it dissolved my makeup very well. I will keep using this. I am not mad at Boxy for this.
Alamar Coloret Blush Trio: I was hoping to get this! Besides this product, you could also get the Milk Makeup Priming Stick and was hoping to get this because I heard good things about this brand and they are Florida based too. I got the trio in Fair Light actually and my skin is Light to Medium but hoping this goes well since this is a $22.00. This blush trio fits the skin tone and gives a radiant sun look without the harmful rays and glad to get this since I do love blush!
Ciate London Luster Cream Shadow: Next is a product from Ciate and it’s their Luster Cream Shadow. I was glad that they put this in the box because I love this brand ever since trying out their stuff in Ipsy. This is a $22 shadow that can be worn sheer on its own or on top of shadows. There were two different colors which were Ice and Cupid. Ice is a silver which I wished I gotten that one because it goes really well with my eye color but I got Cupid which I didn’t mind since rose gold is one of my favorite colors. I did try this and swiped it on my shadow that I had from work and it’s pretty nice. I have to keep wearing it.
Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick: Next is a product I have not tried yet and heard amazing things and that’s from Dose of Colors. I heard so many people talk about these guys and was excited that they were one of the lipstick variations this month and crossed my fingers. I was so happy when Open Book read my card out that I got this. I wore it at work today and man it’s amazing like everyone said. This is an $18 product and it is a velvet matte formula that dries down to a comfortable one and it’s true. It does feel comfortable on my lips and it is pretty long wearing because I still felt it slightly after lunch. I will keep wearing this because I am loving it at the moment!
Mellow Eye Definer: Final item is an eyebrow pencil from Mellow Cosmetics. I never use brow pencils but decided to keep this to take a try. This is a non-greasy formula and it will ensure my brows won’t budge. I hope this is really true because I tried it briefly and it did hold some hairs slightly so I will see how this $18 pencil works out.

Well, that is it for this month’s box! I was hoping to get the Pur Cosmetics lash curler since I’m getting into those now but I got the eyebrow pencil which I will still use. I am liking the Glam Glow cleanser so far and no irritation yet since I did try moisturizing products from Sephora as a sample and that felt weird because of the harsh tingling I felt. I am loving the liquid lipstick so far and will keep on wearing it. Will Dose of Colors join my makeup arsenal? Time will tell! I have to play around with the Ciate London shadow and of course must try the ALamar blushes to see how they are like!

So, what’s next? I am supposed to have my Allure Beauty Box so stay tuned. And also more convention videos! Until next time!

The Beauty Quadrant: Brands I Have Not Completely Cancelled!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds! Welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post!

Brands I Have Not Completely Cancelled!

Yes, it’s time to talk about brands I have not cancelled out completely. Cancelling someone or something has been a big thing lately and beauty has been a big part of it. As someone who has been in it for a while knows what’s it like to hear about the drama about different brands or about their owners and well I feel like I moved on or just feel like I still like the brand despite the controversies and choose to step those bits of drama aside. What brands do I include? Keep reading.

Tarte: First is Tarte Cosmetics! As we know that with how brands are starting to expand their foundation range to include every skin tone like Riana did with her brand Fenty, Tarte had a bit of a controversy with their Shape Tape Foundation. They only released a few shades on launch and that didn’t include everyone which ticked everyone off. Tarte did say they were going to release more shades but haven’t seen the result of that. I didn’t really cancel them because for a while after getting the Swamp Queen pallet is that their stuff was kind of boring for me. They release a lot of neutral pallets even though I tend to wear those most of the time but I do like to do colorful ones other times. I was hoping to get a colorful pallet until they revealed Icy Batch last year for April Fall’s. I wouldn’t mind buying that version but had heard the one that got released is not really pigmented and I already have Blue Blood. Anyways, I have purchased some Tarte items that are more colorful and they are the Tarte Toasted which is like Naked Heat but has more reds to it and the Tarte Tartiste Pro Remixed which has more colors like a painter’s pallet. I did also get their blush pallet that went on sale recently and waiting on that to arrive and of course Rain Forest of the Sea 3 in BoxyCharm. I may get their summer pallet if it’s still available because it has more colors to it and in my 21 Days of Beauty Haul I did say they should span more into colors since they did it in Swamp Queen, Toasted, and Tartiste Pro.
Jeffree Starr Cosmetics: For a while I didn’t buy from Jeffree Starr due to how there have been issues in his warehouse and how he has treated customers. Now that things have changed for him due to Shane Dawson’s documentary series last summer, I have noticed that he has focused more on his brand rather than getting himself into more drama. I think the only most recent stuff Drama Channels have bene talking about were the burglary of his products and how Burlington and TJ Max have bene selling expired makeup from his brand. Yes, I remembered the stuff KVD had said but now she is going through her own controversies as the moment and well it’s not doing well with her brand. Jeffree, on the other hand, there is one thing is that brand do change their tune and that is what I have seen. SO far I have purchased Blue Blood Shadow and Liquid lipstick Bundle, Deep Freeze from his Skin Frosts which I heard really good things about and Unicorn Blood and they are all amazing! I am wondering why I didn’t try it earlier. I will be trying more items from Jeffree and that includes lip glosses he will be releasing soon.
• Huda Beauty: Next is Huda Beauty which there was a controversy where she copied off of Beauty Bakerie. Basically Huda copied othesame powder that Beauty Bakerie have with their Easy Bake Baking Powder and used the same promoting campaign and everything. Yes there are times where brands do copy off of each other and well it didn’t stop Ipsy from sending me their products. I started with getting their liquid lipsticks and it is something I never thought I would love. Then I got one of the lip Strobes and fell in love with that and then got one of the Obsessions Pallets in Smoky as a Glam Bag add-on and loved it. Now I got another Lip Strobe as an add-on and hoping to get more from this brand. I did love how the owner of Beauty Bakerie did say this as a response, “Huda is still welcomed here.” As in she will let it pass and forgives Huda. I will also try out items from Beauty Bakerie since I want to try her blending sponges.
• Too Faced Cosmetics: Almost forgot these guys! I have not exactly cancelled these guys and it is one of the first high end brand I bought from or shall I say got gifted with a pallet and that was the Chocolate Bar pallet. After getting some of their Christmas Café items and their Chocolate Bars, which this was around the time they had three before the fourth one came out, I decided to not get any more of their stuff since I heard how the quality of their newer items went downhill. As in not enough pigmentation in some of their shadows, heck the Too Faced Side of the Better Together was less pigmented than the other. When I heard about Chocolate Gold coming out and how people reviewed it I did put it as a maybe since I did remember the issues I also had with the Better than Sex minis. Now that time has passed, I did get the Gingerbread Spice Pallet from Holiday 2018 but had to go through EBay for it. I did miss getting items from the band and then got the Better than Sex mascara in BoxyCharm and all thanks to 21 Days of Beauty I did get two of their bronzers from the Chocolate line and the Golden Chocolate Bar. So, yeah did not cancel them out right. They are pretty much a big staple in a lot of people’s collections even mine next to Urban Decay.
• Z Pallet: The last brand is Z Pallet! Not sure if you guys have heard but the reason why a lot of people stopped buying is that I think it was two or three years ago the owner announced a new induction plate was being released and it would help with getting shadows out of pallets easily, even blushes and other things that people want to get the pans out of. People noticed the price being close to a hundred dollars and commented that they won’t pay that much and that they can get one cheaper on Amazon. I did research it and saw them for cheap and people tend to use different ways of getting pans out and the owner made fun of them when she had taught them how to use their oven to create their own pans. This caused people to leave and stop buying from the brand even just after getting into Ulta when I remembered a ton of their magnetic pallets were there and now it’s just two. I love having a magnetic pallet and create custom pallets for work with shadow pans through sites that provide them. I know other places offer them but Z Pallet paved the way for them. I still have the two pallets I got from Amazon and got one from Ulta since my Coastal Scents one broke. So yes, haven’t cancelled them.
Well, that is it guys! Those are the brands I have not actually cancelled. Yes, we speak with our wallets but we do think about what we want to buy and these brands still got my money and plus it’s just makeup and some of it should be enjoyed. If you still want to buy from a brand then do so, these are the brands I like and also still like.

What is next? Well, our last few Holiday Matsuri videos and hoping to get my subscription boxes for this month since BoxyCharm did arrive but it’s in my leasing office so will send Gondras to get it. Stay tuned!

The Favorites Quadrant: March & April Favorites 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post!

March and April Favorites 2019!

I know I am kind of late but to be fair I have been working a lot and things have taken place during the weekend like seeing Avengers End Game, going to an afternoon tea for my first time which was fun, and so much more. Plus, Omni Fandom Expo did happen and I was ill afterwards! Let’s see what I have this time!

Convention Favorites:

Favorite Item to Purchase: The Taiyaki Pack! Back in 2015 there was a vendor that sold these little taiyaki cakes and they were in many different flavors and even went back Sunday when they were discounted and they are so good! They came back this year and I got their sample pack. I think I liked their peanut butter anything ones because they add more flavor to them and there was even one that was white chocolate and peanut butter which was delicious. I highly recommend if they come back to Omni next year because the person who makes them is one of the sweetest people I ever met.

Favorite Moment: Interviewing Sawa and Nobu! This year we got to not only interview Sawa but also Nobu too. The have been friends for a long time which was pretty cool. I wanted to interview Sawa since last year’s convention and didn’t get to and glad that we got that chance this year since the first convention you don’t get that chance but the next year you do and you are more prepared even though after going to their panel Saturday night I redid my questions. I do have one of her stickers on my Chrome Book actually and may stick the other on my MAC Book Air once it arrives. Also having nobu was an extra treat since we did talk to the radio station person who worked as their handler and they asked if it was okay if Nobu would join in and GOndras said, “Yes!” It was great even knowing that he is an Overlord fan like us! We will be putting up the interview on here for you guys to see and now we have interviewed a Japanese recording artist and added to our musical interviews!

New Promo Material: Our shirts and pamphlets! Since Holiday Matsuri 2018 I was pretty much brainstorming in re-branding especially with the stuff we pass out and also what we wear. I felt that no one was taking us seriously due to us cosplaying, well me and Gondras, and it was time to take that advice on dressing the part of being press. So this year for Omni we had shirts with our name, our new tag line, and of course the logo and the website on the back since we are doing the press booth which was an okay feature which you may have read our review. Our buddy Evan did like our matching shirts and not only that it was more comfortable than a costume because we went lightweight with this and it wasn’t really cold which I was worried about since I froze my butt off as Rarity last year. Plus, Gondras didn’t feel that hot as he had as the Fourth Doctor either. And of course to add to our promo material are our pamphlets. Ever since what had happened with Zach Callison last year there were times where some managers didn’t take us seriously with just a business card and our cosplay either. So that is why we decided to change things up and GOndras did a really good job in designing them and got them printed out and gave one to Paul St. Peter while running into him since we did mention him this first time. Not sure what we will do next if we will change them up for Ranger Stop but I definitely want to take on other stuff from Custom Ink since they have given me really good customer service and did really good sighted support, heck the girl that helped me order the t-shirts loved our logo!

Favorite Hotel: Florida Hotel! I have to give Florida Hotel the title for Favorite Hotel because this was a very awesome stay! We never stayed at this hotel but have visited the mall and since Gondras and I have moved it was better to do the stay instead of commuting back and forth. We did two nights and had five people and it worked out, no one was loud, no toothpaste tubes borrowed, plus the hospitality spreads throughout the mall! As in, when we visited NYX we had a worker come up to us and asked if we were okay, do we need anything else, heck even gave me makeup and skin care advice because she did ask about my foundation and to tell you the truth I didn’t get that at the other location in Orlando. I definitely suggest checking the Florida Mall one out. It’s still also tempting to go into Lush since we smelled it all the time even heading for the food court. And another part of hospitality is that they text in order to check up on how you’re doing with your stay. I also found the hotel easy to get around because it’s not too crowded nor too many staircases or other obstacles like I had with the World Center. I highly recommend this hotel, they are renovating some areas which they let people know on banners and checking in and out is easy, plus there are more baggage carts even on check out day since that was crazy during Matsuri!

Subscriptions Thoughts:

March: March was all about rose themed items which would have made sense for FValetine’s Day but since spring has arrived it did also make sense for that. My BoxyCharm was really delayed like everyone’s and was happy to finally receive the box. I did enjoy the Cover FX pallet since that was an easy to use pallet due to having the brightening and setting powders in the middle and you have the blush on the right and the contour on the left and two highlighters above the each of them. I did like Monika from Ofra more than Havana Nights. If you see our Omni videos, I did wear Havana Nights but that smeared all over my face and was wondering, “Why is this happening when I have better luck with other colors/” I realized it’s a wet formula, I am not sure if it melted in delivery or something but the one in March’s box was more drying and stayed better on my lips. The Wonder Beauty Pell off Mask is not my favorite at all! I don’t like how it feels like glue on my face even as a thick layer and there are times where I miss peeling off product. My skin did feel good after taking it off but this is not a good product since peeling can cause your face to lose elasticity. I do like another product by these guys in another box but this is not the favorite one. The Moda brushes, I only used the highlighter one actually because I already was using a powder brush at the moment. People said that this brush was flimsy but it wasn’t in my opinion. I did enjoy putting highlighter on my cheeks with this since it does give a nice air brushed look. I definitely recommend these brushes! And finally, I did try the mascara and it’s pretty good because it did add a nice slight curl to my lashes. Definitely will be using this mascara as time goes on.

March was also brining in a new box for me and that is Allure Beauty Box! I have been reading Allure articles all thanks to getting them in my email and I find it very interesting as a magazine and when I heard about their box I decided to take a try finally and subscribed in March. They did say I would be getting different items than long time members which is good to know and did like the idea that these were luxury products that Allure has mentioned in their pages and of course more indie brands even drugstore sometimes comes in these boxes and glad to try out what I got. One item I almost got the full size but didn’t and that is the Momond Rose Toner which you can get at Ulta. This was a really good smelling toner and it did bring moisture to my face every night and every morning before I did my makeup for work. I did get back into toners and did pick up a cucumber and witch hazel one from Fair’s since my rose one from the same brand was taking a bit in shipping it pretty much did the same thing in the moisture and Fair’s is more suited to sensitive skin people like myself. I am glad to get back into toners and hoping to see what other skin care Allure would bring since they also sent me Aquea Blue Tansy Oil is something I am still using! Even though it says to pump some into your hands or was it cotton pad but this was a roller ball. I do use this after my toner every night to add some moisture and it does smell really good. Good thing is that people with Sen Sensitive skin also can use this product too which is good. I only have used the Amica Hair Mask once already and can’t really say too much about it, the Tarte Quick Dry Lip Paint I didn’t really like so I tossed it, I also tried out the Model Co. shadow trio and found it okay not too much to say about it. And the Wonder Beauty mascara which I got a full size of is something I really enjoyed! It makes my lashes really curly and can see why I prefer this over the face mask. And oh yeah, the Tanya Kreux brow gel, I would say even this got me to re-purchase my favorite NYX Control Freak one but I found this pretty good but just okay. It did keep my brows in place but glad to get my NYX one back.

Ipsy was a bit of a disappointment because I had two items missing and they did send them to me which were the Space Case shadow in Alien Love Child as a deluxe size and the Tarte Man Eater mascara. I did like the mascara since I had heard good things about that one and it did go with my Tarte Toasted pretty well. It did curl my lashes pretty well and did give some volume. Not sure if I would purchase the full size, time will tell. I gave away my Yensa foundation sample to the Personal Management instructor and she loved it! She thanked me every time she saw me and told me that she got the full size of it and saved her money which is a good thing. I am glad that she did enjoy that product and figured it would come in use even when she teaches makeup which she does. I am also finding it awesome on Ipsy when they mention Jennifer Yen that they include, “Former Power Rangers villainess!” Since she was in Light Speed Rescue! Yes, she is one of the many people I would love to interview in the future, hoping she does become a guest even if she is no longer an actor. I mostly used the Royal and Langnickle brush I got as a under eye setting brush because it fits so well with my under eyes and it blends my NYX Translucent Powder very well! The Ciate London gloss was very lightweight actually, I didn’t feel it on my lips and I think is on it on top of other lip products for an added sparkle. And I finally found that PUR afterglow powder, I haven’t used it yet though! While the Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions and the FAHRA brushes I got as add ones are really good! I love the blendability that the brushes have and the Smoke Obsessions work pretty well as eye shadows!

April: April seemed to be a bit weird with what I got in my Allure box. Even though Carly Bible was collaborating with the magazine this time but I did get a few different items and that included the Juvia’s Place shadow pallet and the L. A. Splash eye liner. I found it weird that Carly said that everyone was supposed to get a Laura Gellar eye liner but apparently mine was a variation since I am new to the box. It is a brown marker and it works well with my work outfits since I do have variations of brown shadows in my work makeup kit. While the Juvia’s Place pallet is something new for me to try since I was wondering about the brand since people on YouTube talked about it and how great the shadows are. I will have to see for myself. I did get the Vida Liborata towels with the self-tanner on it but threw them away since I don’t self-tan. I know it gives a nice glow but to me it’s not really necessary when you can just get sun at any time and even during the summer you can tan anytime. I did put the Biaggio Heat Protecting Cream in my cabinet for whenever I do use my hair dryer or maybe use it with my straightener. I didn’t get the Anastasia Beverly hills lipstick which made me sad but I did get the Natasha Denona shadow in a bronze shade which is not too bad. I did get a Morphe brush which I was surprised when I rarely see Morphe mentioned on Carly’s channel or in Allure. I was hoping the Luxie one she was going to have in the box since I do love Luxie but this brush is not bad since I do use it in my crease when I interchange my brushes while doing my makeup.

April’s BOxyCharm was really good this month because it was a really good variety of products. First is the Appeal Holographic lip gloss which was an interesting product. I thought it was super sticky at first but it got better as time went on and even put it on top of other lip products to make it more fun. The PUR Festival Pallet was also a great pallet. I got to wear it once and did a brown shadow look with it and my fiancé thought I was trying to make my brows longer with it since it looked like I extended a bit too far. I did find the shadows easy to work with and they do smell amazing in the pallet too, like I had another Too Faced Bronzer. If you guys see this pallet I do recommend picking it up. The Luxie Brush Trio we got in this box was also amazing since Luxie is one of my favorite brush brands at the moment. I would so collaborate with these guys since brushes are an easy tool for me to use and I can use them for other things. I find the smaller brush easy to use and I sometimes use it to put my under eye concealer if I can’t find one of my other brushes to do so. I do use the contouring brush for my contour time to time when I am not working. I am not sure the other brush, maybe it’s buried deep in my brush pouch but hey these are still good brushes for what you get! Next is the Artist Cotour powder and man this powder makes me glow very nicely. Yes, it’s a loose highlight and I did take the little sifter off because I can’t stand those things so I take them off whenever I get a loose product. I do tap off my highlighter brush before applying and do blend it into my face with a tiny brush afterwards and foamy; u the Bodyography eye pencil which I put with my other eye liner pencils. I have so many of them and glad to have backups!

And Ipsy for April was better actually! As in nothing missing like my extra items which were the Ferma Beauty Contour brush which is in my brush pouch for blush, my Laura Sanchez Moods Shadow and Face pallet, and the Violet Voss Fu Size Holy Grail pallet. I have enjoyed the items I got this month and they include the Marc Anthony Virgin Coconut Oil and She Butter Curl Cream which has been helping my curls from frizzing up. I do enjoy this brand a lot and I do have a pair to mention from this brand down below. I also enjoyed the Balmjour Balm Stain which it felt so light and does stay in place all day. The nail polish from Pretty Woman which I put on last night is holding up pretty well and it’s a very nice shade of purple! Let’s see how it holds with my speed of light typing during the week when I type emails and other things! The Tarte Double Duty Primer was pretty good and it did moisturize my face until I ran out. While the Billion Dollar Brows brush, I am still using the Moda highlighter brush and will get to this one in the future.

Well, those are my box subscription updates. So far so good some of the products did work while others didn’t and glad to be in these things. I did join Glam Bag Plus and so far the items I am getting are awesome and can’t wait to receive it! BoxyCharm May is becoming more interesting as it gets closer to shipping time since the sneak peeks are variation items for the most part. While Allure is mostly summer time with beach fit products since people do start coming to Florida for the beaches in May and go through September. I hope not to get the self-tanning product in this box. And Ipsy, if you’re wondering, I am also getting pretty awesome products!

Makeup Favorites:

Shampoo and Conditioner: Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Combo! First up is favorite shampoo and conditioner and these two are what I’ve been using from Marc Anthony’s Bye Bye Frizz line. I have been loving these and now winding down and the claims is that it gets rid of frizz and that is true! This helped with the frizzy spots I have had for many years especially on the right side of my head where it was so dead and damaged! When I got these two I used it right away and man my curls are bouncing back! Even the Hared Drying cream also helps. If you have not tried out Marc Anthony and your hair is frizzy, definitely get this shampoo and conditioner because it is worth the $6+ for them. I am trying out the hair growth one next.

Favorite New Release: Jeffree Starr Blue Blood Pallet! I have to admit this and that is I loved the Blue Blood pallet from Jeffree Starr. As you know I was in conflict in wanting to buy from his band due to some of the drama but decided it was time to set it all aside and buy something anyways and when I saw the review on this pallet that is when I decided I would buy it. The shadows are much pigmented and they are so colorful in the pallet. I have done two looks which the first was a video by using more of the blues and one of the browns while I did a teal look using Unicorn Blood which I went back for and Deep Freeze from the Skin Frosts which I also went back for and they turned out awesome! I will go back for Blood Sugar but for now I do have other shadow pallets to play with!

Favorite Go To Pallet: Custom Work Pallets! So, I made some custom eye shadow pallets for work and placed them into magnetic pallets, I had to replace one of them since it broke and so far I always loved going to these! Even though I still have my makeup bags with some of my work essentials but these are the two that I tend to go to the most since they are made by me. I tend to have clothing in different colors going from green, to blue, to some purple, even brown, and I love these pallets since they aren’t over bearing, not too expensive to put together and just wearable shades. In one pallet I have Coastal Scents, one blush from Coastal Scents as well and got the shadows and blush during their Hot Pots sale, and a blush from Lottie London as a sample an a set I got from Ipsy’s offers and put a magnet on the back. While the other pallet is filled with nine Color Pop shadows because it is the smaller pallet I have. I would also suggest doing something like this if you are going to work and need a fast pallet to use in the morning like I have. Plus, my pallets include shades almost similar to the Naked Basics 1 pallet since that is now discontinued and these are perfect backups with the few brown and grey-like shades.

Favorite Clothing:

Easy Spirit Shoes: I have to put these on the list because recently I got a stipend to get more work clothing to wear and one thing I needed the most according to my dad and Gondras were shoes especially ones I could interchange. So, on a trip to JCPeney at the mall we ended up finding three pairs of Easy Spirit shoes in my size and in navy, tan, and black. These are so comfortable that I don’t have to take them off like my old flats from Walmart. They are like clogs almost but flats and they are closed toe too. I know most places require heels but I can’t do heels at all because of my flat feet. Heck, I even left a pair of wedges at home because I hated them. As in back in Orlando!

Favorite Music:

Sawa’s Phul: After interviewing her, I downloaded Sawa’s album from ITunes since it’s been forever since I listened to it. I do have a physical copy buried in my storage compartment of our couch and glad I got it on ITunes since it also got deleted from my phone with the last IOS update. My favorite song will be always “Half Moon” because I love how she sounded in this song and it’s a great song to chill to as well. I would suggest checking her out.

Solfa 2016 from Asian Kung Fu Generation: I and Gondras have been fans of these guys even when we started going out and that is Asian Kung FU Generation. I was meaning to download this album since it was the first album we had all thanks to someone we knew burned us a copy of the CD and Gondras blasted it every time we went out. Now that the band has a new version it brings back so many memories of our relationship starting even “Loop & Loop” is one of our songs even when we realized they are almost like Weezer since their songs are pretty emo if you were to translate them. The song we always love and is my wake up alarm for work every morning is “Re: Re:” which is the theme song from the anime Erased. I remembered the original version being heavier but this version I prefer more since it shows how much they have grown as a band. I still love “Loop & Loop” since this was switched to track three on the newer version which fits since after “Rewrite,” which all classic FMA fans know that was one of the theme songs, you go into happy song. I hope they do perform in America again because we were sad that they were at Anime Expo two years back and hoping they come back!

Well that is it for this post! I know a very long one but hey felt good to mention these things! What is next? My post on the brands I have not cancelled completely.

The Haul Quadrant: Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Spring Edition!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Sorry for the wait but I am back with the…

Days of Beauty Haul Spring 2019 Edition!

Yeah, last month, April, was the Spring 21 Days of Beauty Sale at Ulta. I love this sale a lot because high end items go half off each day and you can get the Ulta items on sale, and some other brands do have specific specials too. I did shop some of the days during the sale with what caught my ears and did one outside of the usual day-to-day sale and this is what I got!

MAC Paint Pots in Soft Ocher and Laying Low: First items are the MAC Paint Pots and I only got them in Soft Ocher and Laing Low. I love using these as eye bases especially with Laying Low since it’s a light creamy beige while Painterly is creamier. I did get a pot of Painterly through Ipsy but found that kind of dry at first but it was drearier when time went on. If you have not used a paint pot like this, I would suggest it, especially Laying Low. I know they always say Painterly but Laying Low also makes my shadow popping. I hope they put these on sale again during one of these sales because it is a perfect time to pick up at half off.
BH Cosmetics Opalescent Pallet and Blush & Highlighter Pallet: Next is a regularly priced item and that is the newer Opalescent pallet from BH Cosmetics. I also got a blush and highlighter pallet since I never tried this brand before. I heard good things about this brand even from Vivi especially and decided it’s time to try them. I am thinking of doing a video with my impressions on them so far. They do have tons of pallets and it was hard to choose but this one caught my ears due to the purple shades and being neutral with the pinks. I know I have so many neutral pallets but this is something I wanted to start with even with a blush and highlighter pallet too. I will get the video up soon as possible so stay tuned!
Too Faced Cosmetics Golden Chocolate Bar Pallet; I finally completed the Chocolate Bar Collection with this one. I know I said I was only going to stop at the original three but I have not completely cancelled these guys since I also got another product to mention later from this sale. I had my eye on this pallet for a bit and glad to get this on sale during this time and I was also sick at the time. I did do a video with this pallet and the next one by comparing the two and I liked how this shadow pallet blended alongside…
Revolution Chocolate Bar: This was the other I one I also got. When I was looking for the Too Faced one this one also popped up. This is where Revolution or Makeup Revolution is known for and that is making dupes of popular pallets but with their chocolate line they also did different pallets from Too Faced. I did like this pallet and how it blended and it did have a faint smell of chocolate to. Plus people did love it on the What’s Up In Makeup Group too.
Tarte Tartiste Pro Remix Pallet: Next is something from Tarte. It’s been forever since I bought anything from these guys and when I heard about items being on sale this time I had to get two items and one is the Tartiste Pro Remix pallet. Remembered how Tarte did that April fool’s joke? This was the pallet they decided to make it up for for the sick joke. I do like the different colors that this pallet offers and they are like an artist’s paint pallet when you look at it and I love that idea. I used the mauve, the raspberry, and the rose shade to make a purplish eye with this one and it blended very well. I can see why Tarte is really good with shadows but they need to branch out more into color in my opinion because this is one pallet they did well on the choices.
Ulta X Marvel Items: Since it is the Spring 21 Days of Beauty, Ulta always has a sale on their own items and that happens to be a Buy 2 Get 2 Free for their products this time! Three of the items are the collaboration between Ulta and Marvel for the Avengers: End Game and they have released products and I only got one liquid lipstick, the highlighter pallet, and the eye shadow pallet. Last year, I got the Infinity War pallet from Hot Topic and well that was an okay pallet because the shades did muddy together and when I heard Ulta doing a few products for the big Marvel event I was all in! I have not tried the shadows nor the highlighters which I didn’t realize when we were seeing the movie opening weekend and I tried my PUR Festival Pallet instead. I will be trying the shadows and highlighters soon since I have so many videos and things to try out that I did buy! The shades I did write down do fit the Marvel theme with the blues, golds, greens even because of the Hulk, and so on. The highlighters are also pretty too since they do have the golden look but do have more pinks to it. I will try these items but I have tried the lipstick and it’s pretty creamy and doesn’t feel drying at all either.
Ulta X Z Pallet Large Pallet: Next is one of my other items I got from that Ulta sale and that is a Z Pallet. I know the fiasco behind Z Pallet but Ulta still carries their stuff but with their own name on it. The thing is my magnetic pallet I bought from Coastal Scents during their Hot Pots sale ended up breaking. As in one of the hinges fell apart. Plus, the magnet board is not as strong since once the pallet fell and the shadows shifted pretty badly. I had to buy a new one and decided to go for the Z Pallets at Ulta and they only have two in their store when I remembered they used to have a lot. I guess that drama caused a rift. I will explain in my post about brands I didn’t exactly cancel completely which that will be coming soon. I was glad to get this pallet and managed to fit all the shadows I picked up and two blushes. The one I got during the Coastal Scents sale and one I got in an Ipsy offer from Lottie London which is a matte peach pink. I had to put a magnet on the back which this pallet does come with a bag of magnets which the ones on Amazon didn’t. How is it fairing right now? Much better than the one from Coastal Scents. The one I got from CS felt so flimsy and was afraid of braking it but it took place on its own. I think I will just purchase Z Pallets or if I can find the ones from other brands to see how strong they are.
Tarte Toasted Pallet: Next is another Tarte item! I heard so many good things about this pallet and how it compares to the Naked Heat pallet by Urban Decay. I wasn’t going to get this pallet at all and just anti-haul it but after it going on sale I felt like I wanted to see how this pallet fairs. I like it! It is much pigmented and it does have some similar shades to the Naked Heat but not so similar to it. What I mean is that yes there are the red shades but there are browner and bronze shades with some gold and that it a bit of a good variety from what Naked Heat gave since it was mostly red! Not bad Tarte!
Too Faced Milk Chocolate and Golden Chocolate Bronzers: Another Too Faced product or products and they are from their bronzers. One day closer to the end of the sale Too Faced decided to throw their bronzers in. I do have the Nikkie Tutorials pallet that came with the Chocolate Soleil bronzer and decided why not go for the full size. I got it in Milk Chocolate since my skin is light to medium and it makes sense. Also, I did pick up the Golden Chocolate one that matches the Golden Chocolate Bar. These bronzers smell amazing! What the heck!? It’s like they took chocolate milk and made it into a powder and added the makeup components. I did wear one and it blended pretty well. I will be loving these as I use them.
Lorac Pro 3 Pallet: And the final item I picked up is from Lorac and it’s their Pro 3 pallet. I never tried anything by this brand and wanted to with at least a Pro pallet. I wasn’t sure at first but when I heard about this pallet going on sale I decided to pick it up. I have heard good things about these pallets and how well they are in pigment and now it’s time to try them out and it goes with my earth tone aesthetic too since I do like those kinds of shades. I can’t wait to see how they work out and probably get the others even though I think the first one is out of stock still. I will find a way after seeing how I like this pallet or not.

Well guys that is it for this sale. I did like this sale this time around since it did bring other products and some of the more popular brands together. Yes I know some others I would have purchased but to me these were the big items that caught my eye. So far so good I have enjoyed them. I will do my Brands I Have Not Completely Cancelled post once I am done with my March and April Favorites for these two months. Let’s see how it goes! Stay tuned!