The Haul Quadrant: Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Spring Edition!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Sorry for the wait but I am back with the…

Days of Beauty Haul Spring 2019 Edition!

Yeah, last month, April, was the Spring 21 Days of Beauty Sale at Ulta. I love this sale a lot because high end items go half off each day and you can get the Ulta items on sale, and some other brands do have specific specials too. I did shop some of the days during the sale with what caught my ears and did one outside of the usual day-to-day sale and this is what I got!

MAC Paint Pots in Soft Ocher and Laying Low: First items are the MAC Paint Pots and I only got them in Soft Ocher and Laing Low. I love using these as eye bases especially with Laying Low since it’s a light creamy beige while Painterly is creamier. I did get a pot of Painterly through Ipsy but found that kind of dry at first but it was drearier when time went on. If you have not used a paint pot like this, I would suggest it, especially Laying Low. I know they always say Painterly but Laying Low also makes my shadow popping. I hope they put these on sale again during one of these sales because it is a perfect time to pick up at half off.
BH Cosmetics Opalescent Pallet and Blush & Highlighter Pallet: Next is a regularly priced item and that is the newer Opalescent pallet from BH Cosmetics. I also got a blush and highlighter pallet since I never tried this brand before. I heard good things about this brand even from Vivi especially and decided it’s time to try them. I am thinking of doing a video with my impressions on them so far. They do have tons of pallets and it was hard to choose but this one caught my ears due to the purple shades and being neutral with the pinks. I know I have so many neutral pallets but this is something I wanted to start with even with a blush and highlighter pallet too. I will get the video up soon as possible so stay tuned!
Too Faced Cosmetics Golden Chocolate Bar Pallet; I finally completed the Chocolate Bar Collection with this one. I know I said I was only going to stop at the original three but I have not completely cancelled these guys since I also got another product to mention later from this sale. I had my eye on this pallet for a bit and glad to get this on sale during this time and I was also sick at the time. I did do a video with this pallet and the next one by comparing the two and I liked how this shadow pallet blended alongside…
Revolution Chocolate Bar: This was the other I one I also got. When I was looking for the Too Faced one this one also popped up. This is where Revolution or Makeup Revolution is known for and that is making dupes of popular pallets but with their chocolate line they also did different pallets from Too Faced. I did like this pallet and how it blended and it did have a faint smell of chocolate to. Plus people did love it on the What’s Up In Makeup Group too.
Tarte Tartiste Pro Remix Pallet: Next is something from Tarte. It’s been forever since I bought anything from these guys and when I heard about items being on sale this time I had to get two items and one is the Tartiste Pro Remix pallet. Remembered how Tarte did that April fool’s joke? This was the pallet they decided to make it up for for the sick joke. I do like the different colors that this pallet offers and they are like an artist’s paint pallet when you look at it and I love that idea. I used the mauve, the raspberry, and the rose shade to make a purplish eye with this one and it blended very well. I can see why Tarte is really good with shadows but they need to branch out more into color in my opinion because this is one pallet they did well on the choices.
Ulta X Marvel Items: Since it is the Spring 21 Days of Beauty, Ulta always has a sale on their own items and that happens to be a Buy 2 Get 2 Free for their products this time! Three of the items are the collaboration between Ulta and Marvel for the Avengers: End Game and they have released products and I only got one liquid lipstick, the highlighter pallet, and the eye shadow pallet. Last year, I got the Infinity War pallet from Hot Topic and well that was an okay pallet because the shades did muddy together and when I heard Ulta doing a few products for the big Marvel event I was all in! I have not tried the shadows nor the highlighters which I didn’t realize when we were seeing the movie opening weekend and I tried my PUR Festival Pallet instead. I will be trying the shadows and highlighters soon since I have so many videos and things to try out that I did buy! The shades I did write down do fit the Marvel theme with the blues, golds, greens even because of the Hulk, and so on. The highlighters are also pretty too since they do have the golden look but do have more pinks to it. I will try these items but I have tried the lipstick and it’s pretty creamy and doesn’t feel drying at all either.
Ulta X Z Pallet Large Pallet: Next is one of my other items I got from that Ulta sale and that is a Z Pallet. I know the fiasco behind Z Pallet but Ulta still carries their stuff but with their own name on it. The thing is my magnetic pallet I bought from Coastal Scents during their Hot Pots sale ended up breaking. As in one of the hinges fell apart. Plus, the magnet board is not as strong since once the pallet fell and the shadows shifted pretty badly. I had to buy a new one and decided to go for the Z Pallets at Ulta and they only have two in their store when I remembered they used to have a lot. I guess that drama caused a rift. I will explain in my post about brands I didn’t exactly cancel completely which that will be coming soon. I was glad to get this pallet and managed to fit all the shadows I picked up and two blushes. The one I got during the Coastal Scents sale and one I got in an Ipsy offer from Lottie London which is a matte peach pink. I had to put a magnet on the back which this pallet does come with a bag of magnets which the ones on Amazon didn’t. How is it fairing right now? Much better than the one from Coastal Scents. The one I got from CS felt so flimsy and was afraid of braking it but it took place on its own. I think I will just purchase Z Pallets or if I can find the ones from other brands to see how strong they are.
Tarte Toasted Pallet: Next is another Tarte item! I heard so many good things about this pallet and how it compares to the Naked Heat pallet by Urban Decay. I wasn’t going to get this pallet at all and just anti-haul it but after it going on sale I felt like I wanted to see how this pallet fairs. I like it! It is much pigmented and it does have some similar shades to the Naked Heat but not so similar to it. What I mean is that yes there are the red shades but there are browner and bronze shades with some gold and that it a bit of a good variety from what Naked Heat gave since it was mostly red! Not bad Tarte!
Too Faced Milk Chocolate and Golden Chocolate Bronzers: Another Too Faced product or products and they are from their bronzers. One day closer to the end of the sale Too Faced decided to throw their bronzers in. I do have the Nikkie Tutorials pallet that came with the Chocolate Soleil bronzer and decided why not go for the full size. I got it in Milk Chocolate since my skin is light to medium and it makes sense. Also, I did pick up the Golden Chocolate one that matches the Golden Chocolate Bar. These bronzers smell amazing! What the heck!? It’s like they took chocolate milk and made it into a powder and added the makeup components. I did wear one and it blended pretty well. I will be loving these as I use them.
Lorac Pro 3 Pallet: And the final item I picked up is from Lorac and it’s their Pro 3 pallet. I never tried anything by this brand and wanted to with at least a Pro pallet. I wasn’t sure at first but when I heard about this pallet going on sale I decided to pick it up. I have heard good things about these pallets and how well they are in pigment and now it’s time to try them out and it goes with my earth tone aesthetic too since I do like those kinds of shades. I can’t wait to see how they work out and probably get the others even though I think the first one is out of stock still. I will find a way after seeing how I like this pallet or not.

Well guys that is it for this sale. I did like this sale this time around since it did bring other products and some of the more popular brands together. Yes I know some others I would have purchased but to me these were the big items that caught my eye. So far so good I have enjoyed them. I will do my Brands I Have Not Completely Cancelled post once I am done with my March and April Favorites for these two months. Let’s see how it goes! Stay tuned!

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