The Beauty Quadrant: Brands I Have Not Completely Cancelled!

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Brands I Have Not Completely Cancelled!

Yes, it’s time to talk about brands I have not cancelled out completely. Cancelling someone or something has been a big thing lately and beauty has been a big part of it. As someone who has been in it for a while knows what’s it like to hear about the drama about different brands or about their owners and well I feel like I moved on or just feel like I still like the brand despite the controversies and choose to step those bits of drama aside. What brands do I include? Keep reading.

Tarte: First is Tarte Cosmetics! As we know that with how brands are starting to expand their foundation range to include every skin tone like Riana did with her brand Fenty, Tarte had a bit of a controversy with their Shape Tape Foundation. They only released a few shades on launch and that didn’t include everyone which ticked everyone off. Tarte did say they were going to release more shades but haven’t seen the result of that. I didn’t really cancel them because for a while after getting the Swamp Queen pallet is that their stuff was kind of boring for me. They release a lot of neutral pallets even though I tend to wear those most of the time but I do like to do colorful ones other times. I was hoping to get a colorful pallet until they revealed Icy Batch last year for April Fall’s. I wouldn’t mind buying that version but had heard the one that got released is not really pigmented and I already have Blue Blood. Anyways, I have purchased some Tarte items that are more colorful and they are the Tarte Toasted which is like Naked Heat but has more reds to it and the Tarte Tartiste Pro Remixed which has more colors like a painter’s pallet. I did also get their blush pallet that went on sale recently and waiting on that to arrive and of course Rain Forest of the Sea 3 in BoxyCharm. I may get their summer pallet if it’s still available because it has more colors to it and in my 21 Days of Beauty Haul I did say they should span more into colors since they did it in Swamp Queen, Toasted, and Tartiste Pro.
Jeffree Starr Cosmetics: For a while I didn’t buy from Jeffree Starr due to how there have been issues in his warehouse and how he has treated customers. Now that things have changed for him due to Shane Dawson’s documentary series last summer, I have noticed that he has focused more on his brand rather than getting himself into more drama. I think the only most recent stuff Drama Channels have bene talking about were the burglary of his products and how Burlington and TJ Max have bene selling expired makeup from his brand. Yes, I remembered the stuff KVD had said but now she is going through her own controversies as the moment and well it’s not doing well with her brand. Jeffree, on the other hand, there is one thing is that brand do change their tune and that is what I have seen. SO far I have purchased Blue Blood Shadow and Liquid lipstick Bundle, Deep Freeze from his Skin Frosts which I heard really good things about and Unicorn Blood and they are all amazing! I am wondering why I didn’t try it earlier. I will be trying more items from Jeffree and that includes lip glosses he will be releasing soon.
• Huda Beauty: Next is Huda Beauty which there was a controversy where she copied off of Beauty Bakerie. Basically Huda copied othesame powder that Beauty Bakerie have with their Easy Bake Baking Powder and used the same promoting campaign and everything. Yes there are times where brands do copy off of each other and well it didn’t stop Ipsy from sending me their products. I started with getting their liquid lipsticks and it is something I never thought I would love. Then I got one of the lip Strobes and fell in love with that and then got one of the Obsessions Pallets in Smoky as a Glam Bag add-on and loved it. Now I got another Lip Strobe as an add-on and hoping to get more from this brand. I did love how the owner of Beauty Bakerie did say this as a response, “Huda is still welcomed here.” As in she will let it pass and forgives Huda. I will also try out items from Beauty Bakerie since I want to try her blending sponges.
• Too Faced Cosmetics: Almost forgot these guys! I have not exactly cancelled these guys and it is one of the first high end brand I bought from or shall I say got gifted with a pallet and that was the Chocolate Bar pallet. After getting some of their Christmas Café items and their Chocolate Bars, which this was around the time they had three before the fourth one came out, I decided to not get any more of their stuff since I heard how the quality of their newer items went downhill. As in not enough pigmentation in some of their shadows, heck the Too Faced Side of the Better Together was less pigmented than the other. When I heard about Chocolate Gold coming out and how people reviewed it I did put it as a maybe since I did remember the issues I also had with the Better than Sex minis. Now that time has passed, I did get the Gingerbread Spice Pallet from Holiday 2018 but had to go through EBay for it. I did miss getting items from the band and then got the Better than Sex mascara in BoxyCharm and all thanks to 21 Days of Beauty I did get two of their bronzers from the Chocolate line and the Golden Chocolate Bar. So, yeah did not cancel them out right. They are pretty much a big staple in a lot of people’s collections even mine next to Urban Decay.
• Z Pallet: The last brand is Z Pallet! Not sure if you guys have heard but the reason why a lot of people stopped buying is that I think it was two or three years ago the owner announced a new induction plate was being released and it would help with getting shadows out of pallets easily, even blushes and other things that people want to get the pans out of. People noticed the price being close to a hundred dollars and commented that they won’t pay that much and that they can get one cheaper on Amazon. I did research it and saw them for cheap and people tend to use different ways of getting pans out and the owner made fun of them when she had taught them how to use their oven to create their own pans. This caused people to leave and stop buying from the brand even just after getting into Ulta when I remembered a ton of their magnetic pallets were there and now it’s just two. I love having a magnetic pallet and create custom pallets for work with shadow pans through sites that provide them. I know other places offer them but Z Pallet paved the way for them. I still have the two pallets I got from Amazon and got one from Ulta since my Coastal Scents one broke. So yes, haven’t cancelled them.
Well, that is it guys! Those are the brands I have not actually cancelled. Yes, we speak with our wallets but we do think about what we want to buy and these brands still got my money and plus it’s just makeup and some of it should be enjoyed. If you still want to buy from a brand then do so, these are the brands I like and also still like.

What is next? Well, our last few Holiday Matsuri videos and hoping to get my subscription boxes for this month since BoxyCharm did arrive but it’s in my leasing office so will send Gondras to get it. Stay tuned!

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