The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm May 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Finally one of my subscriptions came!

BoxyCharm May 2019!

My BoxyCharm arrived well last week but it was dropped off at the main office. I don’t get why my mailman just did that when the box just fits on the mailbox. Oh well! This month had a lot of variations with products whether it’s one item over the other or just the shades. Let’s see what I got!

Glam Glow Glam Glow Gentle Bubble Cleanser: First item is my very first full size item from Glam Glow and it’s the Gentle Bubble Cleanser that retails for $28! This was a variation item where you could get this or the First Aid Beauty Coconut Cream. I was hoping for the First Aid Beauty item since I wanted to try more products by them to see how my skin would react when my skin felt weird with one moisturizer from Ipsy. I was sad when I first heard this cleanser was not meant for sensitive skin but it is because in the description of this product on the card that all skin types approve because this is a gentle gel cleanser. I did try it since it is supposed to help with getting impurities and able to dissolve makeup and it has apple extract and green tea extract and it’s also fragrance and SLS free. It is very gentle since I have used it twice to clean my makeup. No real irritation, it did leave that clean tingle after I use any of my other skin care since it is very clean and does help get all the impurities out, which I can see how since it dissolved my makeup very well. I will keep using this. I am not mad at Boxy for this.
Alamar Coloret Blush Trio: I was hoping to get this! Besides this product, you could also get the Milk Makeup Priming Stick and was hoping to get this because I heard good things about this brand and they are Florida based too. I got the trio in Fair Light actually and my skin is Light to Medium but hoping this goes well since this is a $22.00. This blush trio fits the skin tone and gives a radiant sun look without the harmful rays and glad to get this since I do love blush!
Ciate London Luster Cream Shadow: Next is a product from Ciate and it’s their Luster Cream Shadow. I was glad that they put this in the box because I love this brand ever since trying out their stuff in Ipsy. This is a $22 shadow that can be worn sheer on its own or on top of shadows. There were two different colors which were Ice and Cupid. Ice is a silver which I wished I gotten that one because it goes really well with my eye color but I got Cupid which I didn’t mind since rose gold is one of my favorite colors. I did try this and swiped it on my shadow that I had from work and it’s pretty nice. I have to keep wearing it.
Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick: Next is a product I have not tried yet and heard amazing things and that’s from Dose of Colors. I heard so many people talk about these guys and was excited that they were one of the lipstick variations this month and crossed my fingers. I was so happy when Open Book read my card out that I got this. I wore it at work today and man it’s amazing like everyone said. This is an $18 product and it is a velvet matte formula that dries down to a comfortable one and it’s true. It does feel comfortable on my lips and it is pretty long wearing because I still felt it slightly after lunch. I will keep wearing this because I am loving it at the moment!
Mellow Eye Definer: Final item is an eyebrow pencil from Mellow Cosmetics. I never use brow pencils but decided to keep this to take a try. This is a non-greasy formula and it will ensure my brows won’t budge. I hope this is really true because I tried it briefly and it did hold some hairs slightly so I will see how this $18 pencil works out.

Well, that is it for this month’s box! I was hoping to get the Pur Cosmetics lash curler since I’m getting into those now but I got the eyebrow pencil which I will still use. I am liking the Glam Glow cleanser so far and no irritation yet since I did try moisturizing products from Sephora as a sample and that felt weird because of the harsh tingling I felt. I am loving the liquid lipstick so far and will keep on wearing it. Will Dose of Colors join my makeup arsenal? Time will tell! I have to play around with the Ciate London shadow and of course must try the ALamar blushes to see how they are like!

So, what’s next? I am supposed to have my Allure Beauty Box so stay tuned. And also more convention videos! Until next time!

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