The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus May 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! It is time for a new subscription!

Ipsy Glam Bag plus May 2019!

Well, I did jump in and got the Glam Bag Plus. If you have been a member of the Glam Bag like me there is at some point where you could either upgrade to it or get it alongside your regular Glam Bag and this version has more full size and from higher end brands to luxury ones and they go up to $100+ in value. I did get May’s box and decided why not try it out and this month has been a great one so far. By the way, why didn’t I have add on with my regular bag? I will explain!

Add-Ons: I didn’t get to do these with my Glam Bag because the app was acting weird so I decided to have them here and both bags did ship, or shall I say box which they should name it the Glam Box instead of Glam Bag Plus. That’s my opinion. The items I added on are more of the full-size items which I am happy about. First is the Smashbox Cosmetics Cover Shot Eye Shadow Pallet in Major Metals! I have heard mixed reviews about the Cover Shot pallets and when I saw this I decided why not try it out since I was curious about these. These come with eight shadows where you have two as your base ones and the rest are with your looks and this one is nothing but metallic shades which makes it very interesting. If I like this one then I will try more of them. Another item is the Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Enchanting. I don’t know if I got this one in a previous Glam Bag but I did love how it felt and it does smell good. I did say I didn’t cancel Huda’s brand since I have been getting the products and they are so good so far! And final one is the Love Craft Beauty Blush Pallet that came in last month’s box! Trust me, I was sad when I found out I was getting May’s instead of April’s and was hoping they would do what they did with my first bag last year by having an extra bag. Oh well! This pallet came with three blushes and I never heard of this brand until Glam Bag Plus and thought why not get it since it is a leftover from last month? Let’s see how this one goes!

Purlisse Butter Me up Body Butter in Orange Creamsicle: First up is a product by Purlisse and that is their collaboration with Candee Johnson and it’s the Butter Me up Orange Creamsicle body butter. One good thing about Glam Bag Plus if you marked down certain items on your quiz and you don’t get them in the bag you get them here. I do love lotions and body butters and hardly get them in my regular bag but in this I did get this body butter. I do love Jennifer Yen and I am loving that Ipsy is mentioning that she was a former Power Ranger villain since of course we do have nerds in the makeup community and nerd related brands and of course I do have my videos putting on makeup. I was so excited to get this because my legs have been so itchy lately and don’t know why but I did slather this one before I hopped on here to write the post and man it smells so good! It has that classic creamsicle scent that we know and love since I have had creamsicles before in the past. This brings back memories and it does have a slight almond smell. I hope my legs get better with this cream and hoping Jennifer does come out with more body butters like this because they smell so good and plus this brand is sensitive skin friendly because Jennifer has the same skin type as me and she created the brand after the heavy makeup on set broke her out. I want to still interview her and I am hoping RangerStop gets her as a guest because skin care is important even for us nerd folk when it comes to acne, trust me I have gone through that major phase and still get some break outs but I am working on calming it down because I am planning a post talking about brands I do buy that I have gotten in my boxes. Stay tuned for that!
Glam Glow Oxygenating Bubble Mask: Next is another Glam Glow product and was surprised by this because for a while I wanted sheet masks in my Ipsy but didn’t get them. I did buy the sets from their Offers page and man I have a lot and stopped! I was glad to get some in this box and it’s from Glam Glow. So far so good with the face wash from BoxyCharm I am not breaking out and I am enjoying getting my makeup off with it. It has been helping with one stubborn pimple! Anyways, so this mask is supposed to start to bubble up once you have it on and the bubbles cause a tingling sensation to tell you its working. This mask is supposed to help with removing dirt and oil and even traces of makeup. It also has charcoal to leave your skin very nice and clean even the pores. I hope this does give me lasting results so will be trying it while writing the rest of this post!
Elmakiage Icon High Intense Curl Mascara: Next is a mascara and glad to get it here since I rarely get this item in my other bag. I never heard of this brand before which is good to try new brands out and this is one of them. I do love curling mmascarasThis is supposed to be a creamy formula that doesn’t clump but makes the lashes curl, lengthen, and volumize! I can’t wait to try this one out! I wish Ipsy would give me more mascaras since I did put “Often” on the quiz.
Illumasqua Lip Coloring Duo in Lust and Media: Next is another item from Ilumasqua and that is their lip coloring pencils in Lust and Media. These help with feathering of lip products and can use them with lighter colored lip colors to give extra dimension. Lust is a coral pink while Media is a cranberry. People said these two look alike and not sure about that since I can’t see it. I remembered that I marked I was not a fan of these items but it did say they don’t skip, so I will have to see how they perform.
Wonder Beauty Wondrous Seascape Eye Shadow Pallet: Finally is something from Wonder Beauty. I am finding these guys everywhere in my subscriptions and glad to get them minus that peel off mask. This is a six pan shadow pallet that contains beachy like shades that include corals, gold, and seafoam green. People say the green is more like a blue which when you look at the color seafoam it’s kind of a bit of an aqua. I used to use the crap out of that crayon when I was a kid. So far I have been liking Wonder Beauty and can’t wait to use these shadows on my eyes.

Well, that’s it for this post! I am so happy to get Glam Bag Plus because I get to explore more brands I really get to buy from and also let me try different items I have not used before. I can’t wait to see what June brings because I am staying with this one. It does give me the deluxe side with Ipsy and then the more full size items that people were kind of whining about years back when I saw a ton of posts from people complaining and now that this part of the Glam Bag exists then we have more stuff to enjoy. And about the mask, oh man that thing does bubble up! It can be hard to remove that much of a bubble item so be careful when using it and the claim of it tingling to show it works is not wrong either. Please sell this on your page Ipsy, I am liking it so far!

That is it! So, next post will be the Holiday Matsuri Opening Ceremonies video. Sorry for the long wait but things did come up since then. So until next time!

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