The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box May 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another subscription!

Allure Beauty Box May 2019!

Well, it’s another month for Allure Beauty Box and all I have to say that this box is pretty good so far and this month I am not sure about. Let’s see what I got!

St. Tropes Self-Tanning Mist: This is one item I won’t be using since I don’t self-tan myself and not planning on it. So goodbye!
Amore Pacific Youth Revolution Mask: Next is a product from a very luxury brand that costs more than my usual skin care and that is Amore Pacific and I got the Youth Revolution Mask. This is a variation item and man there was a lot of it this month and glad to get this one since it’s a moisturizing mask. I do need more moisture in my skin due to it being so dry but hoping it doesn’t cause any other affects by that and this item retails for $200. Ow! Can I just get my usual moisturizer from the drugstore or Lush?
Modelco Eye Lights Eye Shadow in St. Barts: Yay, I love getting eye shadows and this is a liquid eye shadow that is a bronze shade and is supposed to deposit the right amount of shadow while doing so. Once applied it does dry down very quickly. Plus you can either keep it as is or just blend the edges for a blurring effect. This costs $12 which is not bad.
Loretzy Lip Gloss: Unfortunately this is missing from my box. It should have been in the box part like everyone else’s but it didn’t show up in mine. I did contact Allure about it and hoping to get a replacement for it.
Bonseny Expholiating Powder: This is an interesting powder which is made with milk and oats and you combine it with water and place it on the skin by rubbing it in. Supposed to wait a minute and rub it away and it will clear pores and other parts of the face. Hmmm, I definitely should try this out since I never heard a product like this before and it will be interesting to see how it works. I still love my Three Times Sublime by Formula 1006 though. This product is $15.Lenege Face Cream: Finally is a product from Lenege and it’s a moisturizer. I heard good things about their lip mask but trying out something like this is something new. I think this is very luxury when it comes to their brand and can’t wait to use this.

Well, to me this month’s box feels more like an Ipsy bag. I got so much skin care in this one it’s not even funny. I think April and March were better since I got more makeup in those boxes this one. I think they should have more makeup items and it sucks that I didn’t get the Loretzy lip gloss since it was missing. Way to go Allure, what happened? Let’s see if the expholiating powder doesn’t brake me out and same with the moisturizing mask and the moisturizing cream from Amore Pacific and Lenege. The shadow from Modelco which is pretty cool and hoping the claims are good.

What is next? Our Opening Ceremonies videos from Holiday Matsuri. I know it’s been a long time waiting but we finally have them up! Stay tuned!

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