The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box June 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back again! Yes, another post for you all today! Let’s get into it!

Allure Beauty Box June 2019!

It came today on my doorstep and I was surprised when it did. I was kind of sad at first on finding out what was in it until I took a closer look. This box is $15 a month but if you subscribe anytime it will be $5 off and you get a gift on top of it. Not only that, you get seven deluxe to full-size items in this box as well. Last month was a bit of a disappointment but let’s see what June has to offer!

Makeup Floss Lip Gloss: First is a lip gloss and it’s from Makeup Floss which is an interesting name. This is a lightweight gloss with some shine and it is a squeeze tube with a doe foot applicator. It is very lightweight since I did try it out after coming home with Gondras for an important thing we had to do. It did stay pretty well and it was kind of sticky but not too much like the Dominique one. This retails for $16 and have to see how it goes from here!
Skin Context Vitamin C Eye Cream: Next is a full-size eye cream but mostly a gel. I normally don’t wear these items since I feel like it’s not really needed but then I read in the tiny pamphlet through Open Book that I can use it as an eye base which I have to try out. Let’s see how that goes. The person talking about this said she sees immediate results of de-puffing so I have to see about it. I did just place it on top of my NYX Light Concealer which I use under my eyes which they did the same thing and will see about it. This item retails for $35.
Moroccan Oil Treatment: Next is a hair care product and that is the Moroccan Oil Treatment! I love these since it helps keep my hair from going crazy all the time. Basically from the pamphlet that person using it puts this on their hair after washing it. Perfect for me since my hair does tangle up a little bit even while sleeping. This item retails for $44.
Eau Thermail Avine Thermal Spring Water Spray: The next item is a can of thermal spring water from Avine France. This is meant to help with hot, irritated dry skin. I do have dry skin and never tried out a spray like this until just a few seconds ago because I did go into the Florida heat plus breeze, I do live on the coast now, to throw some stuff into our dumpster. Not bad so far but have to give it more tries despite its fancy name. It did say that it would help people with sensitive skin which I have to see if it does. This product retails for $18.50!
BrowGal Eye Pencil: Next is an eyebrow pencil that also has a spooly. I heard of this brand before and I think I got them in a BoxyCharm and traded the pencil off. This has more of a waxier consistency and I will see how it goes! This item retails for $23.SGX NYC’s three In One Dry Texture Spray: The final item is a three-in-one texturing spray from SGX. This is a texture spray, a dry shampoo, and a hair spray in one. Sounds like something someone can travel with. I did try it out and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Normally my hair feels a bit heavy after putting so many hair products and glad to get this sample then. This item retails for $7.

What Have I finished from Allure? I finished everything, well almost everything in last month’s box! I threw away the expholiating powder because it caused my skin to break out unfortunately. I also didn’t like the feeling when it turned into a paste either. I am sorry but this was not my favorite. The Modelco eye shadow ran out too easily despite how big the sample was. I wished it was full-size so I could enjoy it more. The Amore Pacific moisturizer was okay but not my cup of tea either because it felt like it wasn’t doing much for my skin and yet that in full-size was over a hundred dollars. I still haven’t received my replacement for my lip gloss which sucks! And the Lenege cream was just okay but lost the cap. I do have to say that this month beats last month’s box because I can use these products without worry.

So yes, I will continue with this box since like many months sometimes the products aren’t always great but other times they are and I am glad this month made me happy. I will update by the favorites post if the spring water mist didn’t irritate my skin and how well the eye gel works with my eye shadows. What is next? My interview with Tia Ballard!

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